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Tuesday 14 December 1999

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).


*S1M-379 # Tricia Marwick: Fife Rail Service—That the Parliament notes with concern the appalling level of rail services being provided to the people of Fife and makes representations to ScotRail and Railtrack to improve this service; notes with concern the overcrowding on these trains and the health and safety issues this presents; calls upon ScotRail to announce and implement an immediate action plan to improve punctuality, reduce train cancellations and increase the number of carriages on peak-time trains, with such an action plan to have been successfully implemented within six months, and further calls for an explanation why the new rolling stock which was ordered from the train manufacturing companies by ScotRail for use on this line has still not been delivered more than four years later.

Supported by: Helen Eadie*


*S1M-378 Mr Jack McConnell: Draft 2000-2001 Budget - Level 2 Figures—That the Parliament commends the Executive’s expenditure plans published in the consultation paper Spending Plans for Scotland on 17 November 1999 and endorses the spending priorities set out in the paper in line with the commitments of the Partnership Agreement and the Programme for Government.


*S1M-377# Alex Neil: Malnutrition in Scotland: A Public Health Problem—That the Parliament recognises that malnutrition in Scotland is a serious public health problem; notes that up to 40% of people admitted to hospital are malnourished and the majority continue to lose weight in hospital; further recognises that the major burden of malnutrition lies in the community where one in ten post-operative, cancer and chronic disease patients are malnourished, accepts that many patients move between hospitals and the community on a "malnutrition carousel"; acknowledges that malnutrition has adverse clinical consequences such as post-surgical complications, delayed wound healing and impaired recovery from disease; further acknowledges that malnutrition costs the NHS millions of pounds each year in increased treatment costs and prolonged hospital stay; believes that unrecognised and untreated malnutrition has no place in a modern and dependable health service; welcomes the formation of the Malnutrition Advisory Group, made up of academics, clinicians and other health professionals to produce guidelines on the prevention, treatment and identification of malnutrition in the community, and supports working closely with this group to eradicate malnutrition in Scotland.

Supported by: Mr Gil Paterson*, Ms Margo MacDonald*


*S1M-376 Fergus Ewing: Agricultural Business Improvement Schemes—That the Parliament believes that Her Majesty’s Government is under a moral obligation to fund all eligible applications under both the original and the revised Agricultural Business Improvement Schemes following the specific assurances to that effect given by a Minister of Her Majesty’s Government in February 1999.

Supported by: Mr Duncan Hamilton*, Michael Russell*


*S1M-375 Maureen Macmillan: Highlands and Islands—That the Parliament expresses its confidence in the people and organisations of the Highlands and Islands; notes the historic and continuing trend of growing population in the Highlands and Islands encouraged by the area’s strong cultural revival; notes the recent downward trend of unemployment that has seen unemployment fall by 5.8% in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise area; welcomes the growth of inward investment, including 1,275 jobs that have stemmed from 18 inward investment projects, that will help sustain a strong and more diversified economy in the Highlands and Islands than at any recent time; condemns those who constantly seek to talk down the capacity of the people of the Highlands and Islands to effectively deal with new challenges to their prosperity, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to continue its support for Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Highland Council and relevant groups to ensure that the revival of the Highland economy over recent years is sustained for the long term.


S1M-373# Meeting Tayside's Health Needs (lodged on 9 December 1999) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-370 Integrated Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centre in North East (lodged on 8 December 1999) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-367 Jobs Crisis in the Highlands and Islands (lodged on 8 December 1999) Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-363 Campaign for Scotland's Post Offices (lodged on 7 December 1999) Mr Andrew Welsh*, Shona Robison*


S1M-360# Concessionary Fares for Pensioners (lodged on 7 December 1999) Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Shona Robison*


S1M-359 Greengairs: Environmental Award (lodged on 7 December 1999) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-357 Establishment of Committee on International Relations (lodged on 6 December 1999) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-356 The Millennium Dome (lodged on 3 December 1999) Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-353# Social and Economic Renewal of Glasgow (lodged on 2 December 1999) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-351# Beauforts Dyke Disturbance (lodged on 2 December 1999) Mr Kenneth Gibson*


S1M-349# A9 Improvements (lodged on 2 December 1999) Mr Kenneth Gibson*


S1M-345 Department of Irish and Scottish Studies, Aberdeen University (lodged on 1 December 1999) Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-342# Scots in the 2001 Census (lodged on 1 December 1999) Mr Andrew Welsh*, Shona Robison*


S1M-337 Support for Trade Unions in South America (lodged on 29 November 1999) Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-335# Teenage Pregnancy (lodged on 29 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-333# Fife Rail Service (lodged on 29 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-332 Objective 2 Funding (lodged on 26 November 1999) Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-331 European Working Time Directive (lodged on 26 November 1999) Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-328 Answering of Parliamentary Questions (lodged on 26 November 1999) Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-324# Oil and Gas Centre of Excellence (lodged on 24 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-323 Hepatitis C Inquiry (lodged on 24 November 1999) Shona Robison*, Andrew Wilson*


S1M-318# Use of British Sign Language in the Scottish Parliament (lodged on 23 November 1999) Maureen Macmillan*


S1M-310 Fire Fighters and Controllers Millennium Pay (lodged on 19 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-306 National Air Traffic Services (lodged on 18 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-298 Local Government Funding (lodged on 17 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-289 GM Foods (lodged on 17 No vember 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-282 Cannabis and the Scottish Criminal Justice System (lodged on 12 November 1999) Mrs Margaret Smith*


S1M-278 Scottish Beef Exports to France (lodged on 11 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-277 Chechnya (lodged on 11 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-272# Credit Union (lodged on 11 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-268 Field Trials of GM Crops (lodged on 10 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-267 Commercial GM Crops (lodged on 10 November 1999) Shona Robison*


S1M-260 Hamish Henderson (lodged on 8 November 1999) Shona Robison*


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