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Section A – Today’s Business

Meetings of Committees

All meetings take place in the Scottish Parliament, unless otherwise specified. Contact details for Committee Clerks are provided at the end of the Bulletin.

Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee
9th Meeting, 2008

The Committee will meet at 12.45 pm in Committee Room 2

1. Complaint (in private): The Committee will undertake its initial consideration of a report from the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

Meeting of the Parliament

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Ministerial Statement: Financial Outturn 2007-08

followed by Scottish Government Debate: Youth Justice—

S3M-2204 Fergus Ewing: Youth Justice—That the Parliament acknowledges the positive contribution that children and young people across Scotland make to society; believes that every young person deserves the best start in life; is committed to giving young people more positive choices and chances and removing the barriers that prevent some from realising their potential and leading successful lives; notes that there are a number of young people who do not realise their potential and get into trouble and recognises the need to intervene quickly and effectively to turn their lives around; further recognises the need to support victims of offending, and considers that communities, the third sector, the private sector, public services, local authorities and the Scottish Government need to work together to build a more successful Scotland by preventing offending and intervening early with children and families at risk.

The Presiding Officer has selected the following amendments

S3M-2204.2 Pauline McNeill: Youth Justice—As an amendment to motion (S3M-2204) in the name of Fergus Ewing, insert at end "and, while recognising the demand for services and initiatives to prevent young people offending and re-offending, considers that the criminal justice system must also seek to deal with those offenders who persist in breaking the law and disrupting communities; further recognises the important role of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2003; believes the youth court pilots have been successful and calls for further rolling out of youth courts across Scotland, and further believes that the Scottish Government should ensure adequate funding is in place to support youth services and the youth justice system across Scotland."

S3M-2204.1 Bill Aitken: Youth Justice—As an amendment to motion (S3M-2204) in the name of Fergus Ewing, after "around" insert "notes with concern the failure of the previous administration to reduce persistent young offending by 10% and recognises the increasing drain on time and resources that offence referrals are having on the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA); recommends that an increase in disposals available to SCRA, such as an extension of drug treatment and testing orders, would enable it to intervene more effectively; recognises that the sending of 14 and 15-year-old persistent young offenders to youth courts would allow children’s panels to concentrate more on referrals for non-offence grounds."

S3M-2204.3 Mike Pringle: Youth Justice—As an amendment to motion (S3M-2204) in the name of Fergus Ewing, insert at end "calls on the Scottish Government to introduce children’s rights impact assessments to show how government decisions impact on the rights and wellbeing of children; notes that young people are themselves often the victims of crime and therefore calls for the extension of the Scottish Crime Survey to under 16s; believes that young people must be engaged fully in the ongoing review of the national antisocial behaviour strategy including improving the provision of diversionary activities; calls for increased involvement of young people in delivering solutions to youth crime through innovative measures such as a youth justice board and youth justice panels, and calls for an end to the use of all ultra-sonic "Mosquito" dispersal devices."

11.40 am General Question Time—

1. Mike Rumbles: To ask the Scottish Executive what measures have been put in place for the residents of Braemar, following the relocation of the community ambulance to Ballater, to ensure that the Scottish Ambulance Service meets its 75% target for responding to category A calls within eight minutes. (S3O-3829)

2. Joe FitzPatrick: To ask the Scottish Executive whether it shares my concern that many employees of Norwich Union’s Dundee call centre will be unable to accept the company’s proposals to transfer their jobs to Perth. (S3O-3801)

3. Mary Scanlon: To ask the Scottish Executive what action is being taken to improve services for patients who have suffered a stroke. (S3O-3789)

4. Ken Macintosh: To ask the Scottish Executive what plans it has to support the regeneration of Barrhead. (S3O-3861)

5. Nanette Milne: To ask the Scottish Executive what proposals there are to improve the flow of traffic at the Inveramsay Bridge, near Inverurie, on the A96. (S3O-3780)

6. Patricia Ferguson: To ask the Scottish Executive what progress has been made in increasing police numbers in Strathclyde. (S3O-3845)

7. John Lamont: To ask the Scottish Executive when it will next meet representatives from BEAR Scotland. (S3O-3783)

8. Claire Baker: To ask the Scottish Executive what meetings it has had since May 2007 with SEStran and Fife Council to discuss the possibility of upgrading the Redhouse roundabout and what meetings it has planned with them on this issue in the future. (S3O-3837)

9. Robert Brown: To ask the Scottish Executive what impact it expects its Affordable Housing Investment Programme will have on levels of affordable housing. (S3O-3820)

