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Wednesday 1 December 1999




Ministerial Statement

The Presiding Officer has decided to take a Ministerial Statement on the Beef on the Bone Regulations after Time for Reflection this afternoon. The daily business list in Section A of this edition of the Business Bulletin has been duly amended.


The Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Bill

Procedure for Stage 3 Consideration

The Presiding Officer wishes to draw members’ attention to the following:

    1. For members wishing to take part in the debate, copies of the marshalled list of amendments will be available this morning from the Document Supply Centre.

    2. A business motion from the Parliamentary Bureau on the timetable for Stage 3 consideration of the Bill will be taken before Stage 3 consideration begins. The question on the motion will be put immediately.

    3. Questions on Stage 3 amendments will be put at the relevant stages throughout the debate. Any votes will be conducted using the electronic voting system, with a voting time of 30 seconds. No additional time will be allowed: members wishing to participate should ensure that they are present in the Chamber.


Decision Time

In the event of the debate on Stage 3 of the Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Bill concluding before 5.00 pm, it is expected that a member of the Parliamentary Bureau will seek leave to move a motion without notice to bring forward Decision Time.


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