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8th Meeting, 2003 (Session 2)

Tuesday 4 November 2003

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Brian Adam

Mr Richard Baker

Chris Ballance

Susan Deacon

Murdo Fraser

Christine May

Alasdair Morgan (Convener)

Mr Jamie Stone

Mike Watson (Deputy Convener)


The meeting opened at 2.02 pm.

1. Item in private: The Committee agreed to take agenda item 4 in private.

2. Work programme: The Committee considered and agreed its work programme for the period up to Christmas 2003. As part of its work programme the Committee agreed:

to promote an informal briefing session to inform the development of the remit for its business growth and entrepreneurialism inquiry;

to conduct an inquiry into the development of arts and culture at the local community-based level in Scotland;

to adopt a longer-term budget scrutiny programme, calling in individual bodies to give evidence outwith the formal budget process, and seeking to cover those bodies within its remit over the current session of the Parliament.

3. Renewable Energy in Scotland: The Committee considered and agreed a draft remit for its proposed inquiry into renewable energy in Scotland, subject to specific amendments.

4. Budget process (in private): The Committee considered and agreed a draft report to the Finance Committee on the Scottish Executive's 2004/05 budget proposals, subject to specific amendments.

The meeting closed at 3.37pm.

Judith Evans

Clerk to the Committee (Acting)