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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-2364 Bob Doris: On the Right Track with the Scottish Saltire—That the Parliament welcomes the decision of Transport Scotland to rebrand all trains in Scotland with the Scottish saltire; believes that Scotland as a brand is an essential part of our economy and, in particular, our vital tourist industry and that such a move will help promote this brand thus both promoting national self-confidence and also potentially enhancing economic growth; notes that this will help make Scots aware that their rail services are primarily paid for by the taxpayers of Scotland; further notes that the costs will be kept to a minimum as repainting will happen as already scheduled; welcomes the broad acceptance of the Scottish saltire as a symbol of the nation of Scotland and not a political symbol and therefore condemns the talking down of the Scottish saltire, in particular the comments of George Foulkes MSP who described its use as a "brainwashing tactic", and attempts to make political capital out of our nation’s flag; believes that no person or party should fear the positive and inclusive expressions of Scottishness that Scotland’s saltire represents and that Lord Foulkes and others should spend their time promoting Scottishness as opposed to undermining it; further notes that countries across the world proudly display their national flags without opposition from their fellow countrymen and women, and looks forward to the day when an independent Scotland can do the same.

*S3M-2363 Robin Harper: CHILDREN 1st and Health Visitor Provision—That the Parliament congratulates CHILDREN 1st on its latest briefing document, Policy priorities for improving the wellbeing of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and their families; draws the attention of the Scottish Government to the issues raised, and, in particular, urges the Minister for Children and Early Years and the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing to work together to strengthen and expand universal health visitor provision for all families in Scotland.

*S3M-2362 Robin Harper: Counting Scotland’s Carbon—That the Parliament notes the vital importance of accurate and comprehensive information on greenhouse gas emissions; believes that we will never know how successful our efforts to tackle climate change are without such data, and urges the Scottish Government to account for the carbon impact of imports into Scotland and of Scotland’s shipping and flights when publishing information about emissions.

*S3M-2361 Mike Pringle: New Homes for Edinburgh—That the Parliament congratulates the City of Edinburgh Council for its proposals currently under development to build around 1,100 new homes, the first council homes to be built in Edinburgh in nearly 20 years, marking a major change in the city’s housing strategy for tackling the shortage of affordable housing and providing Edinburgh with homes that are badly needed.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Elaine Smith*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Ross Finnie*, Jim Tolson*, Kenneth Gibson*

*S3M-2360 Bill Kidd: No to Privatisation of Nuclear Weapons in Scotland—That the Parliament expresses concern over the possible privatisation of the Royal Navy Armament Depot in Coulport, where Trident warheads are stored and loaded on to nuclear submarines; further notes that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) fears that in the future it may not have the personnel capable of servicing Trident and ensuring its own safe and secure practice, and believes that, given the Scottish Parliament’s opposition to nuclear weapons and the possibility that in the future the MoD will not have the skills necessary to be able to guarantee the safety of its nuclear operations, planning for the removal of Trident from Scotland should begin in earnest.

Supported by: Gil Paterson*, Bashir Ahmad*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Jamie Hepburn*

*S3M-2359 Bill Kidd: BBC Licence Fee Payers Unfairly Punished—That the Parliament regrets the perverse nature of the fine imposed on the BBC by Ofcom for deceiving its audience by faking winners of competitions and deliberately conducting competitions unfairly, which sees £400,000 of licence fee money paid to the UK Government; believes that such action is unjustifiable as licence fee payers, the very people who were deceived, are in effect being punished for the failings of BBC management and producers, especially given that the investigations found that in some cases the production team had taken premeditated decisions to broadcast competitions and encourage listeners to enter in the full knowledge that the audience stood no chance of winning and that, overall, Ofcom found that the BBC failed to have adequate management oversight of its compliance and training procedures to ensure that the audience was not misled, and calls on Ofcom to review this decision with a view to disciplining the management and production teams responsible.

