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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-2690 Bob Doris: Welcome for Progress in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections—That the Parliament welcomes the progress being made in reducing healthcare associated infections (HAI); notes the latest figures published by Health Protection Scotland for April to June 2008, which show Clostridium difficile cases falling by 7% and MRSA cases by 6%; recognises this as part of a trend of reduced infection rates over the last year; believes that it will build much needed confidence and trust among patients and their families; further welcomes the 22% increase in hand washing compliance to 90% in hospitals; believes that the record £54 million to tackle HAI, including a national MRSA screening programme and new robust bi-monthly progress reports from Health Protection Scotland from early 2009, will further improve the situation, and further believes that the new Glasgow Southern General Hospital, where all patients will have individual rooms, will lead to a further step-change in how Scotland’s NHS tackles HAI and ensure that tragic cases of deaths from HAI become a thing of the past.

*S3M-2689 Nanette Milne: Gordon Rural Action’s 30th Anniversary—That the Parliament congratulates Gordon Rural Action (GRA) on its 30th anniversary; notes that GRA began its life as the Huntly Area People’s Information Centre with the first advice centre opening in Huntly on 16 October 1978, that by 1983 the name Gordon Rural Action and Information Network (GRAIN) had been adopted as the organisation’s services extended to cover the whole of the Gordon district, that a second advice centre was opened in Inverurie in 1984 and a third in Ellon in 1989; further notes that over the years GRAIN has been involved in setting up a job club, training groups, after school clubs and play schemes and launching a mobile advice centre, Huntly Mental Health and a number of local groups; also notes that the Carers Support Service was set up in 1992 to identify unpaid carers throughout the community and that by 1997 the support worker was noticing the number of young carers potentially needing support and help, this leading to a Young Carers Support service being set up; notes too that in 1999 the organisation changed its name from GRAIN to GRA; recognises that today GRA provides services to people in central Aberdeenshire such as advice on benefits, housing and employment law and a wide range of issues, plus a money advice service, carers and young carers support and a skillsharers befriending project, all of these delivered via advice centres in Huntly, Inverurie and Ellon; notes also that Gordon Rural Action relies on grants, donations and fundraising activities to exist; acknowledges the success of the thrift shop in Huntly in raising money to support its work, and congratulates all who have been involved over the past 30 years in responding to the needs of the community and wishes all involved well for the next 30.

Supported by: Ted Brocklebank*, John Lamont*, Mike Rumbles*, Elizabeth Smith*, Bill Aitken*, Alex Johnstone*, Jamie McGrigor*, Mary Scanlon*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Nigel Don*, John Wilson*, Robin Harper*, Jackson Carlaw*

*S3M-2688 Marlyn Glen: Homage to Caledonia and the International Brigade Memorial Trust—That the Parliament welcomes the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) to Scotland on the occasion of its annual general meeting (AGM), which will be held in Dundee from 10 to 12 October 2008; notes that during the course of the AGM there will be a wide range of events, exhibitions and screenings across the city including the rededication of the International Brigade Memorial; encourages people to visit the Dundee and the Spanish Civil War exhibition being held during October at the Wellgate Library; notes that 17 out of the 70 Dundonians who defended democratic freedom in the Spanish Civil War died in the war; recognises Allan Craig as the 17th Dundonian name to be added to the supplementary plaque; commends the IBMT on its work in preserving the memory and values of the brigade; salutes the courage and heroic contribution of the hundreds of Scots who fought valiantly on the side of the democratically-elected government of Spain against fascism during the course of the war, and wishes the IBMT continued success in the years to come.

