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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-1317 Duncan McNeil: Congratulations to Lawrence Tynes of the New York Giants—That the Parliament congratulates Greenock-born Lawrence Tynes on kicking the New York Giants to victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII; notes that, in doing so, he has scored another first for Greenock by becoming the first Scot to win the Super Bowl, and invites him to pass on kicking tips to Scotland’s national rugby team when he visits Inverclyde later this year.

*S3M-1316 Bill Wilson: Congratulating Scottish Science—That the Parliament notes the findings of the recently published Metrics for the Scottish Research Base report commissioned by the Scottish Government; notes that outcomes, in terms of research recognition, citations, training and research quality, are excellent at 2% of world highly-cited papers, 1% of world citations and 0.8% of publications; notes that Scottish scientists perform well in a variety of fields and are first in the world in terms of impact, in health and related sciences, and first in the world in terms of citations per GDP; further notes that, for the Scottish research base as a whole, the average impact has increased progressively over the last 10 years, placing Scotland second in the world behind only Switzerland, and congratulates Scottish-based scientists for the quality of their research.

*S3M-1315 Michael Russell: Commercial Forestry—That the Parliament, mindful of the Scottish Government’s purpose to achieve sustainable economic growth, acknowledges the contribution that forests and woodlands make through timber, tourism and direct and indirect employment, and recognises the need to support the continued development and expansion of the commercial Scottish forestry sector and the competitive and developing industries which it underpins.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead*

*S3M-1314 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Budget (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that, during Stage 3 of the Budget (Scotland) Bill, debate on groups of amendments shall, subject to Rule 9.8.4A, be brought to a conclusion by the time limit indicated, that time limit being calculated from when the Stage begins and excluding any periods when other business is under consideration or when a meeting of the Parliament is suspended (other than a suspension following the first division in the Stage being called) or otherwise not in progress:

Group 1: 45 minutes.

*S3M-1313♦ John Scott: Strengthening Services in the Community for Families Living with Huntington’s Disease—That the Parliament applauds the valuable work done by the Scottish Huntington’s Association in Ayrshire and across Scotland in providing support to families living with Huntington’s disease; welcomes the ongoing engagement between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Huntington’s Association when considering the health and social care needs of those with single gene complex disability disorders, and believes that further steps should be taken to strengthen the partnership between the NHS and the third sector to enhance the provision of services in the community to families living with Huntington’s disease.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon*, Nanette Milne*, Jackson Carlaw*, Bill Aitken*, David McLetchie*

*S3M-1312 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Suspension of Standing Orders—That the Parliament agrees that, for the purpose of allowing up to 20 minutes to debate motion S3M-1306 on Thursday 21 February 2008, the second and third sentences of Rule 10.6.5 of Standing Orders be suspended.

*S3M-1311 Jamie Hepburn: Launch of the Automotrice Grande Vitesse—That the Parliament notes the launch of the Automotrice Grande Vitesse, a new generation high-speed train, which will be used on the rapidly developing European high-speed rail network; believes that such progress on mainland Europe leaves the UK rail network at risk of falling even further behind technological developments and consequently facing greater difficulty in achieving integration; welcomes new initiatives by the Scottish Government to improve Scotland’s rail infrastructure, and further believes that the people of Scotland will only achieve the 21st-century high speed rail network that they need and deserve once the Parliament has all the powers necessary to bring this about.

*S3M-1310# Sandra White: Glasgow Task Force—That the Parliament notes with serious concern the report by the Centre of Social Justice, published on 5 February 2008, showing that Glasgow has 170 teenage gangs, the same as London, with a population one-sixth of the size; acknowledges the Federation of Small Businesses Scotland’s FSB Index of Success 2007 which showed that Glasgow had the poorest rating for education, health, employment and inequality of all the 32 local authority areas in Scotland and the policy recommendations of the report highlighting the need for cross-party support at national and local level in order to take forward crucial policies and address the serious problems facing Glasgow, and hopes that this new report will serve as a catalyst for all parties to support the establishment of a special task force for Glasgow to tackle such inequality.

