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24th Meeting, 2004 (Session 2)

Tuesday 9 November 2004



Mr Richard Baker

Chris Ballance

Michael Matheson

Christine May

Alex Neil (Convener)

Mr Jamie Stone

Mike Watson (Deputy Convener)


Also present: Fiona Hyslop

Apologies were received from Murdo Fraser

The meeting opened at 2.01 pm

Item in private: the Committee agreed to take agenda item 3 in private.

Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Bill: the Committee took evidence on the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Bill from the following:

Panel 1

Melanie Ward, President, National Union of Students Scotland;

Keith Robson, Director, National Union of Students Scotland;

The NUS agreed to circulate to the Committee:

  • its submission to the Executive’s Bill consultation;
  • proposals for alternatives to the use of fees as an incentive for Scottish students to study and practice medicine in Scotland;
  • further detail on its concerns about the wording of Section 12 of the Bill (Persons with Learning Difficulties).

Panel 2

John Andrew Murray, President, Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council;

Brian Ferrick, Vice President, Elmwood College Students’ Association;

Panel 3

Dr Alastair Hunter, President, Association of University Teachers Scotland;

Dr Tony Axon, Research Officer, Association of University Teachers Scotland;

Ms Andy Thomson, President, Higher Education National Executive, Educational Institute of Scotland;

Mr Howard Wollman, Honorary Treasurer, Higher Education National Executive, Educational Institute of Scotland;

The Association of University Teachers Scotland (AUT(S)) and the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) undertook to provide the Committee with the following information:

  • views from both the EIS and the AUT(S) on academic freedom for individuals in relation to the provisions in the Bill;
  • views from both the EIS and the AUT(S) on the potential for longer-term convergence of funding methods in further and higher education institutions;
  • views from the EIS on progress on implementing existing FE governance guidelines, and on current prohibitions relating to elected councillors as chairs of governing bodies;
  • clarification on the AUT(S) view that Scottish Ministers should have the power to give direction to the new funding Council on the division of resources between further and higher education;
  • clarification on EIS comments regarding adherence to Nolan principles in appointments to boards of managers and/or governors in further and higher education.

Scottish Executive’s 2005/06 budget proposals (in private): the Committee considered and agreed a draft report to the Finance Committee on the Scottish Executive’s 2005/06 budget proposals.

The meeting closed at 4.09 pm

Stephen Imrie

Clerk to the Committee