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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

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New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-1790 Karen Whitefield: Youth Buzz in North Lanarkshire—That the Parliament congratulates the young people involved in the launch of Youth Buzz, the new youth council for North Lanarkshire; recognises the hard work and endeavour of Youth Buzz in creating this exciting new representative body for young people in North Lanarkshire; further recognises the high level of participation in the vote for MSYPs in North Lanarkshire, where 10,000 people voted, and wishes members of Youth Buzz success in their efforts to improve the lives of young people in North Lanarkshire.

*S3M-1789 Andy Kerr: Closure of JVC Facility in East Kilbride—That the Parliament condemns the decision by JVC to close its East Kilbride electronics plant with the loss of 300 local jobs and an additional 60 agency jobs as production will shift to eastern Europe; is alarmed at the lack of transparency, accountability and consultation afforded to the workforce by the company, as news of the closure was given at a canteen meeting called by management; notes that the closure of the plant was preceded by the loss of 99 jobs in September 2007; calls on the Scottish Government to act immediately to support manufacturing in Scotland and ensure that redundant workers are re-employed at the earliest opportunity, and supports the efforts of Unite the Union to secure the best possible benefits for the workforce.

*S3M-1788 Christine Grahame: The Essentials for the Scottish Economy—That the Parliament, in light of the threat to Scotland’s fuel supplies because of the dispute at the Grangemouth refinery which has the potential to have a devastating impact on the Scottish economy and day-to-day lives of ordinary people and the monopolistic private ownership of other key national resources, such as the distribution of gas and electricity, considers that, at the very least, legislation should be put in place, after widespread consultation, with an option of public ownership of these assets, in order to secure continuity of supply in the interests of the people and economy of Scotland.

*S3M-1787♦ Jim Hume: Tackling Excess Packaging—That the Parliament welcomes the innovation and success of the state-of-the-art Eco Deco waste treatment plant near Dumfries which is the first facility of its kind in Scotland; notes that by using advanced technology the plant can process up to 65,000 tonnes of waste a year, recovering resources from waste and eliminating the need for several kerbside boxes and bags as well as wheeled bins; regrets that the UK’s levels of waste production are increasing exponentially, with approximately one million tonnes of packaging waste produced in Scotland each year; notes that, although packaging regulations are largely reserved to Westminster, waste management including waste minimisation and recycling are devolved to Scotland, and therefore believes that tackling excess packaging should be a central objective of the forthcoming supermarket summit and that decisive action should be taken to reduce excess packaging through all available levers, including working with product designers and manufacturers in Scotland to encourage sustainable design and sustainable products, developing improved packaging guidelines for adoption by retailers and their suppliers, introducing further Producer Responsibility initiatives and installing ambitious recovery obligations in the producer responsibility regulations for packaging, developing improved systems for consumers to complain to retailers and Trading Standards officers about excess packaging, and that waste points should be provided in supermarkets where customers can deposit unwanted packaging.

*S3M-1786 Margo MacDonald: Human Rights and the Olympic Games—That the Parliament sends its best wishes to all athletes attending the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing; remembers the words of the then Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Liu Jingmin, in 2001 that "By applying for the Olympics, we want to promote not just the city’s development but the development of society, including democracy and human rights"; expresses grave concerns that, in the years since, the recognition of the human rights of Chinese citizens does not appear to have notably progressed towards the standard defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, while accepting that the Games should go ahead, calls on all those who are able to remind the Chinese Government of its previously stated commitments on improving human rights.

S3M-1785 Mary Mulligan: Congratulations to Battling Bathgate—That the Parliament congratulates Bathgate Thistle Football Club on its success in again reaching the final of the Citylink Scottish Junior Cup; notes that this is the second time in three seasons that Bathgate Thistle has reached the Scottish Junior Cup Final, and wishes Manager Willie Hill, the players, supporters and officials of Bathgate Thistle every success when they meet Cumnock in the final on Sunday 1 June 2008.

S3M-1784 Fiona Hyslop: The Draft Fundable Bodies (The Scottish Agricultural College) (Scotland) Order 2008—That the Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee recommends that the draft Fundable Bodies (The Scottish Agricultural College) (Scotland) Order 2008 be approved.

Supported by: Adam Ingram, Maureen Watt

S3M-1783 Irene Oldfather: The Importance of Environmental Education—That the Parliament agrees that combating the causes of global warming is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today; recognises that raising awareness in children at an early age about the importance of environmental issues is vital; notes the work of Eco Schools Scotland in engaging with primary schools and the role its Green Flag Award scheme has had in encouraging children to think about their environment; welcomes the announcement that Woodlands Primary School in Cunninghame South has achieved this award; commends the hard work undertaken by staff, pupils and the local community, and therefore agrees that schemes such as this are an important method of communicating the significance of environmental issues to young people throughout Scotland.

S3M-1782 Irene Oldfather: Congratulations to Eglinton Country Park—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement that an award of £345,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund has been granted to North Ayrshire Council to undertake vital repair work on the B-listed Tournament Bridge in Eglinton Country Park; notes that the bridge was built as a point of access for the last great medieval tournament in Britain in 1839; recognises that it is vital that structures such as this are maintained for the benefit of the general public, schools and the local community, and agrees that the Heritage Lottery Fund, which has awarded over £497 million in grants since its inception, has played an important role in ensuring the future of many of Scotland’s historical buildings and monuments.

