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Wednesday 1 December 1999

Section C – Agendas of Committee Meetings


 Rural Affairs Committee

3 December 1999

10th Meeting

The Committee will meet at 9.30 am in Committee Room 1

1. The Scottish Zone of British Fishery Limits (in private): The Committee will consider a draft report on its findings.

2. Inquiry into the impact of changing employment patterns on rural communities: The Committee will consider the views of Reporters on the appointment of a Committee Adviser.

3. The Highlands and Islands Agricultural Programme Agricultural Business Improvement Scheme: The Committee will take evidence from—

Mr Andrew Robertson, Chief Agricultural Officer, and Ms Jan Polley, Head of Agricultural Policy Co-ordination and Rural Development, Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department;

Mr Ross Finnie, Minister for Rural Affairs.

4. Westminster Legislation: Sea Fishing Grants (Charges) Bill 1999: The Committee will consider a memorandum by the Deputy Minister for Rural Affairs seeking the Parliament's consent for the legislation being dealt with at Westminster.

5. Petition: The Committee will consider a research note on Petition PE8 (Raptor Predation) from the Scottish Homing Union.

6. Petition: The Committee will consider petition PE24 (Proposal to oppose the introduction of a pesticide tax) from the National Farmers' Union of Scotland.

7. Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee: The Committee will consider a report from Members who attended the 5th Meeting of the Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee, held in Inverness.


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