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Thursday 1  July 1999

Section I –  Progress of Parliamentary business


Subordinate Legislation in Progress


Negative Instruments

(Date of laying)

Subject to annulment until 16 September—

The Scotland Act 1998 (Agency Arrangements) (Specification) Order 1999 (1999 No. 1512) (10 June)


Committee Business in Progress


(Dates for previous proceedings) (Dates for current proceedings) (Provisional dates for future proceedings)

Note: A full agenda including details of location and timings, will be published on the day of the meeting


Audit Committee: (23 June)

Audit and Finance Committees: First Joint Meeting (30 June)

Education, Culture and Sport Committee: First meeting (29 June)

Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee: (23 June)

Equal Opportunities Committee: (22 June)

European Committee: (23 June)

Finance Committee: (22 June)

Health and Community Care Committee: First meeting (29 June)

Justice and Home Affairs Committee: First meeting (29 June)

Local Government Committee: First meeting (30 June)

Procedures Committee: (22 June) (29 June)

Public Petitions Committee: First meeting (29 June)

Rural Affairs Committee: (22 June) (29 June)

Social Inclusion, Housing and Voluntary Sector Committee: First Meeting (30 June)

Standards Committee: (22 June) (30 June)

Subordinate Legislation Committee: First Meeting (29 June)

Transport and Environment Committee: First Meeting (30 June)


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