S3M-1781 Bill Wilson: Consultation on a Scottish Climate Change Bill—That the Parliament notes that the consultation period for the Scottish Government’s proposal for a Climate Change Bill ended on 23 April 2008; notes that over 21,000 responses to the consultation were received from Scotland and the wider world; congratulates the Scottish Government on proposing world-leading legislation to tackle this urgent issue; notes the work of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), a coalition of civil society organisations pressing for urgent action on climate change, in raising awareness of the consultation; notes SCCS’s call to ensure that the 2050 emissions-reduction target in the Bill reflects the current science and that all emissions, including emissions from international aviation and shipping, are covered by the bill and that binding annual targets for emissions reductions are set, and is confident that the Scottish Government will take note of the views expressed by SCCS supporters and others in response to the consultation.

S3M-1780 Sandra White: Child Fighting v Child Abuse—That the Parliament condemns in the strongest possible terms the practice of child Thai boxing which sees children as young as four forced to battle one another in the ring in front of large adult audiences; believes that this barbaric practice, which has no age limit, no protective headgear despite repeated kicks and punches to the face, no rules or regulations and requires parents to sign disclaimers before each fight absolving promoters of any responsibility should their children be injured or worse, should be banned; notes that these children are being groomed to take part in cage brawls which see nine and 10- year-olds fighting inside a 23ft metal cage in front of a 1,000 strong crowd; expresses profound sadness that these contests are seen by the watching audiences as a form of entertainment; believes that these fight clubs should be investigated as a matter of urgency to determine whether they are a form of abuse, and further believes that these practices should be made illegal.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Bashir Ahmad, Charlie Gordon, Stuart McMillan, Rob Gibson, Bill Wilson, Mike Pringle, Bill Kidd, Joe FitzPatrick, Jim Tolson, Christina McKelvie, John Wilson, Gil Paterson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Robin Harper*, Keith Brown*

S3M-1779 Margaret Mitchell: Congratulations to Junior Chamber International Scotland—That the Parliament warmly congratulates Junior Chamber International (JCI) Scotland on its diamond anniversary; notes that JCI, a worldwide leadership and personal development organisation for individuals in their 20s and 30s, has four Scottish chambers engaged in the active support of young leaders through a range of projects and programmes, and looks forward to JCI continuing to play an extremely important and valuable role in nurturing talent and boosting entrepreneurship in Scotland over the next 60 years.

Supported by: Robin Harper*, Nanette Milne*, Elizabeth Smith*, Ian McKee*, Murdo Fraser*, Jamie McGrigor*, Bill Aitken*, Jackson Carlaw*, Kenneth Gibson*

S3M-1778# Sandra White: 60 Years of the Palestinian Refugee Crisis—That the Parliament recognises that May 2008 will see the 60th year of the Palestinian refugee crisis; further recognises that in 1948 the establishment of the State of Israel caused the forced displacement and expulsion of up to two thirds of the indigenous Arab population of Palestine from their homes, rendering them refugees; expresses its grave concern that 60 years on Palestinian refugees remain the world’s largest refugee community; stands united with Palestinian refugees living in Scotland and believes that they should have the right to return to their homeland; notes that people up and down the country will be commemorating 60 years of the Palestinian refugee crisis, culminating in an event taking place in Carmichael Hall, Glasgow, on 9 May 2008, and believes that constructive dialogue should take place to bring about an end to this crisis.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Bill Kidd, Willie Coffey, Gil Paterson, Christine Grahame, Alex Neil, Alasdair Allan, Bashir Ahmad, Rob Gibson, Joe FitzPatrick, Hugh O’Donnell, Bill Wilson, Bob Doris, Jamie Hepburn, Robin Harper*

S3M-1777 Patrick Harvie: Progress on HPV Vaccination but Screening Still Matters—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement that a vaccination programme against strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV), which cause 70% of cervical cancers, will begin in Scottish schools this year; recognises the need for a communications campaign to inform girls and their parents of the benefits of the vaccination; believes, however, that a comprehensive cervical screening programme remains very necessary and that vaccination should not be seen to undermine this need; further notes the recent worrying fall in attendance at cervical screening, especially among younger women, and calls on the Scottish Government to take further action to encourage women to attend for screening when invited and continue to build on the success of the cervical cancer screening programme in Scotland.

Supported by: Elaine Smith, Bill Wilson, Sandra White, Kenneth Gibson, Joe FitzPatrick, Bashir Ahmad, Jamie Hepburn, Nanette Milne, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Mary Scanlon, John Park*, Alasdair Allan*, Robin Harper*

S3M-1776 John Swinney: Creative Scotland Bill: Financial Resolution—That the Parliament, for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the Creative Scotland Bill, agrees to any increase in expenditure of a kind referred to in paragraph 3(b)(iii) of Rule 9.12 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders arising in consequence of the Act.

