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Friday 12 November 1999

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).


*S1M-280# Elaine Smith: UN Convention Report on the Rights of the Child —That the Parliament notes the recent publication of the second report by Her Majesty's Government on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; acknowledges the excellent work being undertaken by statutory and voluntary bodies at national and local level in upholding the Convention, including ‘Parents Action for Safe Play Kirkshaws’, an example of good practice in the constituency of Coatbridge and Chryston; affirms its support for the convention, and commits itself to working to ensure that it is fully implemented in Scotland.


*S1M-279 Dr Elaine Murray: Crichton University—That the Parliament notes and welcomes the excellent initiatives taken by all partners in the development of the Crichton University campus in Dumfries, in particular the collaboration between educational institutions, and urges the Scottish Executive to investigate this site and model of delivery as a basis for the development of a University of the South of Scotland.


*S1M-278 Alasdair Morgan: Scottish Beef Export to France—That the Parliament notes the lack of success of Her Majesty's Government in returning UK beef to the French market; further notes the distinctiveness of Scotland’s high quality beef products and that Scotland’s BSE record is much lower than that of the UK as a whole, and, given that agriculture is a devolved matter, calls upon the Minister for Rural Affairs to take the case for Scotch Beef direct to the French Government to ensure that the ban on Scotch Beef is lifted as soon as possible as opposed to Scotland’s case being dragged down by the UK case as ineffectually put forward by Her Majesty's Government.

Supported by: Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Christine Grahame*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Mr John Swinney*, Richard Lochhead*


*S1M-277 Dennis Canavan: Chechnya—That the Parliament notes representations made by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to the Russian Foreign Minister about the situation in Chechnya; expresses deep concern over the Russian military offensive which continues to have devastating effects upon civilian life and property; salutes the work of agencies working in this area to promote respect for humanitarian principles, and calls upon the international community to take action to alleviate the plight of refugees and to ensure respect for democracy and human rights in Chechnya.


*S1M-276 Michael Russell: BBC Resources and BBC Worldwide—That the Parliament notes with concern the proposals contained in the Davies report regarding BBC Resources and BBC Worldwide, believing that any threat to BBC Resources in Scotland will have a detrimental effect on the BBC in Scotland and on the Scottish independent sector and will inevitably be detrimental to training provision for the production industries, lead to job losses and affect the ability to be a public service broadcaster capable of responding in a national emergency; further notes that the sale of BBC Resources and BBC Worldwide will also have little positive impact on the financing of the BBC and, in the case of BBC Worldwide, may actually reduce the income available to the BBC; supports the devolution of broadcasting powers, but in the meantime urges Her Majesty's Government to reject the Davies report and take no steps to sell off such important parts of the broadcasting infrastructure. R


*S1M-275# Nicola Sturgeon: Pollokshaws Sports Centre—That the Parliament recognises the importance of accessible sport and leisure facilities in communities around Scotland; notes with regret the decision of Glasgow City Council to close the well-used Pollokshaws Sports Centre and urges reversal of that decision, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to highlight the positive role that community sports facilities can play in combating social exclusion and improving the lives of people in our most deprived communities.

Supported by: Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Ms Sandra White*


*S1M-274 Richard Lochhead: Investigation Into Water Charges—That the Parliament, in the light of the proposed significant increases in water charges particularly in the North of Scotland Water Authority area, calls upon the Transport and Environment Committee to investigate urgently these increases, the Scottish Executive’s response and the implications of the new regulatory regime for customers.

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Irene McGugan*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Fiona McLeod*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*, Colin Campbell*, Ms Sandra White*, Mr John Swinney*, Christine Grahame*, Dr Winnie Ewing*


*S1M-273# Andrew Wilson: Cumbernauld School Closures—That the Parliament condemns the sham consultation process by North Lanarkshire council over the proposed closure of schools in Cumbernauld and calls upon Councillor Charles Gray, North Lanarkshire Education Convenor, to take full account of parents’ wishes and not dismiss them out of hand.

Supported by: Alex Neil*, Linda Fabiani*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Mr Gil Paterson*, Colin Campbell*


*S1M-272# Karen Whitefield: Credit Union—That the Parliament recognises the benefits brought to many communities such as Airdrie and Shotts by credit unions including access to low cost credit to families who would otherwise have to borrow from high interest loan sharks, encouraging a saving ethos and empowering communities to address their own problems, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to bring forward measures to establish and implement a credit union development strategy for Scotland that will ensure a consistent level of support throughout Scotland.


S1M-271# Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning Compensation for Scallop Industry (lodged on 10 November 1999) Mr Murray Tosh*, Phil Gallie*, Dr Winnie Ewing*


S1M-270# East Coast Electrification (lodged on 10 November 1999) Mr Mike Rumbles*, Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Alex Neil*


S1M-269# Scallop Fishing (lodged on 10 November 1999) Dr Winnie Ewing*


S1M-264# Police Resources and Special Events (lodged on 9 November 1999) Dr Winnie Ewing*, Michael Russell*


S1M-261# The Kintyre Economy (lodged on 9 November 1999) Dr Winnie Ewing*, Michael Russell*


S1M-260 Hamish Henderson (lodged on 8 November 1999) Dr Winnie Ewing*, Irene McGugan*, Mr Mike Rumbles*, Robin Harper*


S1M-259# Traditional Music in Scotland (lodged on 8 November 1999) Robin Harper*, Alex Fergusson*


S1M-256 International Investment Strategies (lodged on 5 November 1999) Irene McGugan*


S1M-253# Protection of Victims in Rape Cases (lodged on 4 November 1999) Robin Harper*


S1M-252# Solidarity with Cuba (lodged on 3 November 1999) Robin Harper*


S1M-250# Tobacco Sales to Under-Aged Children (lodged on 3 November 1999) Robin Harper*


S1M-246 Committees Meeting in North East Scotland (lodged on 2 November 1999) Nora Radcliffe*, Mr Mike Rumbles*


S1M-241# Scottish Film Industry (lodged on 2 November 1999) Irene McGugan*, Dr Winnie Ewing*, Mr Mike Rumbles*


S1M-224# French Ban on Scottish Beef (lodged on 26 October 1999) Nora Radcliffe*


S1M-210 RAF Buchan (lodged on 20 October 1999) Ben Wallace*R


S1M-209# South West Transport Links (lodged on 15 October 1999) Mr Murray Tosh*


S1M-206 Respect Campaign (lodged on 15 October 1999) Nora Radcliffe*


S1M-205# Helicopter Crash on Mull of Kintyre (lodged on 14 October 1999) Mr Murray Tosh*


S1M-204# Removal of Patients from GP Lists (lodged on 14 October 1999) Mr Murray Tosh*, Dr Richard Simpson*


S1M-199# Telecommunications Developments (lodged on 8 October 1999) Dr Richard Simpson*


S1M-198 Jubilee 2000 Campaign (lodged on 8 October 1999) Cathie Craigie*


S1M-193# Detoxification and Rehabilitation Services in North East Scotland (lodged on 6 October 1999) Nora Radcliffe*


S1M-188# Stracathro Hospital (lodged on 5 October 1999) Ben Wallace*


S1M-181 Major Planning Consents (lodged on 30 September 1999) Nora Radcliffe*


S1M-117 Act of Settlement (lodged on 1 September 1999) Janis Hughes*


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