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No. 38 Wednesday 8 December 1999

The meeting opened at 2.31 pm .

1. Time for Reflection: Dr Mona Siddiqui, Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Glasgow , led Time for Reflection.

2. Ministerial Statement: The Minister for Finance made a statement on local government finance.

3. Sea Fisheries: The Deputy Minister for Rural Affairs moved S1M-358—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to seek the best possible outcome for Scottish fishermen, consistent with sustainable fishing, from the forthcoming negotiations leading up to the December Fisheries Council.

Richard Lochhead moved amendment S1M-358.1 to motion S1M-358—

Insert at end—

“negotiate the transfer of lead responsibility for European Union fisheries negotiations from Her Majesty's Government to the Scottish Executive, in recognition of Scotland's dominant position within the UK industry; pursue a control regime for the Scottish industry that does not place it at a competitive disadvantage in comparison to other EU fleets, and influence the forthcoming reform of the Common Fisheries Policy by bringing forward proposals to introduce the concept of zonal management thereby involving the industry itself in the decision-making process, whilst maintaining the founding principles of the original agreement, namely relative stability, the Hague preferences and historic fishing rights, to re-affirm that the Common Fisheries Policy is not a free-for-all.”

After debate, the amendment was disagreed to ((DT) by division: For 32, Against 81, Abstentions 0).

Mr Jamie McGrigor moved amendment S1M-358.2 to motion S1M-358—

Leave out from “calls” to end and insert—

“recognises that the current Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) arrangements are failing our fishermen and calls upon the Scottish Executive to advocate reform of the CFP that devolves power to regional and zonal levels which would give our fishermen better control over the stocks of fish whilst recognising the traditional rights of other countries, and further calls for the fishing section of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to be relocated to the north-east of Scotland, the UK's main fishing centre, and that continuous assessment should replace the current practice of annual negotiation.”

After debate, the amendment was disagreed to ((DT) by division: For 18, Against 96, Abstentions 0).

The motion was then agreed to (DT).

4. Sea Fishing Grants (Charges) Bill – UK Legislation: The Deputy Minister for Rural Affairs moved S1M-344—That the Parliament accepts the need to establish the validity of charges levied by the Sea Fish Industry Authority and the Herring Industry Board as set out in the Sea Fishing Grants (Charges) Bill and agrees that the Bill should be considered by the UK Parliament.

The motion was agreed to (DT).

5. Decision Time: The Parliament took decisions on items 3 and 4 as noted above.

6. Hawick: The Parliament debated S1M-319 in the name of Euan Robson—That the Parliament notes with concern the recently reported decline in the population of Hawick, appreciates the work already underway to develop the town and broaden the base of its economy, understands the need for further investments, commends the New Ways economic strategy for the Scottish Borders and hopes that this will lead to the creation of more opportunity to keep young people in the town and the region.

The meeting closed at 5.39 pm.

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