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Annual reports

Meeting of the Parliament

Thursday 29 September 2005

Note: (DT) signifies a decision taken at Decision Time.

The meeting opened at 9.15 pm.

  1. Justice 2 Committee, Inquiry into Youth Justice: Bill Butler, on behalf of the Justice 2 Committee, moved S2M-3317—That the Parliament notes the recommendations contained in the Justice 2 Committee’s 9th Report 2005 (Session 2): Report on Inquiry into Youth Justice (SP Paper 370).

    After debate, the motion was agreed to (DT).

  2. General Question Time: Questions were answered by Scottish Ministers and junior Scottish Ministers.

  3. First Minister’s Question Time: Questions were answered by the First Minister (Mr Jack McConnell).

  4. Question Time: Questions on Justice and Law Officers, and on Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning, were answered by Scottish Ministers and junior Scottish Ministers and by the Scottish Law Officers.

  5. Decision Time: The Parliament took a decision on item 1 as noted above.

  6. Role of Firefighters in Remote and Rural Areas: The Parliament debated S2M-3162 in the name of Mr David Davidson—That the Parliament applauds the excellent work and invaluable role carried out by those firefighters in remote and rural parts of north east Scotland on the retained duty system but acknowledges the chronic shortage of such firefighters in some Scottish towns; notes that figures published by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Fire Services in Scotland in 2003-04 show levels of retained staff in Scotland running at some 30% below the authorised establishment; considers that these staffing shortages place considerable strain on existing retained staff to support their local communities, and believes that the Scottish Executive should consider innovative ways in which businesses could support recruitment into the retained sector and undertake to examine new mechanisms to encourage businesses and the self-employed to understand the benefits of releasing staff to perform the role of retained firefighters in their communities.

The meeting closed at 2.01 pm.

P E Grice
Clerk of the Parliament
29 September 2005

(Note: this Appendix does not form part of the Minutes)

New Bills introduced or reprinted on 27 September 2005

Management of Offenders etc. (Scotland) Bill—The Bill was reprinted as amended at Stage 2. (SP Bill 39A) (Executive Bill)

New Bills introduced or reprinted on 28 September 2005

Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Bill—A Bill for an Act of the Scottish Parliament to make further provision for the involvement of parents in their children’s education and in school education generally; to provide for the establishment of councils to represent the parents of pupils attending public schools; to abolish School Boards; to make further provision as regards the appointment of headteachers and deputy headteachers; to make further provision as regards the content of the development plan for a school; and for connected purposes. (SP Bill 45) (Executive Bill)

Introduced by: Peter Peacock
Supported by: Robert Brown

Explanatory Notes (and other accompanying documents) (SP Bill 45-EN) and a Policy Memorandum (SP Bill 45-PM) were printed to accompany the Bill.

Subordinate Legislation

Negative Instruments

The following instruments were laid before the Parliament on 29 September 2005 and are subject to annulment—

The TSE (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 2005 (SSI 2005/469)—

The Bovine Products (Restriction on Placing on the Market) (Scotland) Regulations 2005 (SSI 2005/470)—

laid under paragraph 2(2) of Schedule 2 to the European Communities Act 1972

Committee Reports

The following report was published on 29 September 2005

Enterprise and Culture Committee, 9th Report, 2005 (Session 2): Stage 1 Report on the St Andrew's Day Bank Holiday (Scotland) Bill (SP Paper 425)