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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-1734 Mr Frank McAveety: The Importance of Record Shops—That the Parliament recognises the role that local record stores and shops have played in providing music and entertainment to music lovers in Scotland; further recognises that stores and shops provide character and interest throughout our towns and cities and provide an invaluable resource to music lovers, young and old, to explore their passion for music; also recognises the importance of record stores and shops in encouraging new musicians in developing their talent and appreciates the comments of Paul McCartney who "hopes that these kinds of stores will be there for us all for many years to come"; endorses National Record Store Day on Saturday 19 April 2008, and hopes that such stores and shops will have a future that the next generation of music lovers appreciate.

*S3M-1733 Peter Peacock: Michael Gray—That the Parliament notes with regret the sad and premature death of Michael Gray; records its appreciation of his life’s work in support of others and particularly his effort and that of his wife, Tina McGeever, over recent months in raising important issues with the Parliament about cancer care and the need for more equitable treatment of patients across Scotland; commends Mr Gray for his humility, dignity and courage, and for his commitment to advance the cause of his fellow Scots in the face of his own terminal illness; commits to examining thoroughly the issues raised by Mr Gray with a view to improving care of all those whom he sought to support through his own determined efforts, and offers condolences to Mr Gray’s family and friends.

Supported by: Rhoda Grant*, David Stewart*, Bill Butler*, Margaret Curran*, Claire Baker*, Nanette Milne*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Nigel Don*, John Farquhar Munro*, Jamie Stone*, Dave Thompson*, Rob Gibson*, Angela Constance*, Robin Harper*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Christine Grahame*

*S3M-1732 Pauline McNeill: The Workers Beer Company in Scotland—That the Parliament recognises the contribution of the Workers Beer Company to the success of the Scottish live music and events sector and notes the significant fundraising that is provided for various trades-union, labour movement, campaigning, voluntary and charity organisations and its particular success in involving young people in causes and campaigns; commends this remarkable company, which was originally set up by the Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council, for the success of its 2007-08 programme of activities which have included providing bars at the Indian Summer Festival in Glasgow and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, and wishes the Workers Beer Company every continued success in future years.

Supported by: Karen Gillon*, Patrick Harvie*, Trish Godman*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Cathy Peattie*

*S3M-1731 John Swinney: The Draft Transport and Works (Scotland) Act 2007 (Access to Land by the Scottish Ministers) Order 2008—That the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee recommends that the draft Transport and Works (Scotland) Act 2007 (Access to Land by the Scottish Ministers) Order 2008 be approved.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson*, Jim Mather*

*S3M-1730 John Swinney: The Draft Transport and Works (Scotland) Act 2007 (Access to Land on Application) Order 2008—That the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee recommends that the draft Transport and Works (Scotland) Act 2007 (Access to Land on Application) Order 2008 be approved.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson*, Jim Mather*

*S3M-1729 Aileen Campbell: The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme—That the Parliament notes with concern the effect of changes to the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme that have effectively cut the labour supply for Scotland’s fruit farms, which usually employ up to 10,000 people a year; supports the call by the National Farmers Union to allow at least a further 5,000 workers to enter the UK for seasonal agricultural work, and believes that such situations can best be remedied by powers over immigration and asylum being returned to the Scottish Parliament.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Brian Adam*, Sandra White*, Christine Grahame*, Patrick Harvie*, Jamie Hepburn*, Rob Gibson*, Alex Neil*, Gil Paterson*

*S3M-1728 Patrick Harvie: Scotland’s Approach to Biofuel—That the Parliament recognises the urgency of the climate change issue and understands that this urgency has driven international moves to back biofuels; however, notes the Losing Ground report published by Friends of the Earth and LifeMosaic which sets out the social and environmental costs often associated with biofuel plantations in the developing world; acknowledges the concerns of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and others that wholesale moves to biofuel crops can jeopardise biodiversity both overseas through loss of rainforest and in Scotland through economic pressures leading to loss of field margins and reduced set-aside land; further notes the comments from the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser that the current approach to biofuels is insufficiently sustainable; recognises that Scottish-grown biofuel crops are often transported significant distances for processing, leading to increased carbon emissions; notes the risk to food prices at home and abroad associated with increased use of agricultural land for fuel crops, and calls on the Scottish Government to ensure that Scottish measures to comply with the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation are consistent with real cuts in carbon emissions and with both social justice and economic sustainability in Scotland and across the developing world.