S3M-1775 Michael Matheson: Public Accounts Committee Findings on London Olympics—That the Parliament notes the findings of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report into the spiralling costs of the London Olympics; recognises its findings that identify the estimated costs for the London games as "entirely unrealistic" and accuse UK ministers of "wishful thinking", and calls on the UK Government to ensure that good causes in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not further plundered to fund any shortfall in the cost of the London Olympics.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Christine Grahame

S3M-1774 Bashir Ahmad: Safety for Taxi Drivers—That the Parliament expresses its disgust that almost a third of taxi drivers have faced physical assault at work in the past year; is extremely concerned that 88% of taxi drivers have faced verbal attacks in the last year; strongly believes that everyone, including taxi drivers, has the right to feel safe at work; urges members of the public to be vigilant and report any attacks on taxi drivers, and supports the Scottish Taxi Federation in measures it is taking to increase the safety and protection of drivers.

Supported by: Jamie Stone, Elaine Murray, Bob Doris, Alex Neil, Jackson Carlaw, Kenneth Gibson, Mike Pringle, Rob Gibson, Liam McArthur, Alasdair Allan, Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Jamie Hepburn, Christine Grahame, Roseanna Cunningham, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Bill Wilson, Hugh O’Donnell, Willie Coffey, Nanette Milne, Elizabeth Smith, John Wilson, Stuart McMillan, Joe FitzPatrick, Gil Paterson*, Hugh Henry*, Christina McKelvie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Keith Brown*, Robin Harper*

S3M-1773 Mike Rumbles: Support for Scotland’s Pig Farmers—That the Parliament regrets the serious financial pressures faced by Scottish pig producers; notes the French Government’s aid scheme for pig farmers in financial difficulty; further notes that European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mariann Fischer Boel, has declared the French aid scheme valid under the "de minimis rule" and has given assurances that this financial aid will not place pig producers in other EU countries at a competitive disadvantage; considers that the Scottish Government must act quickly to use every lever available to it to support Scotland’s beleaguered pig industry, and calls on the Scottish Government to take note of the French example and use its short-life taskforce to examine every possible direct and indirect measure that can be used to assist struggling pig farmers, including a soft loans scheme, tackling Nitrate Vulnerable Zone regulation costs, providing greater scope for local procurement, an audit of retailer purchase and labelling of meat imported from abroad, vaccination measures and the introduction of a new on-goers scheme.

Supported by: Jim Hume, Jamie Stone, Mike Pringle, Tavish Scott, Iain Smith, Nicol Stephen, Hugh O’Donnell, Jim Tolson, Alison McInnes, Peter Peacock, John Scott, Karen Gillon*, Sarah Boyack*, Claire Baker*, Rhoda Grant*, Des McNulty*, David Stewart*, Elaine Murray*

S3M-1772 Christina McKelvie: Manager of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates Billy Reid, manager of Hamilton Academical Football Club, on winning the PFA Scotland Manager of the Year Award 2008, capping a tremendous season for the team who won promotion to the Scottish Premier League (SPL), and looks forward to Hamilton doing well in the SPL next season.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-1771 Kenneth Gibson: Stop the Rip-off—That the Parliament notes with concern the increasing number of people who fall victim to multimillion pound text messaging scams by international spammers; is aware that gangs outwith the European Union exploit loopholes in mobile company contracts under which consumers agree to send and receive texts and agree to pay the bill; is aware that the agreement of mobile phone users to pay for texts received is often something that they are completely unaware of; believes that mobile phone users should only be charged for calls actually made rather than received; considers that it is a nonsense that when Ofcom adjudicates on cases and mobile companies have to refund customers only individual customers who specifically complain are refunded, minimising any deterrent effect, and is of the view that the Scottish Government should liaise with Ofcom, Westminster and the European Union to stop this problem and ensure that mobile phone users pay only for texts sent rather than those received.

Supported by: Bill Wilson, Joe FitzPatrick, Christopher Harvie, Helen Eadie, Brian Adam, Bill Kidd, Rob Gibson, John Park, Gil Paterson, Sandra White, Willie Coffey, Alex Neil, Bashir Ahmad, Bob Doris, Jamie Hepburn, Stuart McMillan

S3M-1770 George Foulkes: The SNP’s Real 10p Tax—That the Parliament notes the 10p rise in Lothian Buses standard adult fare to £1.10 and the recent findings of the Competition Commission on bus subsidies; believes that this rise, and those of other bus operators across the Lothians, are principally due to the Scottish Government’s decision not to pass on to Scottish bus operators the fuel duty rebate which the UK Government has provided for bus operators in England; notes that the Scottish Government’s budget indicates that no further fuel duty will be rebated in the next three years, meaning that bus passengers in Scotland will effectively pay a greater amount of tax on their journeys than passengers elsewhere in the United Kingdom; regrets the extra expense and inconvenience this fare rise will cause passengers at a time when the Scottish Government claims to be encouraging greater use of public transport and hopes that this fare increase is not an omen for the abolition of the national concessionary travel scheme for the over 60s which the Scottish Government is currently reviewing, and therefore calls on the Scottish Government to rule this out at the earliest opportunity, to reassure passengers that any cap on future funding for the scheme will not put more pressure on fare-paying passengers and to reverse its decision not to follow the example of the UK Government and to protect bus passengers from rising fuel costs.

