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Justice 1 Committee


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Report on {subject}

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SP Paper 537

Session 1 (2002)



Executive summary

1 Introduction

1.1 Structure of the report

1.2 Methodology

2 General views and knowledge of crime

2.1 How much do people think they know about crime and justice?

2.2 Views of crime in Scotland, now and in the past

2.3 `Nothing has changed': Counter views

2.4 Key points

3 Views and knowledge of the criminal justice system

3.1 Knowledge about the criminal justice system

3.2 Views of the judiciary

3.3 Issues of system effectiveness

3.4 Issues of fairness versus consistency

3.5 Overall views of current sentencing practice

3.6 Key points

4 Sentencing decisions

4.1 Awareness of different sentencing options

4.2 Views on appropriate sentencing for specific cases

4.3 General views of the aims and effects of sentencing

4.4 Themes in public discussion about sentencing

4.5 Key points

5 Views of prison and alternatives to imprisonment

5.1 General views and knowledge about prison

5.2 Perceptions of life in prison

5.3 Does prison work?: views on effectiveness

5.4 Drug offenders and prison

5.5 Who should be sent to prison?

5.6 Community penalties

5.7 Cost effectiveness issues

5.8 Key points

6 Conclusions

Appendix A: Topic guide for focus groups

Appendix B: Survey questionnaire (Pdf)


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