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Thursday 14 October 1999

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items or names marked with an asterisk (*) are new. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

*S1M-203 Michael Matheson: Tobacco Advertising Ban—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to maintain its commitment to banning tobacco advertising in Scotland by the end of 1999; notes that Scotland has one of the highest incidences of lung cancer in western Europe, with smoking accounting for around 90% of all lung cancer and notes that any delay in banning tobacco advertising will seriously undermine the battle to reduce the misery of lung cancer in Scotland.

Supported by: Mr Adam Ingram*, Shona Robison*, Nicola Sturgeon*, Alex Neil*, Andrew Wilson*

*S1M-202 Tommy Sheridan: Rail Safety—That the Parliament notes with concern the railcrash at Paddington and expresses its sympathy with the families of the bereaved and the survivors, notes with concern that there are two signals in Scotland causing safety problems; believes that there is a conflict between private profit and safety, and asks the Scottish Executive to persuade Her Majesty’s Government to take the railways back into public ownership with compensation on the basis of need for the shareholders.

*S1M-201# Christine Grahame: Borders Rail Link—That the Parliament recognising the economic crisis in the Borders and appreciating the necessity for good transport lines as crucial to the social and economic advancement of the area, gives its support to the campaign for the restoration of a Borders rail link.

Supported by: Mr Murray Tosh*, Phil Gallie*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Ms Sandra White*, Michael Russell*, Robin Harper* R

*S1M-200# Mr Kenneth Gibson: Sleep and Road Accidents—That the Parliament recognises that a significant proportion of all road accidents resulting in death or serious injury are caused by sleepiness; notes the human misery caused by fatal road accidents, which cost 1 million each year; notes that at least 1% of Scotland’s adult population has a medical cause for sleepiness; acknowledges the Royal College of Physicians observation that untreated sleep apnoea sufferers may have driving impairments comparable with other drivers over the legal limit of alcohol consumption; acknowledges that sleep apnoea is readily treatable with a machine costing 300 that lasts 10 years; welcomes the launch of the British Sleep Foundation which aims, in conjunction with the Scottish Association for Sleep Apnoea, to increase the public and professional understanding of sleep related disorders, to reduce driving accidents and other health and safety problems related to insufficient sleep and untreated sleep disorders and to advocate public policy change which promotes education, research and the NHS treatment and calls upon the Parliament to fully support these aims.

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*

*S1M-199# Elaine Smith: Telecommunications Developments—That the Parliament notes the current debate surrounding proposals to increase the powers currently available to local authorities in the control of telecommunications developments; welcomes the Transport and Environment Committee’s review and inquiry into the planning and health related issues associated with telecommunications developments, and acknowledges "public perception" as an important factor in the planning process.

Supported by: Dr Sylvia Jackson*, Ms Sandra White*, Michael Russell*

*S1M-198 Cathy Jamieson: Jubilee 2000 Campaign—That the Parliament congratulates all organisations and individuals in Scotland who have declared their support for the objectives of the Jubilee 2000 Campaign, and resolves to support the case for the cancellation of debt repayments by developing countries.

S1M-197 Fergus Ewing: Police Funding over the Millennium Period—That the Parliament recognises that the Hogmanay holiday period of 1999-2000 will place on all of Scotland’s police forces demands upon their resources additional to those normally encountered during this time of year, both in ensuring public safety at the numerous Millennium festivities and in ensuring necessary contingency planning to safeguard health services, utilities and other vital services whose continuity may be in jeopardy through the Millennium bug; notes with concern that detailed requests for the required additional funding have been made on behalf of Scotland’s police forces early this year to the Scottish Office and thereafter to the Scottish Executive, but that the Executive have failed to respond to these requests; further notes that the Metropolitan police in London have received additional resources for Millennium policing, and calls upon the Executive to announce, without further delay, similar funding for Scotland’s police forces.

S1M-193# Brian Adam: Detoxification and Rehabilitation Services in North East Scotland—That the Parliament encourages the local government and health authorities in north east Scotland to provide detoxification and rehabilitation facilities within the area and further calls upon the Scottish Executive to make the resources available to allow early provision of such facilities.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead, Irene McGugan

S1M-189# Michael Matheson: Pollution of Bo'ness Domestic Water Supply—That the Parliament notes with concern the ongoing pollution of the domestic water supply in parts of Bo’ness with heavy metals; notes that East of Scotland Water has failed to publish scientific reports into the extent of the polution and has not operated in an open and accountable manner; notes the potential health risks to the local community and calls for an urgent review of East of Scotland Water’s handling of this matter and for related scientific reports to be placed in the public domain.

