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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-1769 Stuart McMillan: St Stephen’s High School, Port Glasgow, Scottish Winners of Schools Question Time Challenge 2008—That the Parliament congratulates St Stephen’s High School which has reached the final stage of the Schools Question Time Challenge for 2008; notes that the Inverclyde school is the only Scottish school in the final and now has the chance to produce a special Question Time programme to be aired on the BBC this summer; also notes this is the second year running that the school has won the Scottish section of the competition, and acknowledges that the school won its place in the final by applying for a citizenship education pack which helped it write a proposal showing how it would stage the event with details of the panel it intended to approach and topics to be discussed.

*S3M-1768 Maureen Watt: International Education—That the Parliament recognises the importance of preparing young people for life in today’s increasingly globalised society; agrees that all our young people should have an international education with opportunities to develop a knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it; congratulates the many schools across Scotland that have made and continue to make links with schools across the world, and agrees that the Curriculum for Excellence is the ideal vehicle to deliver international education in schools and equip young people with an understanding of, and the skills for, the modern world."

Supported by: Linda Fabiani*

*S3M-1767 Karen Whitefield: Quality Education to End Exclusion—That the Parliament welcomes pupils from Aberdeen Grammar School, Abronhill High School, Boroughmuir High School, Dumfries Academy, Greenock Academy, Grove Academy and Stewart’s Melville College to the Parliament on 24 April 2008 to debate the Education for All goals, as part of the Global Campaign for Education; acknowledges that while progress has been made, there are still 72 million children around the world who are missing out on a quality primary education; notes that millions of people are excluded from quality education for various reasons including conflict, poverty, gender, child labour, disability and geographical location; acknowledges the need for increased investment in those countries furthest from meeting the Education for All goals and for policies to address equity issues, and supports the efforts of the members of the Global Campaign for Education, including Save the Children, Oxfam in Scotland and the English-Speaking Union, in raising awareness of the campaign.

*S3M-1766 Gil Paterson: Scotland Not Best Served by British Airports Authority—That the Parliament believes that the Scottish travelling public is not best served by the British Airports Authority (BAA) in its current form; calls for the monopoly operated by BAA to be broken up so that airline services in Scotland can be improved by creating a market place where direct flights become the norm rather than the few currently available from BAA airports, and further calls for this action in order to reduce wasteful double flights, landing charges and taxes which add not only extra expense and inconvenience to the travelling public but disadvantage Scottish commerce and industry while at the same time causing greater environmental damage than direct flights.

*S3M-1765 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees that consideration of the Scottish Register of Tartans Bill at Stage 1 be completed by 13 June 2008.

*S3M-1764 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees that consideration of the Public Health etc. (Scotland) Bill at Stage 2 be completed by 23 May 2008.

*S3M-1763 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees the following programme of business—

Wednesday 30 April 2008

2.30 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Ministerial Statement: Implementing the Vulnerable Witnesses (Scotland) Act

followed by Stage 3 Proceedings: Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 1 May 2008

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Business

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time

Health and Wellbeing

2.55 pm Scottish Government Debate: Impact of the UK Budget on Scotland

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Wednesday 7 May 2008

2.30 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Government Business

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 8 May 2008

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Labour Party Business

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time

Rural Affairs and the Environment;
Justice and Law Officers

2.55 pm Scottish Government Business

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Business Motion

followed by Members’ Business

*S3M-1762 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees the following revision to the programme of business for Wednesday 23 April 2008—


followed by Scottish Government Debate: Historic Scotland and Local Authorities


followed by Legislative Consent Motion: Statute Law (Repeals) Bill – UK Legislation

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

and insert

followed by Ministerial Statement: Potential Industrial Action at Grangemouth Refinery

followed by Legislative Consent Motion: Statute Law (Repeals) Bill – UK Legislation

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.30 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

*S3M-1761 Jim Tolson: Tigerfest ‘08—That the Parliament welcomes the Scotland-wide music festival, Tigerfest ‘08, being held throughout the month of May; notes that the festival is based in Dunfermline’s Carnegie Hall, with satellite shows taking place in other cities throughout Scotland and that over 40 bands will be participating, and acknowledges the positive effect that this festival will have on the cultural wellbeing of people across Fife and visitors to the area.