10. Not Lodged

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time—

1. Ms Wendy Alexander: To ask the First Minister what engagements he has planned for the rest of the day. (S3F-897)

2. Annabel Goldie: To ask the First Minister when he will next meet the Prime Minister. (S3F-898)

3. Nicol Stephen: To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Cabinet. (S3F-899)

4. Alex Neil: To ask the First Minister what contingency plans are in place to deal with the consequences of further strike action by Shell oil tanker drivers. (S3F-905)

5. Des McNulty: To ask the First Minister whether sufficient funding will be found to maintain existing entitlements for pensioners and disabled people under the national concessionary travel scheme between now and 2011. (S3F-922)

6. Mary Scanlon: To ask the First Minister what action is being taken following the publication of Lessons for Mental Health Care in Scotland report. (S3F-914)

2.15 pm Themed Question Time—

Europe, External Affairs and Culture

1. Sarah Boyack: To ask the Scottish Executive whether it still considers that continuing membership of the European Union requires Scotland to participate in a common fisheries policy. (S3O-3838)

2. Jackson Carlaw: To ask the Scottish Executive what plans it has to engage the wider business community in the strategy for international development. (S3O-3785)

3. David McLetchie: To ask the Scottish Executive whether it will be responding to the report of the BBC Trust into the coverage of news across the UK and, if so, in what terms. (S3O-3781)

4. Andrew Welsh: To ask the Scottish Executive what it is doing to improve its contacts with other governments and parliaments. (S3O-3816)

5. Margo MacDonald: To ask the Scottish Executive whether it plans to support the alliance of southern european members of the EU supported by President Sarkozy but opposed by Chancellor Merkel. (S3O-3776)

6. Cathy Peattie: To ask the Scottish Executive what is being done in preparation for the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns and, in particular, to ensure that Scots language and traditional arts organisations will be able to organise, contribute and participate fully in next year’s Homecoming Scotland events. (S3O-3871)

7. John Wilson: To ask the Scottish Executive how much subsidy Scottish Opera will receive for 2008-09. (S3O-3819)

8. Iain Smith: To ask the Scottish Executive when it last met the chairman of the Scottish Arts Council and what issues were discussed. (S3O-3831)

9. Tom McCabe: To ask the Scottish Executive what action it will take to resolve the recent instability and uncertainty at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. (S3O-3859)

10. Irene Oldfather: To ask the Scottish Executive what discussions it has had regarding the implications for Scotland of the European Commission’s Animal Health Strategy for the European Union 2007-2013. (S3O-3868)

Education and Lifelong Learning

1. Duncan McNeil: To ask the Scottish Executive what progress it is making to ensure that all kinship carers are receiving adequate financial support. (S3O-3863)

2. Murdo Fraser: To ask the Scottish Executive what the cost of providing student loans to the 2,457 postgraduate students who received demands for immediate payment of the graduate endowment will be, following the enactment of the legislation to abolish the endowment. (S3O-3790)

3. Pauline McNeill: To ask the Scottish Executive how the extension of free school meal eligibility to families in receipt of working family tax credit will be funded. (S3O-3864)

4. Dr Richard Simpson: To ask the Scottish Executive what action it is taking to ensure that pupils’ additional support needs are being met. (S3O-3872)

5. Mike Pringle: To ask the Scottish Executive what legal rights the parents of primary one, two and three pupils have in ensuring their children attend the appropriate school for their catchment area. (S3O-3827)

6. Hugh Henry: To ask the Scottish Executive whether it has any concerns about local authorities that are increasing class sizes. (S3O-3852)

7. Bob Doris: To ask the Scottish Executive how many schools in deprived areas of Glasgow have class sizes of more than 25 in primaries one to three. (S3O-3800)

8. Alasdair Morgan: To ask the Scottish Executive what progress has been made by its Education and Training Directorate in conjunction with the Scottish Funding Council in their mapping study of further education provision for students with profound and complex needs. (S3O-3779)

9. Hugh O’Donnell: To ask the Scottish Executive how it is taking forward the development of a national representative body for parents. (S3O-3826)

10. Karen Whitefield: To ask the Scottish Executive what plans it has to improve investment in prison education. (S3O-3875)

2.55 pm Ministerial Statement: Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities Report

followed by Stage 1 Debate: Scottish Register of Tartans Bill—

S3M-2072 Jamie McGrigor: Scottish Register of Tartans Bill—That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Scottish Register of Tartans Bill.

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business:

Debate on the subject of—

S3M-1811 Sandra White: Glasgow Passport Office—That the Parliament expresses deep concern at the plans to stop passport-processing services in Glasgow, resulting in the loss of over 100 jobs and leaving Scotland without a fully operational passport service; notes with further concern what appears to have been a deliberate run-down of the service in the lead-up to this announcement; believes that this streamlining process will see a further three or four passport offices throughout the United Kingdom affected, and further believes that concise information as to the effect of these changes should be issued immediately in order to remove the doubt and uncertainty surrounding the plans.

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