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5th Meeting, Session 1 (1999)

Tuesday 26 October 1999



Mr David Davidson

Rhoda Grant

Mr Adam Ingram

George Lyon

Mr Kenneth Macintosh

Mr Keith Raffan

Dr Richard Simpson

Mr John Swinney

Elaine Thomson

Mike Watson (Convener)

Andrew Wilson

Also present: Mr Brian Adam


The meeting opened at 9.45 am.


1.  Written Agreements with the Scottish Executive:

The Committee considered the following draft written agreements proposed by the Scottish Executive:

The Budgeting Process – Agreement of Principles and Procedures (FI/99/5/2)

Budget Bills – Format of Supporting Documentation (FI/99/5/3)

In Year Changes to Expenditure Allocations (FI/99/5/4)

The Committee agreed to propose several changes to the wording of these documents and agreed to seek further information on certain other aspects of the drafts.


2.  The Budget Process – 2000/2001

The Committee discussed issues relating to the handling of the annual Budget process. It was concluded that the Convener should make an early approach to Conveners of subject committees with a view to agreeing a consultation process to take effect from next year. This approach would be based on a paper to be drafted by the Clerk.


The meeting closed at 11.41 am.


Sarah Davidson
Clerk to the Committee

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