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For information - the Bill has now been passed by the Parliament.  This webpage describes the Local Government and Communities Committee's work on the Bill.


The Local Government and Communities Committee was the lead committee for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill.

The Bill was introduced on 9 November 2007.

The main measures of the Bill will:

  • Prohibit unauthorised outdoor trading and advertising within the vicinity of Games events;
  • Prohibit the unauthorised sale of Games tickets ("ticket touting");
  • Enable the appointment of Enforcement Officers empowered to enforce ther street trading, advertising and ticket touting offences and make it an offence to obstruct these officers in their dutiers;
  • Provide councils with the power to make Games Traffic Regulation Orders;
  • Provide Scottish Ministers with the power to direct councils to make, vary or revoke any instrument which regulates road use in relation to the Transport Plan for the Games;
  • Provide councils with the power to make a compulsory purchase order for land within the area which they believe is required for games purpose;
  • Provide Scottish Ministers with power to pay grants and provide other forms of assistance to the Organising Committee of the Games aand set conditions on such assistance; and
  • Provide Scottish Ministers with the power to repeal the Act from the statute books once the Games have ended.

Call for evidence

The Committee issused a call for evidence.  The call for evidence is now closed.

Oral evidence

The Committee took oral evidence on the Bill.


Stage 1 Report

The Committee published its Stage 1 report on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill on 15 February 2008.

Stage 1 Debate on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill

Stage 2 Consideration

The Committee considered the Bill at Stage 2 at its meeting on 19 March 2008.

Stage 3

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill was passed by Parliament at Stage 3 on 30 April 2008.