*S3M-1727 Christine Grahame: And Finally... Radio Scotland Newsreading Changes—That the Parliament notes the recent change in format made to BBC Radio Scotland that has resulted in presenters of programming output being required to read the hourly and half hourly news bulletins; notes that this change, introduced by BBC management to reduce costs, is undermining the quality and authoritativeness of news and current affairs output on BBC Radio Scotland, such as Good Morning Scotland and more recently its evening radio output, and urges the BBC to reconsider the change in format which has been motivated by the need to make efficiency savings and reinstate the established format so that the quality of output from Scotland’s national radio service is not further eroded.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Rob Gibson*, Alex Neil*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1691 Robert Brown: Strategy for Play—That the Parliament notes the introduction of the UK Government’s play strategy for England and the commitment of £235 million over three years to fund the strategy including the rebuilding or renewal of playgrounds and the creation of supervised adventure playgrounds; notes with concern that many children have deficiencies in communication skills when they start school; welcomes the contribution that play makes to the development and life chances of children; believes that the time is ripe for the development of an innovative play and communication strategy for Scotland, and urges the Scottish Government to give play and communication a high priority in its programme.

Supported by: Rhoda Grant*

*S3M-1691.1 Mary Mulligan: Strategy for Play—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1691) in the name of Robert Brown, leave out from "and urges" to end and insert "including a plan for Scotland’s playgrounds which should be developed in conjunction with organisations such as the Forestry Commission and Greenspace Scotland to create and open up more green space to give children new and exciting places to play, and urges the Scottish Government to fulfil its manifesto pledge to develop a play strategy for Scotland’s children and young people."

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-1725 Right to Rent (lodged on 16 April 2008) George Foulkes*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Karen Whitefield*, David Stewart*, Patricia Ferguson*, Richard Baker*, Mike Pringle*, Marlyn Glen*, Elaine Smith*, Hugh Henry*, John Park*

S3M-1724 Offensive Anti-Scottish Campaign by the English Democrats (lodged on 16 April 2008) George Foulkes*, Marlyn Glen*, David Stewart*, Lewis Macdonald*, Liam McArthur*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Elaine Murray*, Bill Butler*, Elaine Smith*, Hugh Henry*, Trish Godman*, David Whitton*

S3M-1723 Pension Parity (lodged on 16 April 2008) Roseanna Cunningham*, Bill Kidd*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Bashir Ahmad*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Wilson*, Christina McKelvie*, Ian McKee*, Sandra White*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1722 Concern at Edinburgh Community Mediation Service Budget Cut (lodged on 16 April 2008) Karen Whitefield*

S3M-1721 Banning of Looped Blind Cords (lodged on 16 April 2008) Jamie Hepburn*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Kenneth Gibson*, Marlyn Glen*, Patricia Ferguson*, David Whitton*, Bill Butler*, John Scott*, Cathie Craigie*, Jamie Stone*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Elaine Murray*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Trish Godman*, John Park*, George Foulkes*, Robin Harper*, Gil Paterson*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-1719 Arthritis Care Awareness Week (lodged on 15 April 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Sandra White*, Christina McKelvie*, Dr Richard Simpson*, Jackie Baillie*

S3M-1711 Emotional Health at Work (lodged on 15 April 2008) Sandra White*, Christina McKelvie*, Brian Adam*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1710 Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living (lodged on 15 April 2008) Marlyn Glen*, Sandra White*, Cathy Peattie*, David Whitton*, Pauline McNeill*, Sarah Boyack*, Trish Godman*, Gil Paterson*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-1709 Glasgow Caledonian University’s Crystal Celebrations (lodged on 15 April 2008) Bill Aitken*, Gil Paterson*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-1708 Centenary of the 2nd Inverness Company of Boys’ Brigade, Ness Bank Church (lodged on 15 April 2008) Sandra White*, David Whitton*, Jackie Baillie*, Karen Whitefield*

S3M-1707 Equal Access to Rural Priorities Funding (lodged on 15 April 2008) Hugh O’Donnell*, Ross Finnie*, Alison McInnes*, Mike Rumbles*, Mike Pringle*, Jim Hume*, Robin Harper*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1705# Fuel Costs (lodged on 14 April 2008) Jamie Stone*, Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-1704 Congratulations to Falkirk Rugby Club (lodged on 14 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1703♦ The Unforeseeable Outcome of SNH Management Agreements (lodged on 14 April 2008) Jamie Stone*

S3M-1702 Cluster Bombs (lodged on 14 April 2008) Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-1701 Celebrating 100 Years of the Territorial Army (lodged on 14 April 2008) Jamie Stone*, Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*

