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9th Meeting, 2004 (Session 2)

Tuesday 16 March 2004

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Brian Adam

Mr Richard Baker

Chris Ballance

Susan Deacon

Murdo Fraser

Alasdair Morgan (Convener)

Mike Watson (Deputy Convener)


Apologies were received from Christine May and Jamie Stone

The meeting opened at 2.06 pm

1. Broadband in Scotland: the Committee took evidence from:

Panel 1

Paul Cassidy, ICT Co-ordinator, Castlemilk Economic Development Agency

Mark Cullens, Associate Principal, Glenrothes College

Panel 2

Andrew Bruce-Wootton, Executive Committee Member; Scottish Estates Business Group

Angus Armstrong, Managing Director; ADAC (Engineering Services) Ltd

Dave Newman, Director; Plexus Media Ltd

on its inquiry on Broadband in Scotland.

2. Renewable Energy in Scotland: the Committee took evidence from:

Panel 1

Charles Davies, Director of Commercial Policy; National Grid Transco

Dr Lewis Dale, Regulatory Strategy Manager; National Grid Transco

Panel 2

Angela Duignan, Project Development Manager; Baywind Renewable Energy Co-operative

David Gordon, Chief Executive, Windsave Ltd

on its inquiry on Renewable Energy in Scotland.

3. Investigation into Scottish football: before consideration of this item, the following members declared interests: Brian Adam as a shareholder in and season ticket holder of Aberdeen Football Club; Murdo Fraser as a debenture holder of Glasgow Rangers Football Club; and Mike Watson as an unremunerated director of Dundee United Football Club.

The Committee appointed Brian Adam and Richard Baker at act as Committee Reporters and conduct an investigation and report to the Committee on the current situation with regard to Scottish football, with specific reference to:

  • the financial advice available to football clubs and supporters organisations;
  • supporters’ involvement in decision-making;
  • the Executive’s actions to date to support the development of Scottish football.

The Committee agreed to delegate authority to the Convener to make the necessary arrangements regarding expenses.

The meeting closed at 4.44 pm

Judith Evans
Clerk to the Committee (Acting)