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Parliamentary questions can be asked by any MSP to the Scottish Government/Executive or the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. The questions provide a means for MSPs to obtain factual and statistical information from the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body.

Parliamentary questions can be in oral or written form. Oral questions are answered at Question Time and First Minister’s Question Time. In exceptional circumstances emergency question can be taken in the Chamber. Written Questions are answered in the Written Answers Report.

Under Rule 13.5.2 of Standing Orders, written parliamentary questions must be answered within 10 working days (20 working days during recess). The parliamentary questions search has recently been upgraded so that it is possible to search for questions that have been lodged but have not received an answer.

Questions can be searched for by number, keyword or name of member. In order to search for a hyphenated keyword, { } should be inserted around the word (for example, all questions containing the keyword "pre-school" can be found by typing {pre-school} into the keyword field).