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Thursday 21 October 1999

Section C – Agendas of Committee Meetings


Standards Committee

25 October 1999
8th Meeting

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 1.

  1. Inquiry into matters brought to the Committee’s attention by the Observer newspaper—

Consideration of report on documents received.

Consideration of next steps.


Rural Affairs Committee

25 October 1999

7th Meeting

The Committee will meet at 3.30 pm in Committee Room 4.


1. Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning—

The Committee will consider the draft Committee report "Impact of Amnesic Shellfish

Poisoning on the Fisheries Sector".



Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee

27 October 1999

6th Meeting

The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in Committee Room 2.

  1. Local Economic Development Inquiry:

  2. The Committee will hear evidence from –

    Business Enterprise Scotland;

    Scottish Council of National Training Organisations;

    Institution of Economic Development.

  3. Appointment of an adviser to assist Inquiry.

  4. Referrals from other Committees:

  5. The Committee will consider –

    Petition on Student Tuition Fees (PE12);

    Educational Development, Research and Services (Scotland) Grant

    Regulations (SI 1999/65);

    European Commission Green Paper on Liability for Defective


  6. Possible visit to the Alba Centre, Livingston.

  7. Possible future inquiry topics – Rating Revaluation and Petrol Pricing.

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