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No. 60 Wednesday 15 March 2000

The meeting opened at 2.30 pm .

1. Time for Reflection: Dr Alison Elliot, Convener of the Church and Nation Committee of the Church of Scotland, led Time for Reflection.

The meeting closed at 2.34 pm .

A second meeting opened at 2.40 pm .

2. Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3: The Deputy Minister for Justice moved S1M-655—That the Parliament agrees that the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill be passed.

After debate, the motion was agreed to (DT).

3. Motion without Notice: Mr Tom McCabe, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, moved without notice under Rule 8.2.6, a motion without notice.

The motion was agreed to.

4. Decision Time: Mr Tom McCabe, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, moved that under Rule 11.2.4, Decision Time be taken at 2.55 pm .

The motion was agreed to.

The meeting was adjourned from 2.49 pm to 2.55 pm .

5. Decision Time: The Parliament took a decision on item 2 as noted above.

6. Cashpoint Services: The Parliament debated S1M-614 in the name of Dr Elaine Murray—That the Parliament congratulates the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland for their stance in refusing to charge customers of other banks who use their cashpoint services and urges them to continue with this policy in the interests of low income and rural communities.

The meeting closed at 3.24 pm.

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