*S3M-1760# Cathy Peattie: INEOS Reduction in Workforce Pensions—That the Parliament notes the proposal by INEOS to reduce the pension rights of the workforce at the former BP oil refinery and chemicals complex at Grangemouth from those which had been part of the terms and conditions of employment of the workforce when INEOS bought the BP site; further notes that the INEOS proposal is to create a two-tier workforce with all new employees being denied a final salary pension and resulted in 97% of trade union members in an 86% ballot return voting for strike action after exhaustive negotiations; expresses concern at the aggressive tactics of INEOS senior management in undermining the agreed consultative processes, and supports the efforts of the INEOS workforce and its trade union, Unite, to sustain existing pension arrangements on this very profitable complex for the benefit of all current and future employees.

*S3M-1759 Brian Adam: Congratulations to Scotland the What—That the Parliament congratulates Scotland the What stars, George Donald, Steven Robertson and Buff Hardie, on receiving the freedom of the city of Aberdeen; notes with appreciation the special brand of local humour that they brought to a global audience, and further notes the great work that they did in publicising not only Scotland but also the Doric dialect.

*S3M-1758 John Wilson: Innovative Methods for Tackling Crime—That the Parliament notes with concern recent news reports about the levels of violence in Scotland due to gang activity; further notes that many teens feel unsafe in their neighbourhoods and have resorted to carrying knives and other weapons for protection; believes that Scotland could learn from New York City how it was able to reduce its crime rates; commends Strathclyde Police based in Cumbernauld for using innovative methods such as the use of YouTube and Bebo to identify and track down gang members, and considers that by using these new technological innovations, along with looking at different models around the world, police can help to offer a safer and stronger Scotland.

*S3M-1757 Robert Brown: Greater Glasgow Scouts Growing—That the Parliament welcomes the increase of almost 5% this year in the membership of the Scout movement in Greater Glasgow; notes the wide opportunities for adventurous pursuits, personal development and informal learning and the contribution to civic and community responsibility offered by the Scouts; is aware that this success, and indeed all the work of the Scouts and other youth organisations, could not be achieved without the commitment of young and adult volunteers and leaders, and looks for even further success in future years.

*S3M-1756 Robert Brown: Supporting People with Autism—That the Parliament welcomes the recent 40th anniversary of the Scottish Society for Autism and the first United Nations World Autism Awareness Day in April 2008; notes the progress that has been made in education for young people on the autistic spectrum, underpinned by the framework of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 and in services for both adults and children by the voluntary and statutory sectors; particularly applauds the work being undertaken by Glasgow City Council to help get people on the autistic spectrum into work but is hugely concerned at the proposals by the UK Government which insist on regular, routine reassessments of people with autism who are on disability benefits; believes that such routine reassessments will be counter-productive, worrying and damaging to people with profound autism, and urges the UK Government to adopt a more supportive approach to supporting people with autism into work.

*S3M-1755 Robert Brown: Evening Times War on Litter Campaign—That the Parliament congratulates the Evening Times for its War on Litter campaign; notes that War on Litter came runner-up for Campaign of the Year at the recent Scottish Press Awards; commends the Evening Times for the long-running campaign, particularly for its work in discouraging the dropping of litter and fly-tipping and encouraging civic pride throughout Glasgow, and recognises the role that the Evening Times has played in campaigning on behalf of the people of Glasgow to clean up the city.

*S3M-1754 Bob Doris: Save the Rutherglen Royal Burgh House Café—That the Parliament congratulates the committed and passionate local campaigners who are fighting to save the community café at South Lanarkshire Council’s Royal Burgh House in Rutherglen; notes that the café provides an important community facility, a friendly meeting place with reasonably priced food for many workers, locals and visitors to Rutherglen, including council employees, staff at the local police station and an elderly forum; further notes that the campaigners have collected over 700 signatures to date in opposition to the café’s closure; praises the role played by the local newspaper, The Rutherglen Reformer, in helping bring the situation to the public’s attention; welcomes the review recently announced by South Lanarkshire Council in relation to its previous decision to close the café, and calls on South Lanarkshire Council to ensure that any review is more than a delaying exercise, that it recognises the important community role provided by the café and that it brings forward a strategy designed to ensure that the café has a long-term future.

