Rural Development Committee

10th Report 2001

Stage 1 Report on the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill

Volume 1 : Report
SP Paper 376

Session 1 (2001)

  Remit And Membership
  The Stage 1 Inquiry
  The Evidence Received - A General Overview
  Other Correspondence Received
    A definition of cruelty
    Economic impact
    Is there a need to control fox numbers?
    The difference between Pest Control and Sport
  Examination Of Activities That Would Be Affected By The Bill
    Mounted hunts
    Terrier work
    The Scottish hill packs
    Hare coursing
  Conclusions And Recommendation
  Annex A: Extracts From The Minutes
  Annex B: Justice & Home Affairs Committee Report
  Annex C: Oral Evidence
  7th Meeting, 21 March 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
  9th Meeting, 4 April 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
Oral Evidence
Mike Watson MSP
  23rd Meeting, 5 September 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
  25th Meeting, 19 September 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
Oral Evidence
Mike Watson MSP
  27th Meeting, 3 October 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
  30th Meeting, 14 November 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
Oral Evidence
Bill Swann (Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs) (SCAHD)
Les Ward (SCAHD)
Douglas Batchelor (SCAHD)
Simon Hart (Scottish Countryside Alliance) (SCA)
Peter Watson (SCA)
Mike Watson MSP
Tricia Marwick MSP

  32nd Meeting, 21 November 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
Oral Evidence
Dr Gill Hartley (Scottish Agricultural Science Agency)
Ian McCall (Game Conservancy Trust)
James Morris (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) (SSPCA)
Andrew Knowles-Brown (Scottish Hawk Board)
Mrs Ann Taylor (Deerhound Coursing Club)
Dr Seumus Caine (Deerhound Coursing Club)
Mr John Gilmour (Master of Foxhounds Association)

  33rd Meeting, 28 November 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
Oral Evidence
Barry Wade (National Working Terrier Federation) (NWTF)
John Waters (NWTF)
Thomas Parker (NWTF)
Robbie Rowantree (Scottish Hill Packs Association)(SHPA)
Paul Crofts (SHPA)
Mark Naisby (SHPA)
Alex Hogg (Scottish Gamekeepers Association)(SGA)
Peter Fraser (SGA)
Archie Dykes (SGA)
Colin Shedden (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) (BASC)
Alastair MacGugan (BASC)
David Coulthread (League Against Cruel Sports) (LACS)
James Morris (SSPCA)
Bill Swann (LACS)
Mike Flynn (SSPCA)
  35th Meeting, 8 December 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
Oral Evidence
Earl of Dalhousie (Scottish Landowners' Federation) (SLF)
Jonathan Hall (SLF)
Mr Ian Melrose (National Farmers' Union for Scotland) (NFUS)
Mr James Withers (NFUS)
Mr Ralph Cobham (Borders Foundation for Rural Sustainability) (BFRS)
Ms Denise Walton (BFRS)
Mr Bruce Cowe (BFRS)
Mr Bob Crabtree (Macaulay Land Use Research Institute) (MLURI)
Prof. Margaret Gill (MLURI)
  36th Meeting, 12 December 2000 (Session 1 (2000))
  1st Meeting, 16 January 2001 (Session 1 (2001))
  5th Meeting, 27 February 2001 (Session 1 (2001))
  6th Meeting, 6 March 2001 (Session 1 (2001))
  Volume 2 : Evidence