Supported by: Brian Adam*, Rob Gibson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Robin Harper*, Christine Grahame*, Bashir Ahmad*

*S3M-2358 Christine Grahame: Public Ownership not Private Profiteering—That the Parliament notes with deep alarm the decision by Centrica/British Gas to increase gas prices by a further 35% and electricity prices by a further 9%; notes that Centrica has just recorded half-yearly profits of just under £1 billion; considers that, in an energy-rich nation like Scotland, it is a disgrace that our already fuel-poor communities have among the highest energy bills in Europe; considers further that the regulatory system for energy producers is failing, as is the concept of a competitive energy market; also considers that while all households will be affected the increases will, in particular, leave many of the most vulnerable at risk of suffering and even death, and, given the clear national interest and obligation to protect vulnerable people in our society, urges the Scottish Government to press HM Government to bring into public ownership the entire UK energy-providing sector and make the strongest possible representations to European partners to do likewise and decouple gas prices from the spiralling oil price.

*S3M-2357 Shirley-Anne Somerville: Climate Change Legislation and the Big Ask Scotland Campaign—That the Parliament welcomes the involvement of organisations such as Friends of the Earth, through its Big Ask Scotland campaign with Radiohead, in engaging the public with the issues surrounding climate change; welcomes the commitment of the Scottish Government to reducing Scotland’s impact on global climate change by setting a statutory target to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050; recognises the need to work together with our partner governments in the United Kingdom and the European Union to reduce emissions from all greenhouse gases, including those from international aviation and shipping; supports the Scottish Government’s ambition to progress continuously towards the 80% reduction target by achieving average annual emission reductions of at least 3%, which will be rigorously and regularly scrutinised, and is confident that the Scottish Climate Change Bill will adopt the most credible and effective mechanisms to ensure it provides the necessary framework to drive Scotland forwards towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Mike Pringle*, Kenneth Gibson*

*S3M-2356 Bill Wilson: Banks and the US Blockade of Cuba—That the Parliament notes with concern reports that UK-based banks, including Lloyds TSB, Barclays Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC, are complying with the US blockade of Cuba, which was condemned by the United Nations in 2007 by a vote of 184 to four and calls on all banks to respect the institution of the United Nations and immediately disassociate themselves from the US blockade.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Elaine Smith*, Joe FitzPatrick*

*S3M-2355 Stuart McMillan: Woodhill Primary School, Bishopbriggs, Wins European Award for Languages—That the Parliament congratulates Woodhill Primary School in Bishopbriggs on receiving a European award for languages at a prize-giving ceremony hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald in London; acknowledges that Woodhill Primary School was the only Scottish school to receive such a prestigious award; notes that 12 awards were presented to schools with outstanding language initiatives to recognise creative ways to improve the quality of language teaching, motivate students and make the best of available resources, and further notes that the Woodhill Primary School project was called "Passeport santé et citoyenneté" or "Passport to citizenship and health" and involved pupils learning French through blogs and podcasts centred around the themes of good health and citizenship as part of an Anglo-Franco-Scottish project.

Supported by: Gil Paterson*, Bill Kidd*, Jamie McGrigor*, Aileen Campbell*, Bob Doris*, Robin Harper*, Bashir Ahmad*, Kenneth Gibson*, Elizabeth Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Christine Grahame*