*S3M-1309 Jim Tolson: Food Without Fear Campaign—That the Parliament recognises the importance of the proper handling by chefs and caterers of allergens in loose foods in hospitals, schools and eating establishments; notes the recent publication of guidance by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to increase the understanding of chefs and caterers and to protect consumers with a food intolerance; recognises that people with coeliac disease have an autoimmune disease and that the only treatment is a lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet; notes that for people with coeliac disease eating in hospital can be restrictive and potentially unsafe if proper guidelines are not followed; urges hospitals to improve the availability of gluten-free choices and chefs and caterers in all eating establishments to do the same; calls for the impact of the new FSA guidance on the handling of allergens in loose foods to be monitored to achieve greater understanding, awareness and gluten-free choices on menus, and supports Coeliac UK in its Food Without Fear campaign to raise chefs’ and caterers’ awareness and understanding of coeliac disease to ensure that eating out through pleasure or need for those who suffer from this condition is made less restrictive.

*S3M-1308 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees the following programme of business—

Wednesday 20 February 2008

2.30 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Ministerial Statement: Snaring

followed by Scottish Government Debate: Malawi

followed by Legislative Consent Motion: Education and Skills Bill – UK Legislation

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 21 February 2008

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Business

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time

Health and Wellbeing

2.55 pm Scottish Government Debate: Democracy in Local Health Care

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Wednesday 27 February 2008

2.15 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body Question Time

followed by Stage 1 Debate: Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill

followed by Financial Resolution: Glasgow Commonwealth Games Bill

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 28 February 2008

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Labour Party Business

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time

Rural Affairs and the Environment;
Justice and Law Officers

2.55 pm Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Stage 3 Debate: Graduate Endowment Abolition (Scotland) Bill

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

*S3M-1307 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees the following revision to the programme of business for Wednesday 6 February 2008—


followed by Stage 3 Debate: Budget (Scotland) Bill


followed by Legislative Consent Motion: Education and Skills Bill – UK Legislation

*S3M-1306 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Approval of SSI—That the Parliament agrees that the draft Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 (Prescribed Documents) Regulations 2008 be approved.

*S3M-1305 Christine Grahame: Lets Go With ".sco"—That the Parliament urges the Scottish Government to make representations to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority to introduce a standard ".sco" top level domain name for all official public bodies in Scotland; recognises that such a move would enhance Scotland’s international reputation both in terms of e-commerce and also international relations; notes that the "" suffix attached to existing public bodies has become seriously tarnished in recent years due to controversies over the mass loss of personal data from UK public bodies, and notes the growing confidence that Scotland is enjoying as the nation sets its own policy agenda free from dictat or interference from Westminster politicians.

Supported by: Bob Doris*, Brian Adam*, Rob Gibson*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*

*S3M-1304 Bob Doris: God Bless the SNP Government—That the Parliament notes the statement by Glasgow City Council leader, Steven Purcell, confirming the Labour administration’s intention to freeze its council tax levels for a third year; recognises that this is in stark contrast to the 20%, 22% and 12% rises in its first three years as a unitary authority; welcomes the comments of one councillor who stated "The opposition Scottish Government is giving us money to do what we were planning to do anyway. God bless them"; applauds the fact that this will allow Glasgow City Council to apply for its share of the additional £70 million being made available by the Scottish Government to allow all local authorities to freeze council tax, and looks forward to other local authorities following suit.

Supported by: Alasdair Allan*, Ian McKee*, Bashir Ahmad*, Christine Grahame*, Aileen Campbell*, Rob Gibson*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Stuart McMillan*

*S3M-1303 Karen Whitefield: Caldervale Success in Make Your Mark Challenge—That the Parliament congratulates the staff and pupils of Caldervale High School in Airdrie for their success in winning the Scottish regional heat of the enterprising Make Your Mark Challenge through the production of a "seasonal smoothie" which was packaged in recycled plastic bottles; commends staff and pupils for their efforts in representing Scottish schools in the UK final, and recognises the benefits of encouraging young people to become involved in enterprise endeavours, especially when the products developed are of a sustainable and health-promoting nature.