Supported by: Rhona Brankin, Elaine Murray, Michael McMahon, James Kelly, Des McNulty, Dr Richard Simpson, Helen Eadie, Karen Whitefield, Malcolm Chisholm, John Park*, Cathy Peattie*, Jackie Baillie*, Hugh Henry*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-1769 Stuart McMillan: St Stephen’s High School, Port Glasgow, Scottish Winners of Schools Question Time Challenge 2008—That the Parliament congratulates St Stephen’s High School which has reached the final stage of the Schools Question Time Challenge for 2008; notes that the Inverclyde school is the only Scottish school in the final and now has the chance to produce a special Question Time programme to be aired on the BBC this summer; also notes this is the second year running that the school has won the Scottish section of the competition, and acknowledges that the school won its place in the final by applying for a citizenship education pack which helped it write a proposal showing how it would stage the event with details of the panel it intended to approach and topics to be discussed.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Bill Wilson, Kenneth Gibson, Bob Doris, Alasdair Allan, Patrick Harvie, Elizabeth Smith, Bill Kidd, Bashir Ahmad, Gil Paterson

S3M-1768 Maureen Watt: International Education—That the Parliament recognises the importance of preparing young people for life in today’s increasingly globalised society; agrees that all our young people should have an international education with opportunities to develop a knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it; congratulates the many schools across Scotland that have made and continue to make links with schools across the world, and agrees that the Curriculum for Excellence is the ideal vehicle to deliver international education in schools and equip young people with an understanding of, and the skills for, the modern world."

Supported by: Linda Fabiani

S3M-1768.1 Hugh O’Donnell: International Education—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1768) in the name of Maureen Watt, insert at end "and calls for the Scottish Government to bring forward a comprehensive national languages strategy including a rolling programme to introduce a second language early into primary education and to secure economic benefit from the diverse language skills in a multicultural Scotland".

S3M-1768.2 Ken Macintosh: International Education—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1768) in the name of Maureen Watt, after "across the world" insert "; believes that Holocaust education, including visits to the Auschwitz concentration camp, is an important part of lessons on citizenship and international education; agrees that the Scottish Government should ensure that the Barnett consequentials of the £4.65 million in funding announced by the UK Government for visits to Auschwitz are used specifically to support Scottish pupils for this same purpose".

S3M-1767 Karen Whitefield: Quality Education to End Exclusion—That the Parliament welcomes pupils from Aberdeen Grammar School, Abronhill High School, Boroughmuir High School, Dumfries Academy, Greenock Academy, Grove Academy and Stewart’s Melville College to the Parliament on 24 April 2008 to debate the Education for All goals, as part of the Global Campaign for Education; acknowledges that while progress has been made, there are still 72 million children around the world who are missing out on a quality primary education; notes that millions of people are excluded from quality education for various reasons including conflict, poverty, gender, child labour, disability and geographical location; acknowledges the need for increased investment in those countries furthest from meeting the Education for All goals and for policies to address equity issues, and supports the efforts of the members of the Global Campaign for Education, including Save the Children, Oxfam in Scotland and the English-Speaking Union, in raising awareness of the campaign.

Supported by: Bill Butler, Jamie Hepburn, Claire Baker, Alasdair Allan, Patricia Ferguson, Iain Gray, Hugh O’Donnell, Cathie Craigie, Aileen Campbell, Trish Godman, Johann Lamont, Patrick Harvie, Stuart McMillan, Kenneth Gibson, Mary Scanlon, Elizabeth Smith, Marlyn Glen, Bill Kidd, James Kelly, Rhona Brankin, Robin Harper, Karen Gillon, Marilyn Livingstone, Elaine Smith, John Park, David Whitton, Gil Paterson, Ken Macintosh, Jack McConnell, Liam McArthur*, Helen Eadie*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-1766 Gil Paterson: Scotland Not Best Served by British Airports Authority—That the Parliament believes that the Scottish travelling public is not best served by the British Airports Authority (BAA) in its current form; calls for the monopoly operated by BAA to be broken up so that airline services in Scotland can be improved by creating a market place where direct flights become the norm rather than the few currently available from BAA airports, and further calls for this action in order to reduce wasteful double flights, landing charges and taxes which add not only extra expense and inconvenience to the travelling public but disadvantage Scottish commerce and industry while at the same time causing greater environmental damage than direct flights.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Kenneth Gibson, Bob Doris, Charlie Gordon, Alex Neil, Stuart McMillan, Bill Wilson, Bill Kidd, John Wilson, Christopher Harvie, Christine Grahame

S3M-1761 Jim Tolson: Tigerfest ‘08—That the Parliament welcomes the Scotland-wide music festival, Tigerfest ‘08, being held throughout the month of May; notes that the festival is based in Dunfermline’s Carnegie Hall, with satellite shows taking place in other cities throughout Scotland and that over 40 bands will be participating, and acknowledges the positive effect that this festival will have on the cultural wellbeing of people across Fife and visitors to the area.

S3M-1760# Cathy Peattie: INEOS Reduction in Workforce Pensions—That the Parliament notes the proposal by INEOS to reduce the pension rights of the workforce at the former BP oil refinery and chemicals complex at Grangemouth from those which had been part of the terms and conditions of employment of the workforce when INEOS bought the BP site; further notes that the INEOS proposal is to create a two-tier workforce with all new employees being denied a final salary pension and resulted in 97% of trade union members in an 86% ballot return voting for strike action after exhaustive negotiations; expresses concern at the aggressive tactics of INEOS senior management in undermining the agreed consultative processes, and supports the efforts of the INEOS workforce and its trade union, Unite, to sustain existing pension arrangements on this very profitable complex for the benefit of all current and future employees.