Supported by: Willie Coffey*, Bashir Ahmad*, Alasdair Allan*, Stuart McMillan*, Robert Brown*, Alex Neil*, Kenneth Gibson*, Aileen Campbell*, Bill Kidd*

*S3M-1753 Christine Grahame: Dame Vivienne Westwood—That the Parliament adds it congratulations to Dame Vivienne Westwood on the conferment of an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by Heriot-Watt University on 21 April 2008 in Galashiels in recognition of her outstanding achievement in fashion design over the last 30 years and her continuing contribution to textiles in Scotland, particularly through her long-standing association with the original Borders Textile College, now Heriot-Watt School of Textiles, at its Galashiels campus.

*S3M-1751.1 Ted Brocklebank: Historic Scotland and Local Authorities—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1751) in the name of Linda Fabiani, insert at end "and seeks a more compatible approach in relation to resolving disputes with stakeholders, particularly where Historic Scotland has no realistic means of funding its desired preservation or conservation outcomes".

*S3M-1751.2 Malcolm Chisholm: Historic Scotland and Local Authorities—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1751) in the name of Linda Fabiani, insert at end "always ensuring that strong safeguards are maintained to protect heritage assets, that the skills required to maintain historic buildings are available and that, in protecting the historic environment, proper account is taken of disability rights and climate change objectives".

*S3M-1751.3 Iain Smith: Historic Scotland and Local Authorities—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1751) in the name of Linda Fabiani, insert at end "and encourages Historic Scotland to work with local authorities to improve the consultation with local communities on the designation of listed buildings and scheduled monuments".

*S3M-1728 Patrick Harvie: Scotland’s Approach to Biofuel—That the Parliament recognises the urgency of the climate change issue and understands that this urgency has driven international moves to back biofuels; however, notes the Losing Ground report published by Friends of the Earth and LifeMosaic which sets out the social and environmental costs often associated with biofuel plantations in the developing world; acknowledges the concerns of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and others that wholesale moves to biofuel crops can jeopardise biodiversity both overseas through loss of rainforest and in Scotland through economic pressures leading to loss of field margins and reduced set-aside land; further notes the comments from the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser that the current approach to biofuels is insufficiently sustainable; recognises that Scottish-grown biofuel crops are often transported significant distances for processing, leading to increased carbon emissions; notes the risk to food prices at home and abroad associated with increased use of agricultural land for fuel crops, and calls on the Scottish Government to ensure that Scottish measures to comply with the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation are consistent with real cuts in carbon emissions and with both social justice and economic sustainability in Scotland and across the developing world.

*S3M-1728.1 Liam McArthur: Scotland’s Approach to Biofuel—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1728) in the name of Patrick Harvie, after "for fuel crops," insert "but recognises the valuable role to be played by co-digestion plants, such as those in Westray, in Orkney, and Turiff, in producing fuel and energy from animal waste, and urges the Scottish Government to use its Biomass strategy to ensure that proper incentives and support are provided to enable the establishment of more co-digestion facilities throughout Scotland,".

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-1752 North Glasgow 5K (lodged on 21 April 2008) Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-1750 Lewis Windfarm Proposal (lodged on 21 April 2008) Rhoda Grant*, David Stewart*, Ken Macintosh*, Lewis Macdonald*, David Whitton*, James Kelly*, Michael McMahon*, Andy Kerr*, Trish Godman*, Iain Gray*, Jackie Baillie*

S3M-1748 Support for Scottish CND from James (lodged on 21 April 2008) Bashir Ahmad*, Rob Gibson*, Patrick Harvie*, Robin Harper*, Alex Neil*, Roseanna Cunningham*, John Wilson*, Alasdair Allan*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-1747 Congratulations to Hamilton Accies (lodged on 21 April 2008) Elaine Smith*, Elaine Murray*, Mary Mulligan*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Alex Neil*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Jamie Hepburn*, Brian Adam*, Trish Godman*, Lewis Macdonald*

S3M-1746# Adopt a Road (lodged on 21 April 2008) Alex Neil*

S3M-1745 Real Nappy Week - 21 to 27 April (lodged on 21 April 2008) Elaine Smith*, Jackie Baillie*, Mary Scanlon*, Nanette Milne*, Jamie Hepburn*, Trish Godman*, Brian Adam*

S3M-1744 Arms Shipment to Zimbabwe and Interference in a Country’s Internal Affairs (lodged on 21 April 2008) Kenneth Gibson*, John Lamont*, Rob Gibson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Jamie Hepburn*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Christine Grahame*, Alasdair Allan*, Robin Harper*, Brian Adam*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Bill Butler*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-1743 Withdrawal of Modern Apprenticeship Funding (lodged on 21 April 2008) Jim Hume*

