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Tuesday 22 June 1999

Section B – Business Programme


As agreed by the Parliament on 17 June


Wednesday 23 June 1999


2.30 pm Statement by the Deputy First Minister on Freedom of Information

followed by, no
later than 3.00 pm
Statement by the Minister for Children and Education on Consultation on the Education Bill

followed by Executive Debate on Devolved Legislation to be considered by the UK Parliament

followed by Parliamentary Bureau business—

Motion that the Scotland Act 1998 (Agency Arrangements) (Specification) Order 1999 (No. 1512) be considered by the Parliament (to be taken without debate)

Motion on days when the Office of the Clerk is open (to be taken without debate)

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business—

Debate on the subject of motion S1M-47 in the name of Brian Adam (see Section F for details)

To be concluded no later than 30 minutes after the commencement of the debate without any question being put.


Thursday 24 June

9.30 am Debate on Privatisation of Public Services (on a motion from the SNP)

followed by Business Motion

2.30 pm Question Time

3.00 pm Open Question Time

followed by, no
later than 3.15 pm
Ministerial Statement on Financial Issues

followed by Executive Debate on the Economy of Scotland

5.00 pm Decision Time


Friday 2 July


9.30 am Question Time

10.00 am Open Question Time

followed by, no
later than 10.15 am
Executive Business


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