Supported by: Elaine Smith*, Trish Godman*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Patricia Ferguson*, Sandra White*, John Park*, Aileen Campbell*, Karen Gillon*, Rhona Brankin*, Patrick Harvie*

*S3M-1302 Bill Wilson: Scams Awareness Month, February 2008—That the Parliament congratulates Consumer Direct and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) on Scams Awareness Month; notes the misery that scams can cause, and encourages all residents of Scotland to familiarise themselves with the information on various scams provided by the OFT and Consumer Direct and to report any suspected scams to the relevant authorities.

*S3M-1301 Jamie McGrigor: Rights of the Indian Hindu Minority in Malaysia—That the Parliament notes with concern the recent arrest and detention without trial in Malaysia of five ethnic Indian human rights activists from the organisation Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) following a peaceful rally about human rights; notes that these men are being held under the Internal Security Act which allows detention without trial for an unspecified period; further notes that these arrests come on top of other actions taken by the Malaysian Government to curtail the human rights of the minority Indian Hindu community in Malaysia including the freedom of religion; calls on Her Majesty’s Government to make representations to the government of Malaysia about these matters and to press for the early release of the Hindraf activists, and, while noting the UK’s good relations with Malaysia and the welcome contributions that Malaysia makes to peacekeeping missions across the globe, calls on Malaysia to ensure that the internationally protected rights to peaceful assembly, expression and freedom of thought, conscience and religion are promoted at home among all the ethnic groups that make up Malaysian society, including the ethnic minority Indian community.

Supported by: Hugh O’Donnell*, Nanette Milne*, Mike Pringle*, Murdo Fraser*, John Lamont*

*S3M-1300 Shirley-Anne Somerville: Edinburgh University Students’ Association: Community Action Award—That the Parliament welcomes Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s new Student Community Action Award which is designed to recognise the charitable work that its societies undertake; notes the great contribution that these students have made to their local communities; congratulates the Fonelisco Orphanage Project society, which supports an orphanage for street children in Tanzania, on winning the inaugural award; praises the work of all societies that were applicants for the award, and wishes them all every success for the future.

*S3M-1299 Ms Wendy Alexander: Braehead Shopping Centre—That the Parliament congratulates Braehead Shopping Centre for the quality of its facilities; notes that it is now one of the most popular shopping and leisure destinations in Scotland; further notes the contribution made by Xscape at Braehead to sport and leisure facilities and recognises that many people from beyond Scotland are visiting these facilities in Renfrewshire; congratulates Braehead for its community-led activities and support for many local organisations and charities, and looks forward to Braehead continuing to make a major contribution to the Renfrewshire and Scottish economies.

*S3M-1298 Bill Butler: Formal Opening of Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre—That the Parliament welcomes the formal opening on 1 February 2008 of the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, located at Gartnavel hospital in Glasgow Anniesland; commends the foresight of Malcolm Chisholm MSP, then Minister for Health and Community Care, who approved the plans for this £105 million, publicly funded, state-of-the-art healthcare facility, the second phase of the replacement of Glasgow’s Beatson Oncology Centre, on 29 January 2002; salutes the dedication and commitment of all of those involved in bringing the project to fruition, including all NHS staff, the Friends of the Beatson, Macmillan Cancer Support, the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Robertson Trust, and the Trades House of Glasgow, and acknowledges that the Beatson will play a central part in the fight against cancer by ensuring that patients have access to cutting-edge equipment, treatments and surroundings to rival any similar top cancer hospital in Europe.

