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The Committee had agreed to take evidence on the subject of fuel poverty, by concentrating on the Government's Central Heating Programme, the Warm Deal Scheme and other associated grants. The Committee has taken oral evidence on this and has written to the Minister to set out its views on the issue.

Written submissions

Oral evidence

19 September 2007

All oral evidence 19 September 2007

3 October 2007

All oral evidence 3 October 2007

Evidence from Panel 1

Evidence from Panel 2

27 February 2008

All oral evidence 27 February 2008

3 December 2008

All oral evidence from 3 December 2008 from Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum

2 February 2011

All oral evidence from 2 February 2011

  • Charles Gallacher, Director, Scotland, Wales and the Regions, Ofgem

  • David Pimm, Group Finance Director, Ofgem

  • Maxine Frerk, Partner, Sustainable Development, Ofgem

  • Rev. Graham Blount, Chair, Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum

  • Alizeh Hussain, Social Policy and Parliamentary Officer, Citizens Advice Scotland


Letter to Stewart Maxwell, the Minister for Communities and Sport, expressing the views of the Committee. (31KB pdf)

Response to Convener from Stewart Maxwell, the Minister for Communities and Sport. (119 KB pdf)

Energy Assistance Package

The Committee also took evidence from the Minister for Housing and Communities on the Energy Assistance Package.

The Committee received the following correspondence from the Scottish Government on the Energy Assistance Package.


Completed Business of the committee