Supported by: Karen Whitefield, Bill Butler, Hugh Henry, David Stewart, James Kelly, Cathie Craigie, John Park, Marilyn Livingstone, Pauline McNeill, Marlyn Glen, Elaine Smith, Jackie Baillie, David Whitton, Trish Godman, Jamie Hepburn*, Patricia Ferguson*, Helen Eadie*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Karen Gillon*, Duncan McNeil*, Charlie Gordon*, Mary Mulligan*, Michael McMahon*

S3M-1759 Brian Adam: Congratulations to Scotland the What—That the Parliament congratulates Scotland the What stars, George Donald, Steven Robertson and Buff Hardie, on receiving the freedom of the city of Aberdeen; notes with appreciation the special brand of local humour that they brought to a global audience, and further notes the great work that they did in publicising not only Scotland but also the Doric dialect.

Supported by: Jack McConnell, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1758 John Wilson: Innovative Methods for Tackling Crime—That the Parliament notes with concern recent news reports about the levels of violence in Scotland due to gang activity; further notes that many teens feel unsafe in their neighbourhoods and have resorted to carrying knives and other weapons for protection; believes that Scotland could learn from New York City how it was able to reduce its crime rates; commends Strathclyde Police based in Cumbernauld for using innovative methods such as the use of YouTube and Bebo to identify and track down gang members, and considers that by using these new technological innovations, along with looking at different models around the world, police can help to offer a safer and stronger Scotland.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Alasdair Allan, Bill Wilson, Christina McKelvie, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Ian McKee, Bashir Ahmad, Brian Adam, Alex Neil, Elaine Smith, Robin Harper, Stuart McMillan, Christopher Harvie, Gil Paterson, Bob Doris, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1757 Robert Brown: Greater Glasgow Scouts Growing—That the Parliament welcomes the increase of almost 5% this year in the membership of the Scout movement in Greater Glasgow; notes the wide opportunities for adventurous pursuits, personal development and informal learning and the contribution to civic and community responsibility offered by the Scouts; is aware that this success, and indeed all the work of the Scouts and other youth organisations, could not be achieved without the commitment of young and adult volunteers and leaders, and looks for even further success in future years.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Bob Doris, Jackson Carlaw, Rob Gibson, Jim Tolson, Jim Hume, Johann Lamont, Sandra White, Bashir Ahmad, Bill Kidd, David Whitton, Hugh O’Donnell, Karen Whitefield, Nanette Milne, Elizabeth Smith, Mr Frank McAveety, John Wilson, Jack McConnell, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1756 Robert Brown: Supporting People with Autism—That the Parliament welcomes the recent 40th anniversary of the Scottish Society for Autism and the first United Nations World Autism Awareness Day in April 2008; notes the progress that has been made in education for young people on the autistic spectrum, underpinned by the framework of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 and in services for both adults and children by the voluntary and statutory sectors; particularly applauds the work being undertaken by Glasgow City Council to help get people on the autistic spectrum into work but is hugely concerned at the proposals by the UK Government which insist on regular, routine reassessments of people with autism who are on disability benefits; believes that such routine reassessments will be counter-productive, worrying and damaging to people with profound autism, and urges the UK Government to adopt a more supportive approach to supporting people with autism into work.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Keith Brown, Angela Constance, Bill Wilson, Trish Godman, Mike Pringle, Sandra White, Gil Paterson, Hugh O’Donnell, Alex Neil, Liam McArthur, Tavish Scott, Bill Kidd, Nanette Milne, Elaine Murray, Jim Tolson, Roseanna Cunningham, Jim Hume, Alison McInnes, Stuart McMillan

S3M-1755 Robert Brown: Evening Times War on Litter Campaign—That the Parliament congratulates the Evening Times for its War on Litter campaign; notes that War on Litter came runner-up for Campaign of the Year at the recent Scottish Press Awards; commends the Evening Times for the long-running campaign, particularly for its work in discouraging the dropping of litter and fly-tipping and encouraging civic pride throughout Glasgow, and recognises the role that the Evening Times has played in campaigning on behalf of the people of Glasgow to clean up the city.

Supported by: Andy Kerr, Kenneth Gibson, Jim Hume, Bill Butler, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Hugh O’Donnell, Jamie Stone, Trish Godman, Elizabeth Smith, Nanette Milne, Bashir Ahmad, Jim Tolson, Bob Doris, Charlie Gordon, Patrick Harvie, Johann Lamont, Robin Harper, Karen Gillon, Mike Pringle, Elaine Smith, Sandra White, Gil Paterson

S3M-1754 Bob Doris: Save the Rutherglen Royal Burgh House Café—That the Parliament congratulates the committed and passionate local campaigners who are fighting to save the community café at South Lanarkshire Council’s Royal Burgh House in Rutherglen; notes that the café provides an important community facility, a friendly meeting place with reasonably priced food for many workers, locals and visitors to Rutherglen, including council employees, staff at the local police station and an elderly forum; further notes that the campaigners have collected over 700 signatures to date in opposition to the café’s closure; praises the role played by the local newspaper, The Rutherglen Reformer, in helping bring the situation to the public’s attention; welcomes the review recently announced by South Lanarkshire Council in relation to its previous decision to close the café, and calls on South Lanarkshire Council to ensure that any review is more than a delaying exercise, that it recognises the important community role provided by the café and that it brings forward a strategy designed to ensure that the café has a long-term future.