*S3M-2354 Dr Richard Simpson: Lost Without Words Campaign—That the Parliament welcomes the Stroke Association’s Lost Without Words campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the impact of stroke-related communication disability; notes that thousands of people in Scotland are currently living with this problem; recognises the real and lasting benefits of communications support in improving communication skills, restoring self confidence and helping reintegration into families and the wider community, and encourages NHS boards to seek more information about this disability by routinely collecting data on the incidence of stroke-related communication disabilities and plan services accordingly, which recognise ongoing communications support as a vital component that must be fully integrated into the stroke care pathway.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mary Scanlon*, Marlyn Glen*, Des McNulty*, Kenneth Gibson*, Robin Harper*, Alison McInnes*, Ken Macintosh*, George Foulkes*, Sarah Boyack*, Ms Wendy Alexander*, Iain Gray*, Elaine Smith*, John Park*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S3M-2353 Dr Richard Simpson: Clostridium Difficile—That the Parliament calls on the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing to apologise to the families that have suffered loss in the Clostridium difficile outbreak at the Vale of Leven Hospital and supports their call for a public inquiry; regrets that the Cabinet Secretary has not met the families nor provided them with a preview of the Cairns Smith report prior to full publication; notes with concern the increasing level of Clostridium difficile cases reported in the last two quarters in Scotland, compared to the significant drop in cases in England (32% in the last quarter); regrets that, despite the warnings given by opposition members in the health care associated infection debate on 26 March 2008, it apparently took notification from the Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter prior to its reporting the tragedy of the deaths at Vale of Leven to spur the Cabinet Secretary into action; also calls for upgrading of the mandatory surveillance system to web-based reporting of cases by individual hospital, replacing the current pan-NHS board reporting system whereby the best hospitals can mask the worst, to be introduced as soon as possible on the lines of the English NHS reporting system, which was updated in January 2008; further calls for reporting to be extended to all cases in those over the age of two instead of only over 65, along the lines announced for England; calls for a clear linkage between hospital-acquired cases reported and outcomes to be the subject of mandatory reporting and for this linkage to be published on a monthly basis on the web, and finally calls for all hospitals to have in place clear antibiotic policies supported by pharmacists on the wards.

Supported by: Des McNulty*, Marlyn Glen*, Patricia Ferguson*, Ken Macintosh*, George Foulkes*, John Park*, Iain Gray*

*S3M-2352 Richard Baker: In Memory of Graham Tran—That the Parliament mourns the passing of trade union official, Graham Tran, at the age of 47; celebrates his determined approach to representing trade union members, initially as a lay union official in the Ministry of Defence and latterly as a full-time official of Unite the Union; recognises the significant progress that he made on health and safety issues on behalf of offshore workers and in particular his efforts to secure paid holidays in the oil and gas sector; acknowledges the hard work, dedication and energy he applied when representing workers, and hopes that a fitting tribute can be established in memory of Graham in the near future.

Supported by: John Park*

*S3M-2351 Liam McArthur: Threat to Scotland’s Farmers from Changes to Livestock Transport Regulations—That the Parliament notes that the European Commission is consulting on further changes to the regulations governing livestock transport; further notes the concerns expressed by the NFU Scotland that, if the regulations are changed so that journey times and livestock densities are cut, many journeys within the United Kingdom would be impossible, in particular, the movement of cattle and sheep from the Scottish highlands and islands and the transportation of pigs to England; shares these concerns believing that such changes would threaten the viability of livestock farming in Scotland where farmers are already struggling with increased fuel and other costs; believes that no good animal welfare reasons have been provided that would justify amendments to the regulations less than two years since they were last revised, and calls on the Scottish Government to make the strongest possible representations to the European Commission arguing that the livestock transport regulations should not once again be altered and making the commission fully aware of the dangerous implications for Scottish livestock farming if farmers are burdened with still more increased costs.

Supported by: Tavish Scott*, Jamie McGrigor*, Ross Finnie*, Jamie Stone*, Mike Pringle*, Brian Adam*

*S3M-2350 Sandra White: Medical Aid to Palestine—That the Parliament commends and supports the efforts of Linda Willis and Khalil Al Niss to deliver personally much needed medical supplies and equipment into the Gaza Strip on behalf of the people of Scotland by driving from Edinburgh to Palestine; notes that since arriving in Egypt, the Egyptian authorities have demanded a letter from the Scottish Parliament to prove that the medicines have been donated by the Scottish people, and hopes that the authorities will allow Linda and Khalil safe passage without further delay.