Supported by: Linda Fabiani, Roseanna Cunningham, Alex Neil, Mr Adam Ingram, Andrew Wilson

S1M-188# Mr John Swinney: Stracathro Hospital—That the Parliament recognises the invaluable services that Stracathro Hospital provides to the people of Angus and the Mearns; expresses its concern that significant changes to the delivery of services at the hospital are being undertaken by Tayside University Hospital NHS Trust during the Acute Services Review, and asks that the Scottish Executive give assurances that no changes to delivery of services will be undertaken until the Acute Services Review is completed and agreed.

Supported by: Mr Andrew Welsh, Irene McGugan, Mr Mike Rumbles, Brian Adam, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-187# Mr Nick Johnston: Telecommunications—That the Parliament notes the proliferation of telecommunication masts in mid Scotland and Fife and the recent report of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee into mobile phones and telecommunications.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford, Dr Richard Simpson*

S1M-184 Mr David Davidson: Food Standards Agency location in Aberdeen—That the Parliament congratulates Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire councils supported by the many organisations of the area on winning the bid to locate the Scottish arm of the Food Standards Agency in Aberdeen.

Supported by: Brian Adam

S1M-183 Brian Adam: Advisory Committees—That the Parliament calls on the Scottish Executive to review its advisory committee structure to ensure openness and accountability in particular by publishing details of membership of such bodies and of the advice given by them.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead, Irene McGugan, Tommy Sheridan, Fiona McLeod

S1M-182# Brian Adam: Aberdeen City Council Lobbyist—That the Parliament recognises that the City of Aberdeen has failed to secure vital funding from central government in recent years but urges Aberdeen City Council to avoid using public funds to hire the services of a private lobbying firm or public relations agency to promote the city’s case to the Scottish Executive for additional funding.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead, Irene McGugan, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Dennis Canavan, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-181 Mrs Margaret Smith: Major Planning Consents—That the Parliament notes the successful appeal by developers to build housing upon Corstorphine Hill; notes that the developers have the right to rely on a 23 year old planning consent, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to bring forward instructions to require that local authorities monitor major planning consents, and issue completion notices 10 years after the initial granting of planning permission if the development has not yet been completed.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie

S1M-180 Tommy Sheridan: BBC TV election coverage —That the Parliament notes with concern the poor and biased coverage of the Hamilton South by-election on 24 September on BBC TV, which failed to mention the Scottish Socialist Party and omitted the Scottish Socialist Party candidate when the result was presented on screen, despite the candidate’s third place, and believes that this bias is a good argument for an autonomous BBC Scotland.

S1M-174 Fergus Ewing: Sunday Post—That the Parliament congratulates the ‘Sunday Post’ on its campaign against the Fuel Duty Escalator policy and urges all Members of the Scottish Parliament to display on their car the Sunday Post sticker ‘Say No To Petrol Price Rises’.

Supported by: Mr Kenneth Gibson, Mr John Swinney, Mr Gil Paterson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Alasdair Morgan, Ms Sandra White, Andrew Wilson, Michael Russell, Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Duncan Hamilton, Fiona McLeod

S1M-173# Mr John McAllion: Right of access to Crown Office files and information—That the Parliament supports the rights of families of murder victims, including Mr and Mrs Crossan of Dundee, to access to all Crown Office files and information relating to the resulting murder trials.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan

S1M-166 Mr John Munro: Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS)—That the Parliament notes with concern the continuing inequalities and complexities inherent in the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS)and recognises that there is urgent need for an independent ombudsman to hear individual subsidy grievances.

Supported by: Mr Jamie Stone, George Lyon, Tavish Scott, Euan Robson, Fergus Ewing

S1M-161 Michael Russell: East Timor—That the Parliament expresses its appreciation of the work of the international observers during the East Timor referendum, expresses solidarity with the people of East Timor, and calls on the House of Representatives of Indonesia to convene immediately to endorse the result of the ballot in which the overwhelming majority of the East Timor electorate voted for independence.

Supported by: Dennis Canavan, Tricia Marwick, Kay Ullrich, Alasdair Morgan, Andrew Wilson, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Fiona McLeod

S1M-159 Fergus Ewing: Sean Connery—That the Parliament congratulates Sean Connery on the award that is about to be bestowed upon him in recognition of his contribution to the cinema by the John F Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts in Washington and which is to be presented to Mr Connery by the President of the United States of America at the White House.

