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Friday 19 November 1999

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).



*S1M-306 Tommy Sheridan: National Air Traffic Services—That the Parliament believes that air safety in Scotland is best served through the retention of the national air traffic services in the public sector; rejects Her Majesty's Government’s plans to privatise national air traffic services, and supports the campaign of the relevant trade unions on behalf of the public and in the interests of air safety throughout Scotland to keep air traffic control in the public sector where it belongs.


*S1M-305 Fergus Ewing: Shopmobility Highland—That the Parliament congratulates Shopmobility Highland on reaching its fifth birthday and recognises the invaluable service which it has provided over this period providing for disabled people’s access to shops in Inverness and more recently in Dingwall; notes that Shopmobility Highland now has around 3,200 registered users, and pledges support for its continued success and secure funding to ensure that disabled people can enjoy the access to shops which is taken for granted by other people.


*S1M-304# Cathy Jamieson: Asylum and Immigration Act—That the Parliament is concerned that aspects of the Asylum and Immigration Act will effectively amend Scottish legislation pertaining to social work, the health service, mental health, children’s rights and housing; considers that the Scottish Parliament should, therefore, be consulted on this matter; believes that the cash payments to asylum seekers should continue in Scotland; and believes that the Scottish Parliament should consider supplementing financial resources provided to local authorities by the Home Office in relation to the Act’s provisions and that the timetable for the Act’s implementation in Scotland should be extended to April 2000 to allow time to address the specific problems which the Act poses for Scotland.

Supported by: Shona Robison*, Donald Gorrie*


*S1M-303# Dr Winnie Ewing: Sign Language —That the Parliament notes that the British Sign Language is used as an essential communication tool by a substantial number of people in Scotland and has a strong historic tradition; recognises the pressure on interpreters who are in constant demand particularly in rural areas; notes that the British Deaf Association is seeking review of the recognition, rights and support applied to the language, and expresses the hope that the Scottish Executive will assist the process by taking actions to implement the European Parliament’s recognition of Sign Language as an official language in each of the member states.


*S1M-302# Mr Gil Paterson: Streetlighting in Longriggend—That the Parliament views with concern the implication of the closure of HM Prison Longriggend on the people of Longriggend village and notes that following this closure in April 2000 the village will be left without maintained streetlighting or maintained roads.

Supported by: Alex Neil*, Fiona McLeod*, Michael Matheson*, Linda Fabiani*, Alasdair Morgan*, Tricia Marwick*, Michael Russell*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*, Donald Gorrie*


*S1M-301 Mr Brian Monteith: Meetings of the Parliament in Stirling—That the Parliament recognises that it must consider alternative temporary accommodation for the month of May 2000 when the Church of Scotland is likely to require use of the Assembly Hall for its General Assembly and calls upon the Parliamentary Bureau to seriously consider Stirling as a possible location with its modern facilities, historic past, central location and excellent transport links.

Supported by: Keith Harding R*


*S1M-300 Tavish Scott: National Air Traffic Control—That the Parliament supports the campaign of the Public and Commercial Services Union to oppose the proposal to privatise 51% of the National Air Traffic Services, believes that the proposal poses a threat to safety in Scottish skies and calls upon the Scottish Executive to make representations to Her Majesty's Government opposing the proposal.

Supported by: George Lyon*, Nora Radcliffe*, Mr Keith Raffan*, Robert Brown*, Ian Jenkins*


S1M-298 Local Government Funding (lodged on 17 November 1999) Alex Neil*


S1M-297# Cornton Vale (lodged on 17 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*, Johann Lamont*, Gordon Jackson*, Malcolm Chisholm*


S1M-294# Closure of Penninghame Open Prison (lodged on 16 November 1999) Alex Neil*


S1M-291 Reinstatement of Home International Football Championship (lodged on 16 November 1999) Mr Jamie McGrigor*, Dr Winnie Ewing*, Dennis Canavan*, Keith Harding*


S1M-290# Children's Hospice Association Scotland (lodged on 16 November 1999) Mr Jamie McGrigor*


S1M-289 GM Foods (lodged on 17 November 1999) Alex Neil*


S1M-288# Child Pornography and the Protection of Children (lodged on 16 November 1999) Mr Jamie McGrigor*, Alex Neil*, Donald Gorrie*


S1M-287# European Freight and Passenger Terminal in Fife (lodged on 16 November 1999) Mr Jamie McGrigor*, Dr Winnie Ewing*, Nicola Sturgeon*, Alex Neil*


S1M-284 Dangers of Fireworks (lodged on 15 November 1999) Elaine Smith*


S1M-283# Social Workers and Violence (lodged on 15 November 1999) Irene McGugan*


S1M-282 Cannabis and the Scottish Criminal Justice System (lodged on 12 November 1999) Robert Brown*, Mr John Munro*, Donald Gorrie*


S1M-280# UN Convention Report on the Rights of the Child (lodged on 11 November 1999) Robert Brown*, Irene McGugan*, Johann Lamont*


S1M-277 Chechnya (lodged on 11 November 1999) Ms Sandra White*


S1M-275# Pollokshaws Sports Centre (lodged on 11 November 1999) Robert Brown*, Gordon Jackson*


S1M-272# Credit Union (lodged on 11 November 1999) Elaine Smith*, Robert Brown*, Mr Michael McMahon*, Donald Gorrie*, Johann Lamont*


S1M-271# Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning Compensation for Scallop Industry (lodged on 10 November 1999) Nick Johnston*


S1M-270# East Coast Electrification (lodged on 10 November 1999) Mr Nick Johnston*


S1M-268 Field Trials of GM Crops (lodged on 10 November 1999) Irene McGugan*


S1M-267 Commercial GM Crops (lodged on 10 November 1999) Irene McGugan*


S1M-263 Stane Primary School (lodged on 9 November 1999) Elaine Smith*, Mr Michael McMahon*, Donald Gorrie*


S1M-259# Traditional Music in Scotland (lodged on 8 November 1999) Mr Nick Johnston*


S1M-256 International Investment Strategies (lodged on 5 November 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-253# Protection of Victims in Rape Cases (lodged on 4 November 1999) Mr Nick Johnston*


S1M-248 Marks and Spencer (lodged on 2 November 1999) Mr Michael McMahon*


S1M-238# Co-operative and Mutual Sector in Scotland (lodged on 29 October 1999) Mr Michael McMahon*


S1M-235 A Fair Deal for NHS Workers (lodged on 28 October 1999) Robert Brown*


S1M-233# Lothian and Borders Sheriff Court Review (lodged on 27 October 1999) Mr Nick Johnston*


S1M-220 Illegality of Nuclear Weapons (lodged on 25 October 1999) Mr Nick Johnston*


S1M-218# Scottish Prison Service (lodged on 25 October 1999) Mr Nick Johnston*


S1M-199# Telecommunications Developments (lodged on 8 October 1999) Elaine Smith*


S1M-198 Jubilee 2000 Campaign (lodged on 8 October 1999) Donald Gorrie*


S1M-117 Act of Settlement (lodged on 1 September 1999) Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh*, Mr Michael McMahon*, Elaine Smith*


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