Supported by: Dr Richard Simpson*, Rob Gibson*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bashir Ahmad*, Brian Adam*, Bill Wilson*, Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*, Robin Harper*, Margaret Smith*, Mike Pringle*, Elaine Smith*

*S3M-2349 Bill Kidd: UK Government in Breach of Non-Proliferation Agreements—That the Parliament condemns the apparent duplicity of the UK Government over its reported decision to have secretly agreed to approve a new generation of nuclear missiles despite assurances that any such decision would not be taken until after 2010; further condemns attempts by the Ministry of Defence to block the release of the speaking notes of David Gould, then chief operating officer at the Defence Equipment and Support Organisation, in which he stated to a private gathering of arms manufacturers in June 2007 that "The (UK Government’s) intention is to replace the entire Vanguard class submarine system. Including the warhead and missile", and believes that by giving the go ahead for a new generation of warheads the UK Government could be in breach of international agreements on non-proliferation and that appropriate representations should be made to the United Nations over these serious allegations.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Alasdair Allan*, Bill Wilson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Sandra White*, Stuart McMillan*, Robin Harper*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*

*S3M-2348 Joe FitzPatrick: Unjust Youth Football Team Demotions—That the Parliament expresses concern over the unjust decision by the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to demote the Dundee youth team, along with Dunfermline Athletic and Ross County, from the elite performance level of its Youth Football initiative; notes that the decision to demote Dundee was made on a technicality as a second youth licence holder was not employed at the club for a few weeks due to an employee moving on and a new licence holder taking time to recruit; understands that the decisions made against Dunfermline and Ross County were due to a technicality in disclosure of which they were not informed until an audit but have now rectified; notes with concern reports that the SFA have allowed Scottish Premier League (SPL) clubs to remain at performance level even though these clubs do not meet the criteria; regrets the impact that this decision will have, leading to reduced playing opportunities for budding young local footballers in Dundee, a reduction in youth development creating a gap between clubs outwith the SPL and the possible demise of youth development at Dundee FC; calls on the SFA to revisit its decision on the demotion of these three teams, and urges the Scottish Government, which provides the funding for the elite performance level Youth Football initiative, to investigate this matter.

Supported by: Sandra White*, Bashir Ahmad*, Kenneth Gibson*, Dave Thompson*, Rob Gibson*, Alex Neil*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Bill Kidd*, John Park*, Brian Adam*

*S3M-2347 Kenneth Gibson: Ayrwaves International Camp 2008—That the Parliament congratulates Girlguiding Ayrshire North on the successful opening of its week-long international camp on 27 July, in radiant sunshine, held at the beautiful setting of Eglinton Country Park; notes that 695 guides and girl scouts from Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, the United States of America and Wales are taking part in this year’s event, benefiting from the "camperaderie" and making new friends from different cultures; recognises that participants will have the opportunity to participate in many activities, learn new skills and have lots of fun; believes that participating in the girlguiding movement, from Rainbows to Seniors, helps build confidence and leadership skills and encourages girls to take on new challenges; recognises that former members of Girlguiding Ayrshire North include actress, Daniela Nardini, Olympic curling gold medal winner, Rhona Martin CBE, and former Brownie, Nicola Sturgeon MSP; is aware that, with 2,700 active participants, Girlguiding Ayrshire North is one of the biggest and best in Scotland, in a movement that is the largest movement for girls on Earth, with millions of members in 48 countries, and looks forward to the building and opening of the new campsite, outdoor education and activity centre, to be known as the Blair Activity Centre, at Pencot in the grounds of the Blair Estate, Dalry, in 2010, the centenary of the girlguiding movement, acknowledging that this will be a major new, much needed resource for the people and communities of North Ayrshire.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan*, Bill Kidd*, Bashir Ahmad*, Stuart McMillan*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-2346 Youth Football (lodged on 25 July 2008) Kenneth Gibson*, Claire Baker*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Ken Macintosh*, Dave Thompson*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Joe FitzPatrick*

S3M-2345 Portrait of a Nation (lodged on 23 July 2008) Kenneth Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Dave Thompson*, Bob Doris*

S3M-2344 Extending the Winter Fuel Payment (lodged on 23 July 2008) Kenneth Gibson*, Sandra White*, Alex Neil*, Alasdair Allan*, Bill Kidd*, Bill Wilson*, Stuart McMillan*, Rob Gibson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-2343 Putting Network Rail Back Into Public Hands (lodged on 23 July 2008) John Park*, Elaine Smith*, Cathie Craigie*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2341 Private Profit and the Poverty Industry (lodged on 22 July 2008) Joe FitzPatrick*, Dave Thompson*, Bob Doris*