Supported by: Alasdair Morgan, Andrew Wilson

S1M-149# Pauline McNeill: Children's Cardiac Services in Scotland—That the Parliament notes that Yorkhill children’s hospital in Glasgow is unique in Scotland, undertaking most of the children’s cardiac work; notes that Yorkhill has been recognised as a unique centre of excellence dedicated to a range of provision from pre-birth to paediatric care in the community, and recognises that any decision to merge the cardiac units must be based on what is best for children throughout Scotland, on a clear set of agreed clinical criteria, and must include measures to safeguard the interests of both children’s hospitals in Scotland.

Supported by: Ms Patricia Ferguson, Mike Watson, Robert Brown, Johann Lamont, Ms Margaret Curran, Tommy Sheridan, Paul Martin, Fiona McLeod

S1M-148# Bill Aitken: Repossession—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to review the current legislation relating to repossession of private dwelling houses to permit Sheriffs on cause shown and on consideration of the owner’s personal circumstances to allow reasonable time for the owner to overcome short term financial problems.

Supported by: David McLetchie, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Keith Harding, Mr Murray Tosh

S1M-146 Michael Russell: Support for Democracy in Myanmar—That the Parliament, while celebrating the start of a new democratic era in Scotland remembers those who still struggle for basic democratic rights in their own countries and in particular sends its greetings and encouragement to Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, the democratic opposition leader in Myanmar, who has been subject to harassment and house arrest because of her campaign to bring democracy to Myanmar.

Supported by: Roseanna Cunningham, Alasdair Morgan, Mr John Swinney, Allan Wilson, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Linda Fabiani, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Mr Duncan Hamilton, Fergus Ewing

S1M-145 Mr Brian Monteith: Scottish History—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to bring forward proposals for the introduction of a standard grade exam in Scottish history covering the period from ancient times through to the present day.

Supported by: Alex Fergusson, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Mrs Margaret Smith, Mary Scanlon, Linda Fabiani, Mr Keith Harding, Alasdair Morgan, Fergus Ewing, Mr David Davidson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Mr Murray Tosh

S1M-141 Irene McGugan: Skye Bridge—That the Parliament requires the Transport and Environment Committee to inquire into all aspects of the finance, construction and operation of the Skye Bridge, including the relevant toll order and assignation statement.

Supported by: Mr John Munro, Michael Russell, Dr Winnie Ewing, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Mr Jamie Stone, Brian Adam, Linda Fabiani, Fiona McLeod, Alasdair Morgan

S1M-138 Tavish Scott: Highlands and Islands Passenger Transport Authority—That the Parliament requires the Transport and Environment Committee to consider and make recommendations on the establishment of a Highlands and Islands Passenger Transport Authority, to oversee Caledonian MacBrayne, Northern Isles Shipping services, Highlands and Islands Rail, Bus and Air services and other Highlands and Islands transport needs, as a first step in delivering integrated rural transport policy. 

Supported by: Mr Jamie Stone, George Lyon, Mr John Munro

S1M-136# Mr Jamie Stone: Sheep Industry—That the Parliament acknowledges the current crisis in the sheep industry in Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross following this summer’s lamb sales in the constituency.

Supported by: Mr John Munro, George Lyon, Euan Robson, Nora Radcliffe, Robert Brown, Fergus Ewing

S1M-133# Dr Elaine Murray: Crisis in Scottish Agriculture—That the Parliament notes the severe problems of Scottish agriculture, in particular in the hill farming and pig sectors, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to give urgent consideration to measures to alleviate the immediate problems, while developing strategies to stabilise the industry in the longer term.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead, David Mundell, Alex FergussonR, Irene McGugan, Mr Murray Tosh

S1M-129# Michael Matheson: Services to Victims of Crime—That the Parliament recognises that support services to victims of crime within Central Scotland are extremely variable and calls upon the Minister for Justice to review present support and information services for victims of crime, and to introduce a victims’ charter at an early opportunity.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Richard Lochhead, Mr Adam Ingram, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper, Mr Duncan Hamilton, Tricia Marwick, Dr Winnie Ewing, Andrew Wilson, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Michael Russell, Alex Neil, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh, Linda Fabiani, Fiona McLeod, Alasdair Morgan, Mr Gil Paterson, Christine Grahame

S1M-128# Allan Wilson: Regional Selective Assistance—That the Parliament calls for the retention and development of the regional selective assistance priority scheme in areas of high and persistent unemployment.

