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Friday 1 October 1999

Section C - Agendas of Committee Meetings


The following Committee will meet on Tuesday 5 October 1999

Rural Affairs Committee
6th  Meeting

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 1 
1. Prohibitions on sale of beef on the bone
The Committee will hear evidence from-
  Professor Sir David Carter, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland
2. Changing Employment Patterns in Rural Communities-The Committee will consider the aims, objectives and process of the proposed  inquiry
3. The Scottish Zone of British Fishery Limits-The Committee will consider the response from the Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department
4. Forestry-Briefing papers by SPICe and the Forestry Commission
5. Wildlife management video submitted for consideration by members
Convener's statement.

The following Committees will meet on Wednesday 6 October 1999

Education Culture and Sport Committee
5th Meeting

The Committee will meet at 9.30 am in Committee Room 1
1. Evidence from SJNC Management side, Teachers' side and the Scottish Executive on Negotiations on Teachers' Pay and Conditions and Future of Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee for Teaching Staff in School Education.

Transport and Environment Committee
4th  Meeting

The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in Committee Room 2
1. Briefing on Concessionary Travel Schemes. Briefing from CoSLA, Strathclyde Passenger Transport, the Confederation of Passenger Transport and FirstGroup
2. Consideration of-
The Smoke Control Areas (Exempted Fireplaces) (Scotland) Order 1999 (SSI 1999/58)  
The Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (City of Glasgow) Designation Order 1999 (SSI 1999/59)  
The Road Traffic (Parking Adjudicators) (City of Glasgow) Regulations 1999 (SSI 1999/60)  
The Road Traffic Act 1991 (Amendment of Schedule 3) (Scotland) Order 1999 (SSI 1999/61)  
The Parking Attendants (Wearing of Uniforms) (City of Glasgow Parking Area)Regulations 1999 (SSI 1999/62)  
3. Invitations Received by the Committee

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