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Friday 25 June 1999



Opening Ceremony

Members may find it useful to have a summary of the events and programme for the Opening. Contact numbers for queries about particular events are also given.


30 June

6.30 pm (seated by 6.00 pm) the Kirking of the Parliament at St Giles Cathedral. This service is being attended by The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and broadcast live on Radio Scotland. Any Members still requiring tickets for themselves or their families should contact Fraser Maclean today on ext. 85407.

7.45 pm for 8.00 pm Gala dinner at Our Dynamic Earth hosted by the Secretary of State for Scotland. All members, with a partner, have been invited to this. If you wish to go and have not received your invitation card, please contact Hamish Blair at The Scottish Office on ext. 44997 (or fax 42764) by 4.00 pm today. The guest list will be closed at the end of Friday.


1 July

You should by now have received details of the ceremony itself and the lunch which follows. The invitation to your guest for the Assembly Hall and lunch has also been sent out. If you were successful in the ballot for additional places in Parliament Hall, you should have had a letter notifying you of this and invitations to additional guests will be sent out by the weekend. If you have any questions about invitations to the ceremony, please contact Lyndsay Boyle at The Scottish Office on ext. 40369.

The timetable for the morning is:

9.45 am – 10.00 am Members to arrive at Parliament Hall. Guests to go to the Assembly Hall or to Parliament Hall, depending on which part of the ceremony they have a ticket for.

10.10 am - 10.25 am Ceremony in Parliament Hall (and broadcast on screens in the Assembly Hall).

10.25 am - 11.15 am Civic procession forms up and walks to Assembly Hall. Other Parliament Hall guests move downstairs to the Laigh Hall to watch the rest of the ceremony on a screen. Procession guests are seated in the galleries and members gather to enter the Chamber.

11.25 am – 12 noon The Queen arrives at the Assembly Hall. Members take their seats and The Queen enters to begin the ceremony which last for about half an hour.

12 noon - 12.45 pm Members and guests watch the children’s parade from outside the Assembly Hall before moving to lunch in Parliament Hall.

1.00 pm - 2.30 pm Buffet lunch served in Parliament Hall, the Laigh Hall and the Signet Library. Members and guests from the Assembly Hall will be able to meet up with guests from Parliament Hall at this stage. Prince Charles is attending this lunch.

The timetable for the evening is:

5.30 pm – 7.00 pm Reception at the Palace of Holyroodhouse for members and their guest. You should by now have received your invitation to this but if not please contact Hamish Blair on ext. 44997 (or fax 42764). Invitations to this are a matter for the Palace rather than the Presiding Officer.

After the reception, members are free to attend any of the evening concerts. Full details of these are on the public information line, 08700 507507.

Declaration of Interests

The announcement in Business Bulletin No 24/1999 advised members of procedure in relation to declaring relevant interests when lodging Parliamentary Questions and giving notice of motions. In order to indicate that the person lodging a Parliamentary Question or lodging or supporting a motion or amendment has a registrable interest which they have declared, the Question, motion or amendment will appear in the Business Bulletin with the letter R after the text, or after the member’s name in the case of a supporter of a motion or amendment.

Members are reminded that they must also declare their interest in certain circumstances. The Scotland Act 1998 (Transitory and Transitional Provisions) (Members’ Interests) Order 1999 requires that where an interest would prejudice or give the appearance of prejudicing a member’s ability to participate in a disinterested manner in proceedings of the Parliament, the member must make an oral declaration of that interest before participating in the proceedings


Parliamentary Bureau Members

Further to the Announcement made in the Business Bulletin of 11 June (No. 15/1999) on the membership of the Parliamentary Bureau, it is announced that Keith Raffan has been appointed as the deputy to Iain Smith in place of Mrs Margaret Smith who has been elected Convener of the Parliament’s Health and Community Care Committee.


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