Supported by: Rhoda Grant, Hugh Henry, George Lyon, Cathy Jamieson, Mike Watson, Richard Lochhead, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Paul Martin

S1M-125 Dennis Canavan: East Timor—That the Parliament expresses solidarity with the people of East Timor, the overwhelming majority of whom voted for independence in the recent referendum; condemns those who are attempting to use violence to deny the democratic rights of the people of East Timor, and calls on the international community, through the United Nations, to take all necessary action to ensure full respect for human rights and democracy in East Timor.

Supported by: Mr John McAllion, Ms Sandra White, Donald Gorrie, Alex Neil, Robin Harper, Tommy Sheridan, Dr Winnie Ewing, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Dr Elaine Murray, Nicola Sturgeon, Mrs Margaret Smith, Hugh Henry, Mr Michael McMahon, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Tricia Marwick, Michael Russell, Richard Lochhead, Ian Jenkins, Alex Fergusson, Fiona Hyslop, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Andrew Wilson, Mr Murray Tosh, Fergus Ewing, Fiona McLeod

S1M-123# Michael Russell: Lanarkshire Eviction Threat—That the Parliament condemns the actions of Mr Brian Hamilton, the so called ‘Raider of the Lost Titles’, whose present attempt to evict Mr and Mrs Baxter of Auchenheath, Lanarkshire on 23 September, because of a feudal title which was vulnerable to challenge, typifies the suffering caused by leasehold casualties and other anomalies of the feudal system and calls upon the Scottish Ministers to take early action to prevent yet more misery for ordinary people who are blameless but often defenceless in the face of such opportunistic use of the archaic land laws.

Supported by: Tricia Marwick, Alasdair Morgan, Mr Adam Ingram, Robin Harper, Irene McGugan, Richard Lochhead, Alex Neil, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Andrew Wilson, Ms Sandra White, Linda Fabiani, Fergus Ewing

S1M-119 Mr Alex Salmond: East Timor—That the Parliament expresses its appreciation of the work of the international observers during the East Timor referendum, including that of Linda Fabiani MSP who was sponsored by War on Want to join the United Nations team, and calls on the United Nations to take whatever steps are necessary to provide a peace-keeping force in order that the result of the referendum can be honoured, the people of East Timor freed of persecution and the violent actions of an anti-democratic minority stamped out. 

Supported by: Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr Duncan Hamilton, Michael Matheson, Michael Russell, Bruce Crawford, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Tricia Marwick, Fiona Hyslop, Dennis Canavan, Alex Neil, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper, Dr Winnie Ewing, Christine Grahame, Nicola Sturgeon, Irene McGugan, Richard Lochhead, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Mr John Swinney, Andrew Wilson, Fiona McLeod

S1M-117 Michael Russell: Act of Settlement—That the Parliament believes that the discrimination contained in the Act of Settlement has no place in our modern society, expresses its wish that those discriminatory aspects of the Act be repealed, and affirms its view that Scottish society must not disbar participation in any aspect of our national life on the grounds of religion.

Supported by: Dennis Canavan, Donald Gorrie, Robin Harper, Pauline McNeill, Ben Wallace, Brian Adam, Michael Matheson, Kay Ullrich, Mr Duncan Hamilton, Mr David Davidson, Tricia Marwick, Richard Lochhead, Dr Winnie Ewing, Mrs Margaret Smith, Andrew Wilson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Linda Fabiani, Tommy Sheridan, Nora Radcliffe, Mr Murray Tosh, Christine Grahame*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Irene McGugan*

S1M-114 Robin Harper: Genetically Modified Crops—That the Parliament recognises the widespread opposition to growing genetically modified crops and calls upon the Scottish Executive to introduce urgently a moratorium on the planting of genetically modified crops in Scotland.

Supported by: Brian Adam, Ms Margo MacDonald, Alasdair Morgan, Irene McGugan, Michael Russell, Mr Duncan Hamilton, Dennis Canavan, Dr Winnie Ewing, Andrew Wilson, Tommy Sheridan, Linda Fabiani, Fergus Ewing

S1M-97 Ms Margo MacDonald: Cannabis and the Scottish Criminal Justice System—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive, in consultation with the Parliament, to establish a Commission of experts and lay persons to examine and report on social and medical factors which might require changes to be made to Scots Law and the working of the Scottish criminal justice system in relation to the use of cannabis in Scotland.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Dennis Canavan, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Tommy Sheridan, Robin Harper, Christine Grahame, Irene McGugan, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr John Munro, Mr Jamie Stone, Donald Gorrie, Robert Brown, Linda Fabiani, Mr Keith Raffan, Andrew Wilson


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