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Wednesday 9 June 1999

Section F –  Motions and amendments lodged on 8 June 1999


(* denotes new names of support, motions, amendments and editorial adjustments).

*S1M-43 Phil Gallie: That the Parliament note with grave concern that former Parachute Regiment soldiers, a number of them Scottish residents, will be put in danger if their identities are disclosed in the Public Inquiry in to the so called "1972 Bloody Sunday" events which has been initiated by Her Majesty’s Government; and call upon the First Minister to convey the Parliament’s concern to the Prime Minister and to seek his intervention to prevent the disclosure of any identities.

Supported by: David McLetchie, Mary Scanlon, Mr Jamie McGrigor, David Mundell, Alex Fergusson, Alex Johnstone Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh, Mr David Davidson, Mr Murray Tosh,


*S1M-42 David Mundell: That the Parliament notes with regret the loss of 99 jobs in Dumfries with the closure of the Nestlé factory, in addition to over 2000 jobs in Dumfries and Galloway in the past two years and the potential loss of 1700 jobs in the agricultural sector in the next two years.

S1M-39 George Reid*

S1M-32 Brian Adam*

S1M-15.1 Brian Adam*

S1M-14 Brian Adam*

S1M-13 Brian Adam*

S1M-2.2 Brian Adam*


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