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Section G – Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 1 May 2009

Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3

Section 1

Elaine Murray

19 In substitution for amendment 1

In section 1, page 1, line 26, leave out <co-operate> and insert <adopt an integrated approach by co-operating>

Section 49

John Scott

20 In section 49, page 32, line 13, after <person> insert—


John Scott

21 In section 49, page 32, line 15, at end insert <or,

(ii) relating to the management by that person of land in a way which can assist in the retention of flood water or slowing the flow of such water,>

John Scott

22 In section 49, page 32, line 18, after <Part,> insert—

<( ) make payments to any other person in compensation for income lost as a result of entering into agreements or arrangements of the type mentioned in paragraph (d)(ii),>

Members’ Bills Proposals

A Member who has lodged a proposal has the right to introduce a Member’s Bill to give effect to that proposal under Rule 9.14.12 of the Standing Orders provided:

  • the proposal has attracted 18 supporters which include members of at least half of the political parties or groups represented on the Parliamentary Bureau; and
  • the Scottish Executive has not given an indication under Rule 9.14.13 that it or Her Majesty’s Government will initiate legislation to give effect to the proposal.

A proposal (whether draft or final) may be withdrawn at any time by the member who lodged it under Rule 9.14.16 of the Standing Orders.

The Bills page of the parliamentary website shows the current status in this regard.

Names marked with an (*) are new names of support.

Final Proposal for Members’ Bills

Christine Grahame MSP: Proposed Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill - Proposal for a Bill to modernise the law on out of control dogs including dangerous dogs. (lodged 24 April 2009)

A copy of a statement of reasons lodged on 13 March 2009 is available in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).

The Local Government and Communities Committee indicated on 1 April that they were satisfied with those reasons.

Supported by: Elaine Murray, Maureen Watt, Tricia Marwick, Jackie Baillie, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Patricia Ferguson, Hugh Henry, Bill Wilson, Gil Paterson, Bob Doris, Kenneth Gibson, Alasdair Allan, Angela Constance, Christopher Harvie, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Cathy Jamieson, Joe FitzPatrick, Jamie Hepburn, Michael Matheson, Margo MacDonald, Malcolm Chisholm, Charlie Gordon, Marlyn Glen, Elaine Smith, Cathy Peattie, Jim Tolson, Dave Thompson, Patrick Harvie*, Bill Butler*, Alasdair Allan*

Margo MacDonald: End of Life Choices (Scotland) Bill - Proposal for a Bill to permit physician assistance to persons who wish to end their own lives (lodged 23 April 2009)

A summary of the responses to the consultation on the draft proposal together with copies of each response, are available in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).

Supported by: Robin Harper, Elaine Murray, Bill Wilson, Jackson Carlaw, Jim Hume, Sandra White, Christine Grahame, Christopher Harvie, Patrick Harvie, Jeremy Purvis, George Foulkes, Ian McKee, Angela Constance, Jamie Hepburn, Joe FitzPatrick, John Park, Bill Kidd, Charlie Gordon, Liam McArthur, Aileen Campbell

James Kelly’s name was erroneously included in the list of supporters published in the Business Bulletin on 24 and 27 April 2009. This was the result of an administrative error.

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