S3M-2340 Time to End Discrimination Against All Unpaid Carers (lodged on 17 July 2008) Dave Thompson*, Christine Grahame*

S3M-2338# Deserving Dignity - Children Seeking Sanctuary in Scotland (lodged on 17 July 2008) Christine Grahame*

S3M-2336 400th Stonewall Diversity Champion (lodged on 16 July 2008) John Park*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2334 Congratulations to Lothian Buses (lodged on 16 July 2008) Alison McInnes*

S3M-2332 Glasgow University - Far From a Lonely Place to be on the Planet! (lodged on 15 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2331 Congratulations to Marks & Spencer on Success of Plastic Bag Charging Scheme (lodged on 15 July 2008) John Park*, Alison McInnes*

S3M-2330 Beauly to Denny Power Line (lodged on 14 July 2008) John Park*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2327 Selling Tobacco Products to Developing Countries (lodged on 14 July 2008) Christine Grahame*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-2326 Federation of Master Builders and Climate Change (lodged on 14 July 2008) Alison McInnes*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-2325 Congratulations to ACE IT on Winning Nominet Best Practice Challenge Award 2008 (lodged on 11 July 2008) Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2322 Congratulations to Fife Fabrications (lodged on 10 July 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2321 Health Commission for Glasgow (lodged on 10 July 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2319 "Bring It On!" (lodged on 9 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2318 Carers Allowance, Minimum Income Standard and Earnings Rule (lodged on 9 July 2008) Dave Thompson*, Stuart McMillan*

S3M-2317 K’Nex Challenge Regional Finalists (lodged on 9 July 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2315 Antonine Wall (lodged on 8 July 2008) Dave Thompson*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-2313 Antonine Wall - A World Heritage Site (lodged on 8 July 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2310 Irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats (lodged on 7 July 2008) Dave Thompson*

S3M-2309 Proposal for a Glasgow Museum of Industry, Science and Technology (lodged on 7 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2308 Glasgow Women’s Library (lodged on 7 July 2008) Sarah Boyack*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-2307 Successful Liberation of Ingrid Betancourt (lodged on 4 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2306 Bright Future for Scottish Shipbuilding (lodged on 4 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2306.1 Bright Future for Scottish Shipbuilding (lodged on 7 July 2008) Sarah Boyack*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2305 Centre of Excellence Honour for Bishopbriggs Academy (lodged on 4 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2304 Pringle of Scotland No More (lodged on 4 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2301 Labour’s Super Tax on the Poor (lodged on 4 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2300 Wind Farm Moratorium on Peat Lands (lodged on 3 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2297 Funding Boost for Science Centres (lodged on 2 July 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-2294 Social Energy Tariffs (lodged on 30 June 2008) Dave Thompson*

S3M-2281 Dental Charges (lodged on 27 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2277 80th Anniversary of Universal Suffrage and Votes at 16 (lodged on 26 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*

S3M-2276 Congratulating Fife Drug and Alcohol Services (lodged on 26 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2271 Twentieth Anniversary of the Piper Alpha Disaster (lodged on 25 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2263 25 Years On and Glasgow’s Still Miles Better (lodged on 24 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2248.1 Aircraft Carrier Delay Could Cost Jobs (lodged on 25 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2247 We’ve Got Big Plans for Deaf Children and Young People in Scotland (lodged on 23 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-2244.1 Congratulations to Glasgow City Council (lodged on 15 July 2008) Des McNulty*, Marilyn Livingstone*

S3M-2033 Proposed Change to the National Concessionary Travel Scheme (lodged on 2 June 2008) Sarah Boyack*

S3M-1931 Re-linking Pensions to Average Earnings (lodged on 16 May 2008) Dave Thompson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Nigel Don*, Margaret Smith*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1872 Edinburgh Scots Music Group (lodged on 8 May 2008) Malcolm Chisholm*

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