Supported by: Willie Coffey, Bashir Ahmad, Alasdair Allan, Stuart McMillan, Robert Brown, Alex Neil, Kenneth Gibson, Aileen Campbell, Bill Kidd, Patrick Harvie, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson

S3M-1753 Christine Grahame: Dame Vivienne Westwood—That the Parliament adds it congratulations to Dame Vivienne Westwood on the conferment of an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by Heriot-Watt University on 21 April 2008 in Galashiels in recognition of her outstanding achievement in fashion design over the last 30 years and her continuing contribution to textiles in Scotland, particularly through her long-standing association with the original Borders Textile College, now Heriot-Watt School of Textiles, at its Galashiels campus.

Supported by: Aileen Campbell, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Rob Gibson, John Lamont, Bashir Ahmad, Roseanna Cunningham, Elizabeth Smith, Angela Constance, Sandra White, Gil Paterson, Margaret Mitchell

S3M-1752 Patricia Ferguson: North Glasgow 5K—That the Parliament congratulates all participants in the 3rd annual North Glasgow 5K race and notes that this year’s event attracted 2,500 entrants, the largest field to date; congratulates the organisers, North Glasgow Healthy Living Community and all their partners on this excellent event, and notes the positive contribution that it makes to promoting healthy lifestyles in the north of Glasgow.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn

S3M-1750 Peter Peacock: Lewis Windfarm Proposal—That the Parliament calls on the Scottish Government to recognise the loss of economic opportunity, local jobs potential and income to local communities that will result from the Lewis windfarm proposal not proceeding; notes that ministers refused the application on grounds founded on protection of the environment; urges the Scottish Government to ensure that the Western Isles receives additional capital investment and additional annual income to balance that which would have arisen from the project proceeding; further urges conservation organisations which opposed the application to invest significantly more of their assets in the Western Isles and to work with government and local people to invest in better management and enhancement of the habitat of the moorland and to ensure better interpretation, leisure opportunities for more visitors and local jobs, and urges the Scottish Government to work closely with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to secure investment in windfarm and other renewable energy proposals that they will be prepared to approve.

Supported by: Rhoda Grant, David Stewart, Ken Macintosh, Lewis Macdonald, David Whitton, James Kelly, Michael McMahon, Andy Kerr, Trish Godman, Iain Gray, Jackie Baillie, John Park, Marilyn Livingstone

S3M-1749 Jim Tolson: Carnegie College—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of the very good HM Inspectorate of Education report for Carnegie College, formally Lauder College; congratulates the staff and students on their attainments; acknowledges the wide range of learning programmes offered to the community by the college, including qualifications from access to degree level; notes the extension of its facilities and provision to local communities with a network of outreach centres throughout the Scottish Borders, Midlothian, West Lothian, Forth Valley and Fife, and further notes the benefits of the close links developed between the college and outside bodies.

Supported by: Jim Hume, Elizabeth Smith, Jamie Stone, Bill Kidd, Murdo Fraser, Hugh O’Donnell, John Park, Robin Harper, Mike Pringle, Gil Paterson

S3M-1748 Jamie Hepburn: Support for Scottish CND from James—That the Parliament notes that this represents the 50th year of activity by Scottish CND; welcomes the support of the band James for the work of Scottish CND, and hopes that its support will make people more aware of the work of Scottish CND and encourage more to join the campaign against the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system by the UK Government at an estimated cost of up to £100 billion.

Supported by: Bashir Ahmad, Rob Gibson, Patrick Harvie, Robin Harper, Alex Neil, Roseanna Cunningham, John Wilson, Alasdair Allan, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Bill Kidd, Christina McKelvie, Bob Doris, Mike Pringle, Christopher Harvie, Gil Paterson, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1747 Michael McMahon: Congratulations to Hamilton Accies—That the Parliament congratulates Hamilton Academical FC on winning the Scottish First Division title and gaining promotion to the Scottish Premier League; notes that this success comes only a few years after the club was in a position where it had no home ground, was unable to pay the players wages and was punished by the Scottish Football League in a manner which many consider to be unfair, all of which put the club’s very existence at risk; notes the efforts of Chairman, Ronnie MacDonald, and manager, Billy Reid, for turning the club’s fortunes around, and wishes all staff, players and supporters good luck for season 2008-09.