S3M-1700 Congratulations to Queen of the South (lodged on 14 April 2008) Gil Paterson*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-1698 Moving Forward with Free School Meals (lodged on 11 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1695 SGF Healthy Living Programme (lodged on 11 April 2008) Jamie Stone*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1693 Apprehension of Gang Members (lodged on 11 April 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Christina McKelvie*, Alex Neil*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Bill Butler*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1692# How Much is that Doggy in the Window? (lodged on 10 April 2008) Christina McKelvie*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1690 Spiralling Costs of London Olympics (lodged on 9 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1689 Falkirk High Schools Debating Competition (lodged on 9 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1687 St John’s Hospital: Healthy Working Lives Gold Award (lodged on 9 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1686 Restore the 10p Tax Rate (lodged on 9 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1685 Widening the Gap Between Rich and Poor (lodged on 9 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1682 Show Racism The Red Card Artwork Winners (lodged on 8 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1681.1 HITRANS Supports Equal Treatment for All Island Ferries (lodged on 14 April 2008) Dave Thompson*

S3M-1679# Supermarket Dominance in Scottish Retailing (lodged on 7 April 2008) John Wilson*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1678 DSA Motorcycle Centres (lodged on 7 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1677 Skara Brae Timeline (lodged on 7 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1676 Income Tax Increase for Poorest Taxpayers (lodged on 7 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1675 Level Heads and the National Conversation (lodged on 7 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1672 Church of Scotland Housing and Loan Fund (lodged on 3 April 2008) Elizabeth Smith*, John Lamont*, Rob Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Kenneth Gibson*, Andrew Welsh*, Mary Scanlon*, Alex Neil*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Gil Paterson*, Murdo Fraser*, Tom McCabe*, Margaret Mitchell*, Jamie McGrigor*, Nanette Milne*, Robin Harper*

S3M-1671 Council for Scottish Archaeology Changes its Name (lodged on 3 April 2008) Jamie Stone*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1670 90th Anniversary of the Formation of the Royal Air Force (lodged on 2 April 2008) Gil Paterson*, Tom McCabe*

S3M-1669♦ Commemorative Stamps for 200th Anniversary of Scots Language Dictionary and Funding for Complete Modern Scots Dictionary (lodged on 2 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1667# Congratulations to Glaswegian Newspaper (lodged on 1 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1666 World Cross Country Championships (lodged on 1 April 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1665 Congratulations to Chris Hoy, the Real McHoy! (lodged on 31 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1664 Merger of Epilepsy Scotland and Enlighten - Tackling Epilepsy (lodged on 31 March 2008) Jamie Stone*, Gil Paterson*, Tom McCabe*

S3M-1662 Welcome Return of Direct Flights Between Scotland and Pakistan (lodged on 28 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1661 Zimbabwe Vigil in Glasgow (lodged on 28 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1660# Alternative and Augmentative Communication (lodged on 28 March 2008) Mary Mulligan*, Sandra White*

S3M-1659 Look OK...Feel Crap? (lodged on 28 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1656 Congratulations to East Ayrshire Council (lodged on 27 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1653# World Heritage Day (lodged on 28 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1652# Racism in Football (lodged on 27 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*, Gil Paterson*

S3M-1651# RNIB Scotland’s Right to Read Campaign (lodged on 27 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1650# Cumbernauld Bus Station (lodged on 27 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1649 St Timothy’s Primary School, A Class Act (lodged on 26 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1645# Sweet 16?: The Age of Leaving Care in Scotland (lodged on 26 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1643# Bevin Boys (lodged on 26 March 2008) Gil Paterson*

S3M-1627# MS Awareness Week 21-27 April 2008 (lodged on 25 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1617 Help the Hospices (lodged on 20 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1616 Specialist Doctors’ Contract (lodged on 20 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1612 Scottish Campaign for Cardiac Rehabilitation (lodged on 19 March 2008) Derek Brownlee*

S3M-1584 Barra Lifeboat (lodged on 14 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1569 Parliamentary Scrutiny of Local Income Tax (lodged on 13 March 2008) Rhoda Grant*

S3M-1557 Water Rates Relief Campaign (lodged on 13 March 2008) Bob Doris*

S3M-1552 Anti-Semitic Blogging in National Newspapers (lodged on 12 March 2008) John Lamont*

S3M-1519 Children’s Right to Play (lodged on 7 March 2008) Rob Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, John Park*, Sandra White*, Bill Kidd*, Angela Constance*, Elaine Smith*, Kenneth Gibson*, Ken Macintosh*, Patrick Harvie*, Nanette Milne*, Jim Tolson*, Cathy Peattie*, Gil Paterson*, Cathy Jamieson*, Mike Pringle*, Ross Finnie*

S3M-1423 Architecture and Design Scotland Schools Design Programme (lodged on 26 February 2008) Christopher Harvie*

S3M-1396 Muireann McLaughlin (lodged on 21 February 2008) Bashir Ahmad*, Ian McKee*, Bob Doris*, Roseanna Cunningham*

S3M-1347 Violence Against Betting Shop Workers (lodged on 13 February 2008) Mary Mulligan*, Karen Gillon*

S3M-1288 Why Do We Feel So Broke? (lodged on 4 February 2008) Gil Paterson*

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