Supported by: Bill Butler*, Cathy Peattie*, Cathy Jamieson*, Elaine Smith*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Rob Gibson*, Andy Kerr*, Sandra White*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Mike Pringle*, Robin Harper*, Bill Kidd*, Elaine Murray*, Roseanna Cunningham*, John Wilson*, Jamie Hepburn*, Trish Godman*

*S3M-2687♦ Elaine Murray: Save Scottish Sharks—That the Parliament notes that 11 to 19 October 2008 is European Shark Week; is concerned at the dramatic decline in European shark numbers; is further concerned that most Scottish shark species are classed as critically endangered but that none is currently afforded any protection; regrets the Scottish Government’s refusal to offer the tope the same protection as it has in England, resulting in the landing of tope being legal on the Scottish side of the Solway but not on the English side; looks forward to the publication of the Scottish Government Marine Directorate’s policy on sharks, and considers that action to protect these endangered species is urgently required.

*S3M-2686 Margaret Smith: Neighbourhood Action Units in Edinburgh—That the Parliament congratulates the neighbourhood action units across Edinburgh, whose hard work and commitment have led to a 21% drop in calls to the police regarding antisocial behaviour in the last year as well as a 19.3% drop in cases of group 1-5 crimes, including rape and burglary; commends the City of Edinburgh Council for donating £2.7 million per year towards the scheme; further commends the additional 20 police officers who are based in the city centre, and wishes the programme every success in the future in continuing to lower crime rates in Edinburgh.

Supported by: Hugh O’Donnell*, Mike Pringle*, Bill Kidd*, Jim Hume*, Ian McKee*

*S3M-2685 Liam McArthur: A Taste of Orkney—That the Parliament notes that leading food producers from Orkney, working with the Orkney Marketing initiative, have combined with Country Channel TV to make A Taste of Orkney, a film available worldwide on internet TV; considers that the film promotes Orkney and its high quality produce in a new and exciting way, highlighting Orkney’s food heritage, its pristine environment, its superb raw materials harvested from the sea and land, and the commitment of its food producers to quality; believes that anyone who is attracted by the film to try Orkney produce will not be disappointed, and congratulates all those involved in this innovative marketing project.

S3M-2684*#* Dave Thompson: Welcoming the Launch of Community Energy Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of Community Energy Scotland, the new Highland-based Scottish charity that has taken over the work of the Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company to support communities throughout Scotland to develop sustainable energy projects; commends the organisation’s aim to build confidence, resilience and wealth at community level in Scotland through sustainable energy development, and further commends its leadership role in the growing grass-roots movement dedicated to reinforcing local control and decision-making within the community sector through sustainable energy development and the contribution that this will make to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

Supported by: Alex Neil*, Roseanna Cunningham*, John Wilson*, Alasdair Allan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Brian Adam*, Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Robin Harper*, Rob Gibson*, Patrick Harvie*, Jim Tolson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Angela Constance*, Keith Brown*, Liam McArthur*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-2676 Alcohol Awareness Week (lodged on 7 October 2008) Karen Whitefield*, Elaine Murray*, Ian McKee*, James Kelly*, Marlyn Glen*, John Park*, Andy Kerr*, Mary Mulligan*, Margaret Curran*, Cathy Peattie*, Hugh Henry*, Sarah Boyack*, Robin Harper*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-2675 West Harris Estates Buyout (lodged on 7 October 2008) Jamie Hepburn*, Robin Harper*, Jack McConnell*, Roseanna Cunningham*

S3M-2674 Congratulations to Canongate Primary School, Scotland’s 700th Eco-School (lodged on 7 October 2008) Jamie Hepburn*, Robin Harper*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-2673♦ Scottish Asian Action Committee’s 25th Anniversary (lodged on 7 October 2008) Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-2670 Glasgow Leading on Nurseries and Childcare (lodged on 6 October 2008) Cathy Jamieson*, Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-2669 Captain’s Galley Lands Another Success (lodged on 6 October 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Robin Harper*

S3M-2668.1 School Meals (lodged on 7 October 2008) Brian Adam*, Alasdair Allan*, Rob Gibson*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Keith Brown*, Angela Constance*, Alex Neil*