Supported by: Tom McCabe, Charlie Gordon, Bill Butler, Jamie McGrigor, Helen Eadie, Bashir Ahmad, Stuart McMillan, Kenneth Gibson, Elaine Smith, Elaine Murray, Mary Mulligan, Mr Frank McAveety, Alex Neil, Hugh O’Donnell, Jamie Hepburn, Brian Adam, Trish Godman, Lewis Macdonald, Christina McKelvie, Karen Gillon, Hugh Henry, John Wilson, Gil Paterson, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1746# Kenneth Gibson: Adopt a Road—That the Parliament agrees to consider introducing the Adopt a Road initiative which works so successfully in Canada; notes that under such a scheme individuals, companies and voluntary groups take responsibility for a length of road, usually in the vicinity of the sponsoring group or person, from one junction to the next; is aware that, while no money changes hands, the sponsor agrees to keep the sponsored road free of litter and reasonably clean, contacting their local authority to uplift any refuse gathered having given at least 24 hours notice; notes that the scheme recognises sponsors through the provision of signs on the sponsored road designed, provided and erected by their local authority, and believes that such a scheme could be successfully piloted in Cunninghame North.

Supported by: Bashir Ahmad, Willie Coffey, Stuart McMillan, Alex Neil, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1745 Claire Baker: Real Nappy Week - 21 to 27 April—That the Parliament welcomes Real Nappy Week 2008 and its theme Combat Climate Change; recognises that from birth to potty each baby uses between 4,000 and 6,000 nappies; notes that four-and-a-half trees are used to make the pulp for disposable nappies for one baby over a period of two-and-a-half years, that one cup of crude oil goes in to make one disposable nappy and that Fife Council spends over £84,000 a year sending disposable nappies to landfill; recognises that real nappies make a contribution towards the reduction of waste going to landfill in Scotland; supports parents’ ability to make the right choice for their babies but believes that this should be an informed choice; welcomes the range of events being promoted by the Fife Real Nappy Network during Real Nappy Week, and supports the commitment of volunteer mums who help parents make informed choices about nappies, including confirming that there is not a safety pin in sight but a whole range of poppers, velcro or nifty little plastic grips to ensure a snug fit.

Supported by: Bashir Ahmad, Helen Eadie, Mike Pringle, Patrick Harvie, Jamie Stone, Robin Harper, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Marlyn Glen, Bill Kidd, Sarah Boyack, Dr Richard Simpson, David Whitton, Elaine Smith, Jackie Baillie, Mary Scanlon, Nanette Milne, Jamie Hepburn, Trish Godman, Brian Adam, Angela Constance, Alison McInnes, John Park, Marilyn Livingstone, Gil Paterson

S3M-1744 Bill Wilson: Arms Shipment to Zimbabwe and Interference in a Country’s Internal Affairs—That the Parliament welcomes the statement by the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU), that it would be "grossly irresponsible" to allow a shipment of Chinese weapons through to Zimbabwe and that "the South African government cannot be seen as propping up a military regime"; applauds South African dock workers for refusing to unload the ship bearing the weapons; is in agreement with the government of China that "one of the most important principles is not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries" but is of the opinion that providing the present government of Zimbabwe with the means of thwarting the democratically expressed wishes of its people would constitute unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of another country and that China’s longstanding support of Mugabe’s brutal and anti-democratic regime also constitutes such interference; believes that the actions and statements of SATAWU and the Southern Africa Litigation Centre are representative of the wishes of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe, and calls on all governments, but particularly those of the countries of Southern Africa, to do what they can to ensure that the wishes of these people be respected and assist the peaceful transfer of power to a democratically elected government.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, John Lamont, Rob Gibson, Joe FitzPatrick, Jamie Hepburn, Hugh O’Donnell, Christine Grahame, Alasdair Allan, Robin Harper, Brian Adam, Roseanna Cunningham, Bill Butler, Bill Kidd, Christina McKelvie, Christopher Harvie, Mike Pringle, Karen Gillon, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1743 Robert Brown: Withdrawal of Modern Apprenticeship Funding—That the Parliament condemns the decision by the Scottish Government to withdraw Modern Apprenticeship funding for those over 20 years of age in all sectors other than construction, engineering and the automotive sector; believes that there is a continuing need to support and develop high-quality training through modern apprenticeships in other sectors; is particularly concerned at the withdrawal of funding in the important financial services sector; considers that this once again demonstrates the inadequacy of the Scottish Government’s skills strategy; calls on the Scottish Government to reconsider this decision which will create a north-south divide, and is concerned that Scotland will be left at a disadvantage as against the rest of the United Kingdom in this sphere.

Supported by: Jim Hume, Karen Whitefield, Tavish Scott, Liam McArthur, Jim Tolson, Hugh O’Donnell, Alison McInnes, Jamie Stone, Mike Pringle, Trish Godman, Elaine Murray, Jack McConnell

S3M-1743.1 Rhona Brankin: Withdrawal of Modern Apprenticeship Funding—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1743) in the name of Robert Brown, insert at end "condemns the Scottish Government’s failure to invest in Modern Apprenticeships for 16 to 18-year-olds, and calls on the Scottish Government to give 16 to 18-year-olds the right to Modern Apprenticeship places."