Supported by: Elaine Smith*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Des McNulty*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Rhona Brankin*, Patricia Ferguson*, Karen Whitefield*, Trish Godman*, Hugh Henry*, David Whitton*, Michael McMahon*, Karen Gillon*, Mary Mulligan*, Patrick Harvie*

*S3M-1297# John Park: Upper Forth Crossing—That the Parliament welcomes the progress being made in constructing the Upper Forth crossing; looks forward to its planned opening in 2008; recognises that when both crossings are operational this will greatly improve the road infrastructure and cut journey times around Kincardine; is concerned that increasingly the Forth Road Bridge is closed to high-sided vehicles, placing a burden on the A985, A907 and A997; accepts that the existing Kincardine crossing is planned to close for a maintenance period following the opening of the Upper Forth crossing; is concerned that Kincardine will suffer severe traffic congestion as vehicles are diverted through and around the village to the new crossing, and is further concerned that the villages situated on the A907, such as Oakley, Blairhall, Carnock, Saline and Gowkhall will also be subjected to unprecedented levels of traffic congestion.

*S3M-1296.1 Iain Gray: Budget (Scotland) Bill—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1296) in the name of John Swinney, insert at end "but, in so doing, calls on the Scottish Government to continue throughout 2008-09 to seek ways to expand programmes of skills and training generally and modern apprenticeships specifically; to secure national minimum standards of service for vulnerable groups and to make a statement to the Parliament outlining how it will achieve this."

S3M-1266 Joe FitzPatrick: Responsible Procurement Strategy—That the Parliament commends the launch of its responsible procurement strategy; notes that, rather than just being a collection of worthy policies, this is a systematic approach to responsible procurement which aims to transform culture across the Parliament; further commends the publication of the strategy to meet the Parliament’s needs without jeopardising the ability of others to meet their needs in the future; acknowledges that this is a contribution to the high standard of environmental management already adopted in the Parliament, which was the first public body to adopt ecological footprint as a corporate key performance indicator, and notes that, by seeking the highest standards in its operations, we can demonstrate that we should all aspire to be responsible global citizens.

*S3M-1266.1 Christine Grahame: Responsible Procurement Strategy—As an amendment to motion (S3M-1266) in the name of Joe FitzPatrick, after "key performance indicator" insert "; welcomes the commitment to incorporate animal welfare as an area for policy development, which is another example of the Scottish Parliament taking a lead on an issue of public concern".

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-1295# Supporters Direct in Scotland (lodged on 4 February 2008) Jim Tolson*, Bill Butler*, Michael McMahon*, Mary Mulligan*, James Kelly*, Elaine Murray*, Jackie Baillie*, Bill Kidd*, Sandra White*, Stuart McMillan*, John Park*, Kenneth Gibson*, Lewis Macdonald*, Ken Macintosh*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Andy Kerr*, Claire Baker*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Trish Godman*

S3M-1294 Insolvency Rates in Scotland (lodged on 4 February 2008) Sandra White*, Stuart McMillan*, Angela Constance*, Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Alex Neil*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Bill Wilson*, Christine Grahame*, Joe FitzPatrick*

S3M-1291 You’ve Had Enough of Our Money, Hands Off Our Notes (lodged on 4 February 2008) Joe FitzPatrick*, Bob Doris*, Willie Coffey*, Ian McKee*, Aileen Campbell*, Rob Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Christine Grahame*, Brian Adam*, Bill Wilson*, Stuart McMillan*, Alasdair Allan*, Sandra White*

S3M-1290 Creative Glasgow: City of Music (lodged on 4 February 2008) Sandra White*, Kenneth Gibson*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Karen Whitefield*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Claire Baker*, Patricia Ferguson*, Trish Godman*, Ian McKee*, Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-1289 I Love My Smoke-Free Childhood (lodged on 4 February 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Bill Wilson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Claire Baker*, Christine Grahame*

S3M-1288 Why Do We Feel So Broke? (lodged on 4 February 2008) Sandra White*, Stuart McMillan*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Christine Grahame*

S3M-1286 Rising Energy Prices (lodged on 1 February 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Jamie Stone*, Robert Brown*, Tom McCabe*

S3M-1285 Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (lodged on 1 February 2008) Jackie Baillie*, Stuart McMillan*, Angela Constance*, Kenneth Gibson*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1284 An End to the Prospect of Ship-to-Ship Transfers in the Firth of Forth (lodged on 1 February 2008) Angela Constance*, Elaine Smith*

S3M-1283 Congratulations to Buckie Community High School (lodged on 1 February 2008) Alex Johnstone*