S3M-2664 A Fare Deal (lodged on 3 October 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-2663 Red Cross Civilians and Conflict Month (lodged on 3 October 2008) Christine Grahame*, Stuart McMillan*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-2662 Big Man - A Celebration of Maryhill, its Canal and its People (lodged on 3 October 2008) Stuart McMillan*

S3M-2661 Congratulations to The Herald (lodged on 3 October 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Stuart McMillan*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-2660# Growing Old Together - Older People and Debt (lodged on 3 October 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Nigel Don*, Karen Whitefield*, Liam McArthur*, John Lamont*

S3M-2659 Working Together on Child Poverty and the Minimum Wage (lodged on 3 October 2008) Stuart McMillan*

S3M-2658 Boys’ Brigade 125th Anniversary (lodged on 2 October 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-2657 Paisley Festival Company/Voices in Paisley 2008 (lodged on 2 October 2008) Helen Eadie*, Jackson Carlaw*, Jackie Baillie*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Robin Harper*

S3M-2655# Become Lupus Aware (lodged on 2 October 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Trish Godman*, Nanette Milne*, Elizabeth Smith*

S3M-2653# Fare Deal (lodged on 2 October 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Cathy Jamieson*, Helen Eadie*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-2650# Safe Drivers are Made, Not Born (lodged on 2 October 2008) Stuart McMillan*

S3M-2630# 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (lodged on 30 September 2008) Alison McInnes*

S3M-2620 Aleke Banda (lodged on 30 September 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2619 Congratulations to the Scottish Women’s Football Team (lodged on 29 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2605 Pay Matters - Support Local Government Workers (lodged on 25 September 2008) Karen Whitefield*, Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-2596 Treating Patients who have ME (lodged on 24 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2570 Gourock Celebrates 150th Anniversary as a Burgh (lodged on 18 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2566 Congratulations Glenrothes (lodged on 18 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2533 Opportunity Walks (lodged on 11 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2504 The Fire and Rescue Service (lodged on 8 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2501 Tragedy, Loss, Hope, Help, Rescue and Survival (lodged on 5 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2485.1 World Alzheimer’s Day 2008 (lodged on 9 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2460 Scottish Schools World Debating Team (lodged on 1 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2459 Douglas Parish Chimes Again (lodged on 1 September 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2435 Inverclyde FM (lodged on 26 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2432 Reduce VAT on Building Repairs (lodged on 25 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2429 GB’s Own Goal (lodged on 25 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2421 Pay Up for PCS Members (lodged on 21 August 2008) Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-2416 Poetry in a Motion (lodged on 21 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2403 Aberdeen City Business Improvement District (lodged on 18 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2393 Congratulating Pakistan and India on 61 Years of Independence (lodged on 14 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2383 Aberdeen Post Offices (lodged on 11 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2377 RNIB Tackling Ethnic Minority Sight Loss (lodged on 7 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2376 Additional Investment in Scotland’s Dental Services (lodged on 6 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2375 Free Tibet (lodged on 6 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2369 Multiple Sclerosis: Scotland’s Hidden Epidemic (lodged on 5 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2366 East Africa Food Crisis Appeal (lodged on 4 August 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2357 Climate Change Legislation and the Big Ask Scotland Campaign (lodged on 31 July 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2354 Lost Without Words Campaign (lodged on 30 July 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2327 Selling Tobacco Products to Developing Countries (lodged on 14 July 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2308 Glasgow Women’s Library (lodged on 7 July 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2294 Social Energy Tariffs (lodged on 30 June 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2290 Back on the Buses (lodged on 27 June 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2283 Happy 60th Birthday Glenrothes (lodged on 27 June 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2282 Congratulations to Heather Gibson (lodged on 27 June 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2277 80th Anniversary of Universal Suffrage and Votes at 16 (lodged on 26 June 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-2270 Air Weapon Ban (lodged on 25 June 2008) Angela Constance*

S3M-1926# Success of First Year of Co-Operative Development Scotland (lodged on 15 May 2008) Hugh Henry*, Michael McMahon*, Sarah Boyack*

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