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Friday 26 November 1999

Section F - Motions and Amendments 


The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

*S1M-327 Mr John Swinney: The Plight of Scotland's Pensioners—That the Parliament recognises the plight of our pensioners, many of whom are living on or near the poverty line; condemns the lack of action by both the Scottish Executive and Her Majesty’s Government to bring about a significant increase in the standard and quality of living of pensioners, and calls upon both the Scottish Executive and Her Majesty’s Government to implement a comprehensive action plan to rectify this situation, the top priority of which should be a substantial increase in the basic state retirement pension and the re-establishment of the link with earnings for future pension increases.

*S1M-326# Scott Barrie: Transportation of Coal—That the Parliament notes that Longannet is the last remaining deep pit left in the Scottish coalfield; regrets the apparent lack of sufficient capacity to transport coal on the national rail network; notes the increased transportation of imported coal and is concerned that this severely affects the Scottish coal industry by placing increased demands on the existing transportation infrastructure, and agrees to exert pressure to ensure that there is proper regulation of the railfreight industry.

*S1M-325 Mr Frank McAveety: The Scotland Act 1998 (Transfer of Functions to the Scottish Ministers etc) Order 1999—That the Local Government Committee in consideration of The Scotland Act 1998 (Transfer of Functions to the Scottish Ministers etc) Order 1999 recommends that the Order be approved.

S1M-324# Oil and Gas Centre of Excellence (lodged on 24 November 1999) Mr Mike Rumbles*, Nora Radcliffe*, Richard Lochhead*

S1M-323 Hepatitis C Inquiry (lodged on 24 November 1999) Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Dr Winnie Ewing*, Richard Lochhead*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-318# Use of British Sign Language in the Scottish Parliament (lodged on 23 November 1999) Margaret Jamieson*, Marilyn Livingstone*

*S1M-311.1 Mr Lloyd Quinan: Nicola Oldroyd—As an amendment to motion (S1M-311) in the name of Mr Brian Monteith, leave out from "and replace" to end.

Supported by: Michael Matheson*, Andrew Wilson*, Christine Grahame*, Fergus Ewing*, Kay Ullrich*

S1M-310 Fire Fighters and Controllers Millennium Pay (lodged on 19 November 1999) Richard Lochhead*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-309# SMART Project (lodged on 19 November 1999) David Mundell*

S1M-303# Sign Language (lodged on 18 November 1999) Mr Brian Monteith*, Mr David Davidson*, Mr George Reid*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-302# Streetlighting in Longriggend (lodged on 18 November 1999) Mr Brian Monteith*

S1M-300 National Air Traffic Control (lodged on 18 November 1999) Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-297# Cornton Vale (lodged on 17 November 1999) Helen Eadie*, Cathy Peattie*, Hugh Henry*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Scott Barrie*

S1M-294# Closure of Penninghame Open Prison (lodged on 16 November 1999) David Mundell*

S1M-290# Children's Hospice Association Scotland (lodged on 16 November 1999) Mr David Davidson*

S1M-288# Child Pornography and the Protection of Children (lodged on 16 November 1999) Colin Campbell*, Mr Brian Monteith*

S1M-286# Neurosurgical Services in Tayside and Fife (lodged on 15 November 1999) Mr Brian Monteith*, Mr David Davidson*, Shona Robison*

S1M-284 Dangers of Fireworks (lodged on 15 November 1999) Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-283# Social Workers and Violence (lodged on 15 November 1999) Margaret Jamieson*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-282 Cannabis and the Scottish Criminal Justice System (lodged on 12 November 1999) Mr Brian Monteith*

S1M-281# Proposed Accommodation at Holyrood (lodged on 12 November 1999) Mr David Davidson*, David Mundell*

S1M-280# UN Convention Report on the Rights of the Child (lodged on 11 November 1999) Michael Russell*, Dr Winnie Ewing*, Scott Barrie*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-279# Crichton University (lodged on 11 November 1999) Mr Brian Monteith*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-274 Investigation Into Water Charges (lodged on 11 November 1999) Shona Robison*

S1M-272# Credit Union (lodged on 11 November 1999) Patricia Ferguson*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-270# East Coast Electrification (lodged on 10 November 1999) Mr David Davidson*

S1M-269# Scallop Fishing (lodged on 10 November 1999) Marilyn Livingstone*

S1M-268 Field Trials of GM Crops (lodged on 10 November 1999) Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-267 Commercial GM Crops (lodged on 10 November 1999) Colin Campbell*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-265 Location of Meetings of the Parliament (lodged on 9 November 1999) Irene McGugan*

S1M-264# Police Resources and Special Events (lodged on 9 November 1999) Colin Campbell*, Irene McGugan*

S1M-256 International Investment Strategies (lodged on 5 November 1999) Colin Campbell*, Dr Winnie Ewing*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*

S1M-253# Protection of Victims in Rape Cases (lodged on 4 November 1999) Mr David Davidson*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-252# Solidarity with Cuba (lodged on 3 November 1999) Nicola Sturgeon*

S1M-226 Highlands and Islands Transport Authority (lodged on 26 October 1999) Marilyn Livingstone*

S1M-220 Illegality of Nuclear Weapons (lodged on 25 October 1999) Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-210 RAF Buchan (lodged on 20 October 1999) Mr David Davidson*

S1M-206 Respect Campaign (lodged on 15 October 1999) Margaret Jamieson*

S1M-204# Removal of Patients from GP Lists (lodged on 14 October 1999) Mr David Davidson*, Cathy Jamieson*

S1M-198 Jubilee 2000 Campaign (lodged on 8 October 1999) Mr Mike Rumbles*

S1M-188# Stracathro Hospital (lodged on 5 October 1999) Mr David Davidson*

S1M-145 Scottish History (lodged on 10 September 1999) Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh*, John Young*, David Mundell*

S1M-129# Services to Victims of Crime (lodged on 7 September 1999) Cathy Jamieson*

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