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Friday 17 December 1999

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).


*S1M-394 Nick Johnston: Prostate Cancer Screening—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to set up a national prostate cancer screening program across Scotland in order to end "post code rationing" in this area and standardise testing by GP’s.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon*, Alex Johnstone*, Mr David Davidson*, Alex Fergusson*, David Mundell*, Mr Murray Tosh*


*S1M-393# Alex Johnstone: Boharm School—That the Parliament supports the role rural schools play in maintaining the social and economic regeneration of Scotland’s rural town and villages and calls upon the Scottish Executive to reject the proposed closure of Boharm School by Moray Council.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon*, Mr David Davidson*, Ben Wallace*, Mr Jamie McGrigor*


*S1M-392 Michael Russell: Agricultural Business Improvement Scheme—That the Parliament welcomes the report published today by the Rural Affairs Committee on the original and revised ABIS schemes; expresses its concern that there are still around 4000 outstanding applications which, under European rules, will fall if not approved before 31 December 1999; notes that the rules of the revised scheme required applicants in many cases to undertake considerable expenditure in order to meet the approved criteria; accepts the conclusion of the Rural Affairs Committee that the Executive must honour the commitment made in February 1999 by a pre-devolution minister for agriculture to fund all eligible applications, and therefore calls upon the Minister for Rural Affairs to seek from Her Majesty's Government sufficient funds to meet all eligible applications, for all approvals to be made by 31 December 1999 and by so doing to accept the moral obligation that the Executive must carry in this matter given the previous commitment by a Labour Minister for Agriculture in the former Scottish Office.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead*


*S1M-391# Fiona Hyslop: Warm Deal—That the Parliament notes with concern the operation of the Warm Deal in Scotland with specific reference to the exclusion of central heating systems from grant eligibility and supports a review of the current operation of the Warm Deal to address this and other concerns.

Supported by: Robin Harper*, Alex Neil*, Donald Gorrie*, Mr John McAllion*, Bill Aitken*, Richard Lochhead*, Linda Fabiani*


S1M-389 Water and Sewarage Charges and Low Income Households (lodged on 15 December 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-385# Review of Licensing Laws (lodged on 15 December 1999) Nick Johnston*


S1M-384 Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (lodged on 15 December 1999) Tommy Sheridan*


S1M-380# Cross Examination During Sexual Crimes Trials (lodged on 14 December 1999) Ms Margaret Curran*, Scott Barrie*, Tommy Sheridan*


S1M-377# Malnutrition in Scotland: A Public Health Problem (lodged on 13 December 1999) Robert Brown*, Richard Lochhead*, Ms Sandra White*, Linda Fabiani*


S1M-376 Agricultural Business Improvement Schemes (lodged on 13 December 1999) Nicola Sturgeon*, Fiona Hyslop*, Richard Lochhead*, Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Linda Fabiani*


S1M-373# Meeting Tayside's Health Needs (lodged on 9 December 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-367 Jobs Crisis in the Highlands and Islands (lodged on 8 December 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-366# Equality of Opportunity for People with Hearing Impairment (lodged on 8 December 1999) Robert Brown*


S1M-357 Establishment of Committee on International Relations (lodged on 6 December 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-356 The Millennium Dome (lodged on 3 December 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-348# National Concessionary Travel Scheme For Older People (lodged on 2 December 1999) Robert Brown*, Maureen Macmillan*


S1M-347 Nigel Tranter (lodged on 2 December 1999) Robert Brown*


S1M-345 Department of Irish and Scottish Studies, Aberdeen University (lodged on 1 December 1999) Robert Brown*, Richard Lochhead*


S1M-343 Northern Ireland Assembly (lodged on 1 December 1999) Robert Brown*


S1M-342# Scots in the 2001 Census (lodged on 1 December 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-335# Teenage Pregnancy (lodged on 29 November 1999) Robert Brown*, Donald Gorrie*


S1M-332 Objective 2 Funding (lodged on 26 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-331 European Working Time Directive (lodged on 26 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-329# Legal Right to Annual Leave (lodged on 26 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-328 Answering of Parliamentary Questions (lodged on 26 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-326# Transportation of Coal (lodged on 25 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-324# Oil and Gas Centre of Excellence (lodged on 24 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-323 Hepatitis C Inquiry (lodged on 24 November 1999) Maureen Macmillan*


S1M-322 Prudence in Scottish Parliamentary Spending (lodged on 24 November 1999) Bill Aitken*, Mr Brian Monteith*


S1M-310 Fire Fighters and Controllers Millennium Pay (lodged on 19 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-308# Funding of Agricultural Business Improvement Scheme (lodged on 19 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-304# Asylum and Immigration Act (lodged on 18 November 1999) Robert Brown*


S1M-303# Sign Language (lodged on 18 November 1999) Robert Brown*


S1M-280# UN Convention Report on the Rights of the Child (lodged on 11 November 1999) Richard Lochhead*, Ms Sandra White*, Colin Campbell*


S1M-276 BBC Resources and BBC Worldwide (lodged on 11 November 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-264# Police Resources and Special Events (lodged on 9 November 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-259# Traditional Music in Scotland (lodged on 8 November 1999) Richard Lochhead*


S1M-253# Protection of Victims in Rape Cases (lodged on 4 November 1999) Dr Sylvia Jackson*


S1M-252# Solidarity with Cuba (lodged on 3 November 1999) Ms Sandra White*, Ms Margo MacDonald*, Colin Campbell*


S1M-251 Kilwinning Millennium Celebrations (lodged on 3 November 1999) Allan Wilson*


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