S3M-1741♦ Canine Partners (lodged on 18 April 2008) Jamie Hepburn*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1740# World Asthma Day (lodged on 18 April 2008) Jamie Hepburn*, Jack McConnell*, Elaine Smith*, Robin Harper*, Des McNulty*, Trish Godman*, Robert Brown*, John Lamont*, Kenneth Gibson*, Mary Mulligan*, Karen Whitefield*, Helen Eadie*, Nanette Milne*, Jackie Baillie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Bill Butler*, David Whitton*, Liam McArthur*, John Wilson*, Cathie Craigie*, Marlyn Glen*

S3M-1739 Shetland Museum Leads for Scotland in Art Fund Prize 2008 (lodged on 18 April 2008) Hugh O’Donnell*

S3M-1738 Teachers Right to Anonymity (lodged on 18 April 2008) Jackie Baillie*, Elaine Murray*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Karen Whitefield*, Trish Godman*

S3M-1736 Gourock Outdoor Swimming Pool in Centenary Celebrations (lodged on 18 April 2008) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-1735 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the State of Israel (lodged on 18 April 2008) Ken Macintosh*, John Lamont*, Jackson Carlaw*, Jamie Hepburn*, Murdo Fraser*, Stuart McMillan*

S3M-1734 The Importance of Record Shops (lodged on 17 April 2008) Jack McConnell*, Jamie Hepburn*, Trish Godman*

S3M-1733 Michael Gray (lodged on 17 April 2008) Jamie Hepburn*, Cathie Craigie*, Jack McConnell*, Trish Godman*

S3M-1732 The Workers Beer Company in Scotland (lodged on 17 April 2008) Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-1721 Banning of Looped Blind Cords (lodged on 16 April 2008) Ken Macintosh*

S3M-1719 Arthritis Care Awareness Week (lodged on 15 April 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-1711 Emotional Health at Work (lodged on 15 April 2008) Ken Macintosh*

S3M-1710# Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living (lodged on 15 April 2008) Joe FitzPatrick*

S3M-1705# Fuel Costs (lodged on 14 April 2008) Joe FitzPatrick*

S3M-1701 Celebrating 100 Years of the Territorial Army (lodged on 14 April 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Annabel Goldie*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-1695 SGF Healthy Living Programme (lodged on 11 April 2008) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-1689 Falkirk High Schools Debating Competition (lodged on 9 April 2008) Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1687 St John’s Hospital: Healthy Working Lives Gold Award (lodged on 9 April 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-1683 AMA’s Long Walk to the Beechgrove Garden for CHAS (lodged on 8 April 2008) Aileen Campbell*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-1682 Show Racism The Red Card Artwork Winners (lodged on 8 April 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1679# Supermarket Dominance in Scottish Retailing (lodged on 7 April 2008) Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1678 DSA Motorcycle Centres (lodged on 7 April 2008) Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1677 Skara Brae Timeline (lodged on 7 April 2008) Joe FitzPatrick*

S3M-1676 Income Tax Increase for Poorest Taxpayers (lodged on 7 April 2008) Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1674 Lanarkshire Supershow (lodged on 4 April 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-1673 Congratulations to Allied Vehicles Ltd (lodged on 4 April 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-1672 Church of Scotland Housing and Loan Fund (lodged on 3 April 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Jamie Stone*

S3M-1670 90th Anniversary of the Formation of the Royal Air Force (lodged on 2 April 2008) Annabel Goldie*, Jack McConnell*

S3M-1666 World Cross Country Championships (lodged on 1 April 2008) Jack McConnell*

S3M-1661 Zimbabwe Vigil in Glasgow (lodged on 28 March 2008) Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1660# Alternative and Augmentative Communication (lodged on 28 March 2008) Annabel Goldie*, Aileen Campbell*, Trish Godman*, Margaret Curran*

S3M-1659 Look OK...Feel Crap? (lodged on 28 March 2008) Jack McConnell*, Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1564 Data Protection Investigation (lodged on 13 March 2008) Iain Smith*, Jim Tolson*, Jim Hume*

S3M-1539# Leven to Thornton Rail Link (lodged on 11 March 2008) Iain Smith*

S3M-1467 EU Sheep Identification Rules (lodged on 3 March 2008) Mike Rumbles*

S3M-1347 Violence Against Betting Shop Workers (lodged on 13 February 2008) Jack McConnell*

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