Supported by: Trish Godman

S3M-1742 Kenneth Gibson: Cool Seas—That the Parliament congratulates the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife, on the launch of its Cool Seas Scotland project at Largs Sailing Club on 18 April 2008; notes that Cool Seas is a spectacular educational initiative, run by MCS to raise awareness of the wonderful life in Scotland’s seas; is aware that Scotland’s seas teem with wildlife, from basking sharks to coral reefs and leaping dolphins to colourful jellyfish; acknowledges that pollution of our seas and beaches, over-fishing and damage to fragile ecosystems remain acute, and recognises that this project will help redress the balance by educating children, families and the wider community about our seas, the wonderful wildlife that depends on them and how to help in their protection by expanding on an already successful programme of marine conservation activities in Scotland, connecting people with the rich biodiversity of Scotland’s seas and shores.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Bob Doris, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Bashir Ahmad, Alasdair Allan, Robin Harper, Tavish Scott, Sandra White, Gil Paterson

S3M-1728.1 Liam McArthur: Scotland’s Approach to Biofuel—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1728) in the name of Patrick Harvie, after "for fuel crops," insert "but recognises the valuable role to be played by co-digestion plants, such as those in Westray, in Orkney, and Turiff, in producing fuel and energy from animal waste, and urges the Scottish Government to use its Biomass strategy to ensure that proper incentives and support are provided to enable the establishment of more co-digestion facilities throughout Scotland,".

S3M-1716 Nicola Sturgeon: Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Commonwealth Games Bill be passed.

Supported by: Stewart Maxwell, Shona Robison

S3M-1710# Elaine Smith: Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living—That the Parliament recognises the importance of International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) held on 28 April each year; considers that the official slogan "remember the dead, fight for the living" is particularly apposite and helps to ensure that all those who have died as a result of work are not forgotten whilst at the same time encourages renewed efforts to ensure that such tragedies are not repeated; welcomes events around Scotland to commemorate this important day and, in particular, the unveiling of the North Lanarkshire Workers Memorial at Summerlee Heritage Park in Coatbridge; encourages relevant authorities to fly official flags on public buildings at half mast; hopes that all workplaces will observe a one-minute silence at 12 noon on 28 April 2008; commends the STUC and the trade unions for their work in building trade union organisation and campaigning for stricter enforcement with higher penalties for breaches of health and safety laws to help in the struggle for safer workplaces, and supports the call for recognition of IWMD as a national day of remembrance for those who have been killed, injured, or made ill by their work.

Supported by: Patricia Ferguson, John Wilson, Bill Wilson, Elaine Murray, David Stewart, Robin Harper, Des McNulty, Kenneth Gibson, Bill Butler, John Park, Jackie Baillie, Bill Kidd, Mary Mulligan, Jamie Hepburn, Michael McMahon, Christina McKelvie, Rob Gibson, Cathy Jamieson, Marilyn Livingstone, Marlyn Glen, Sandra White, Cathy Peattie, David Whitton, Pauline McNeill, Sarah Boyack, Trish Godman, Gil Paterson, Karen Whitefield, Johann Lamont, Margaret Curran, Helen Eadie, Joe FitzPatrick, Karen Gillon

S3M-1580# Willie Coffey: Fenwick Weavers’ Society and the Co-operative Model—That the Parliament notes that the Fenwick Weavers’ Society is increasingly being acknowledged as the world’s first formally incorporated co-operative society; recognises that having been founded on 14 March 1761 to promote and maintain high standards in the craft of weaving, it also became involved in the bulk purchase of oatmeal for resale to its members and in lending money to needy members and their families, setting examples followed in the development of both the retail co-operative sector and credit unions; notes that the deed of incorporation and the minute book of the society covering the period 1761 to 1783 are in the safe-keeping of the National Library of Scotland; welcomes the decision of the library to make the deed of incorporation and minute book available to the residents of Fenwick who, under the inspired leadership of John Smith and John McFadzean, have re-established the society to develop a heritage centre in Fenwick to value and build on the work of the society, and records its support for the co-operative model of working, which has the potential to make a significant contribution to the economic and social development of Scotland and the wider world.

Supported by: George Foulkes, Alex Neil, Jamie Hepburn, Jim Hume, Robin Harper, Keith Brown, Hugh O’Donnell, Alasdair Allan, Bill Wilson, Cathy Jamieson, Stuart McMillan, Kenneth Gibson, Hugh Henry, James Kelly, Rob Gibson, Sandra White, Patrick Harvie, Bill Kidd, Mr Frank McAveety, Brian Adam, Margaret Mitchell, Elaine Smith, Gil Paterson, Aileen Campbell, Joe FitzPatrick, Angela Constance, Cathy Peattie, Trish Godman

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-1741# Canine Partners (lodged on 18 April 2008) Stuart McMillan*

S3M-1738 Teachers Right to Anonymity (lodged on 18 April 2008) Malcolm Chisholm*

S3M-1735 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the State of Israel (lodged on 18 April 2008) John Park*, Tom McCabe*

S3M-1733 Michael Gray (lodged on 17 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1723 Pension Parity (lodged on 16 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1722 Concern at Edinburgh Community Mediation Service Budget Cut (lodged on 16 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1720 Congratulations on the Launch of Abbeyfield Scotland Ltd (lodged on 15 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1719 Arthritis Care Awareness Week (lodged on 15 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1709 Glasgow Caledonian University’s Crystal Celebrations (lodged on 15 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1701 Celebrating 100 Years of the Territorial Army (lodged on 14 April 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1552 Anti-Semitic Blogging in National Newspapers (lodged on 12 March 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1539# Leven to Thornton Rail Link (lodged on 11 March 2008) Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-1347 Violence Against Betting Shop Workers (lodged on 13 February 2008) Mike Pringle*

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