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Tuesday 8 June 1999

Section B – Business Programme


As agreed by the Parliament on 2 June

Wednesday 9 June 1999

Meeting of the Parliament

10.30 am

Debate(s) on the Consultative Steering Group report and draft Information Strategy.

followed by

Business motion (followed immediately by decision on the business motion)

followed by:

Motion by Mr Tom McCabe on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:

S1M-34 Mr Tom McCabe on behalf on the Parliamentary Bureau: That the Parliament agrees that – (1) the Office of the Clerk should be open on each of the following days: Monday 21 to Friday 25 June and Monday 28 June to Friday 2 July and (2) the summer recess should begin on Friday 2 July 1999 after the business of that day has been concluded and should end on Monday 30 August 1999, with the next meeting of the Parliament being held on or after Tuesday 31 August 1999.

To be taken without debate

12.30 pm

Decision Time


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