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Monday 29 November 1999

Section H - New Documents 


Subordinate Legislation


Negative Instruments

The following instruments were laid before the Parliament on 26 November and are subject to annulment—

Act of Sederunt (Fees of Solicitors in the Sheriff Court) (Amendment) 1999 (SSI 1999/149)—

Act of Sederunt (Fees of Sheriff Officers) 1999 (SSI 1999/150)—

laid under the Courts of Law Fees (Scotland) Act 1895

The Local Statutory Provisions (Postponement from Repeal) (Scotland) Order 1999 (SSI 1999/156)—

The Local Statutory Provisions (Exemption from Repeal) (Scotland) Order 1999 (SSI 1999/157)—

laid under the Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994


Committee Reports

The following Reports are being published on 29 November 1999—

Subordinate Legislation Committee, 10th Report 1999: Delegated Powers Scrutiny - Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Bill as amended at Stage 2 (SP Paper 37)


European Documents

Members wishing to see a list of European documents received in the Parliament should contact the clerks to the European Committee ( Members are reminded that a complete set of all documents received is held by the Document Supply Centre and copies can be made available on request.

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