S3M-1282 Morning Star Relaunch (lodged on 1 February 2008) Christine Grahame*

S3M-1281 50th Anniversary of Scottish CND (lodged on 31 January 2008) Christine Grahame*

S3M-1280 Access to Work for Young Deaf People (lodged on 31 January 2008) Nigel Don*

S3M-1279 Congratulations to Dakota Bar and Grill, Restaurant of the Year (lodged on 31 January 2008) Stuart McMillan*, Hugh O’Donnell*

S3M-1278 Effective Energy Complaint Handling (lodged on 31 January 2008) Angela Constance*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Tom McCabe*, Christine Grahame*

S3M-1277 Glasgow Magazine Wins Award (lodged on 31 January 2008) Stuart McMillan*

S3M-1276# Borderline Homelessness Charity (lodged on 31 January 2008) Trish Godman*

S3M-1273 VAT for Warm Homes Campaign (lodged on 31 January 2008) Bob Doris*

S3M-1271# Hunting of Wild Boar with Dogs (lodged on 31 January 2008) Marilyn Livingstone*, Christine Grahame*

S3M-1265 Sub-standard Military Housing (lodged on 30 January 2008) Sandra White*, Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Alex Neil*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Mike Rumbles*, Bill Wilson*, Christine Grahame*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Ian McKee*

S3M-1264 Scottish Book Trust (lodged on 30 January 2008) Angela Constance*, Tom McCabe*

S3M-1261 Ronald Rae’s Lion of Scotland (lodged on 30 January 2008) Trish Godman*

S3M-1251 Strathclyde Partnership for Transport Report on Glasgow Crossrail (lodged on 29 January 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1247 Independent Living Funds (lodged on 29 January 2008) Angela Constance*, Sandra White*, Bob Doris*, Kenneth Gibson*, Alex Neil*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Bill Wilson*, Christine Grahame*

S3M-1236 Improving Services and Support for People with Dementia (lodged on 28 January 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1228 VAT on Sports and Leisure Trusts’ Membership Packages (lodged on 28 January 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1227 British Sign Language - Glossary of Science Terms (lodged on 28 January 2008) Pauline McNeill*, Sandra White*, Mary Mulligan*, Angela Constance*, Jackie Baillie*, Karen Whitefield*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Bill Wilson*, Patricia Ferguson*, Trish Godman*, Hugh Henry*

S3M-1225# Heart at Risk Screening for Young Sportsmen and Women (lodged on 25 January 2008) Trish Godman*

S3M-1213# Marketing and Communications Sector in Scotland (lodged on 24 January 2008) Mary Mulligan*

S3M-1211 St Andrew’s Society of Detroit (lodged on 23 January 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1205 UN International Year of Languages (lodged on 23 January 2008) Mary Mulligan*

S3M-1203 Reid Kerr (lodged on 22 January 2008) Jackie Baillie*, Pauline McNeill*, Sandra White*, Mary Mulligan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Karen Whitefield*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Marilyn Livingstone*, Ms Wendy Alexander*, Patricia Ferguson*, Trish Godman*, Mr Frank McAveety*

S3M-1194 Domestic Abuse Play by Teenagers from Kilmardinny Arts Centre (lodged on 22 January 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1184# Torphin Hill Golf Club (lodged on 21 January 2008) Tom McCabe*

S3M-1182 Problem Gambling (lodged on 18 January 2008) Bill Wilson*

S3M-1144 Midnight Footie (lodged on 15 January 2008) Mike Pringle*, Jim Tolson*, Angela Constance*, Jamie McGrigor*, Liam McArthur*, Bill Wilson*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Ian McKee*

S3M-1142 Scottish Environment Week (lodged on 15 January 2008) Willie Coffey*

S3M-1096# Recreational Sea Angling (lodged on 7 January 2008) Jackson Carlaw*

S3M-1075 Erwin Ureel (lodged on 20 December 2007) Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1065# Proposed Closure of Rural Schools (lodged on 19 December 2007) Jackson Carlaw*

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