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Friday 11 June 1999

Section F –  Motions and amendments lodged on 10 June 1999


(Items marked with an asterisk* are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made)

*S1M-50 Mr Tom McCabe on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: That the Parliament agree the following amendment to the Business Motion agreed by the Parliament on 9 June;


Wednesday 16 June 1999

9.30am Business Motion

followed by Statement by the First Minister and debate on the Executive’s legislative proposals.

2.30pm Continuation of debate on proposed legislative programme.

5.00pm Decision Time

followed by Member’s Business

Debate on the subject of motion S1M-42 in the name of David Mundell


Thursday 17 June 1999

10.30am Debate on Holyrood Project

12.20pm Business Motion

The remaining business is as set out in the Business Motion of 9 June.

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