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Friday 11 June 1999



Next Meeting of the Parliament


To allow motion S1M-50 in the name of Mr Tom McCabe to be taken, the Presiding Officer has decided that the Parliament will next meet on Wednesday 16 June at 9.30am.


Parliamentary Bureau Members


The following members have been nominated as members of the Parliamentary Bureau.


Member Nominated by

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

Mr David McLetchie

Mr Tom McCabe

Rt Hon Donald Dewar

Michael Russell

Mr Alex Salmond

Iain Smith

Mr Jim Wallace


It has also been confirmed that Bill Aitken will be the deputy to Lord James Douglas Hamilton, Ms Margaret Curran and Mr Duncan McNeill will be the deputies to Mr Tom McCabe, Tricia Marwick will be the deputy to Michael Russell and Mrs Margaret Smith will be the deputy to Iain Smith.

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