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Wednesday 20 October 1999

Section C – Agendas of Committee Meetings


Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee

27 October 1999

6th Meeting

The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in Committee Room 2.

  1. Local Economic Development Inquiry:

  2. The Committee will hear evidence from –

    Business Enterprise Scotland;

    Scottish Council of National Training Organisations;

    Institution of Economic Development.

  3. Appointment of an adviser to assist Inquiry.

  4. Referrals from other Committees:

  5. The Committee will consider –

    Petition on Student Tuition Fees (PE12);

    Educational Development, Research and Services (Scotland) Grant

    Regulations (SI 1999/65);

    European Commission Green Paper on Liability for Defective


  6. Possible visit to the Alba Centre, Livingston.

  7. Possible future inquiry topics – Rating Revaluation and Petrol Pricing.

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