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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-1296 John Swinney: Budget (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Budget (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Alex Salmond*, Bruce Crawford*

*S3M-1295# Marilyn Livingstone: Supporters Direct in Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes the work of Supporters Direct in Scotland; recognises its contribution to Scottish football and believes that supporters’ trusts provide the best mechanism for involving communities in their football clubs and that the Raith Trust in the Kirkcaldy parliamentary constituency is an excellent example of where supporters’ trusts promote community empowerment and strengthen local football teams, and believes that they should continue to be supported.

Supported by: Rhona Brankin*, Mike Pringle*, Marlyn Glen*

*S3M-1294 Aileen Campbell: Insolvency Rates in Scotland—That the Parliament notes figures released by the Insolvency Service, which show that the number of personal bankruptcies in Scotland in 2007 was 14.5% higher than in 2006; expresses concern that increasing numbers of people in Scotland are facing unmanageable debts; believes that, while bankruptcy can be a necessary last resort in some cases, more action must be taken to stop people ending up in financial difficulty in the first place, and further believes that people in Scotland would benefit from the Scottish Parliament having more power over the regulation of credit and financial services and the ability to act against irresponsible lending practices.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Alasdair Allan*, Bob Doris*

*S3M-1293 Robin Harper: Nationally Important Marine Areas—That the Parliament congratulates the Marine Conservation Society and organisations associated with the Scottish Environment LINK Marine Task Force on the publication of Finding NIMAs: Making the Case for Nationally Important Marine Areas; notes that this report argues for NIMAs in order to protect nationally important species of fish, birds and marine plants, to meet international commitments, including an ecologically-coherent network of well-managed areas, and to help regenerate our seas; further notes the successful campaigning by the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST) for Lamlash Bay to become the first Community Marine Conservation Area in Scotland, and indeed the United Kingdom; welcomes the recent encouragement given by the Scottish Government to COAST, and expresses the hope that further progress will be made towards developing an all-encompassing Marine Bill for Scotland.

*S3M-1292 Aileen Campbell: Congratulations to Friends of Burnbraes Park, Biggar—That the Parliament congratulates Friends of Burnbraes Park in Biggar on its successful application to the Community Environmental Renewal Scheme for a grant of £40,000 toward the installation of new equipment; recognises that local parks and green spaces remain vital community assets, and believes that this kind of development helps to promote healthy lifestyles and exercise among people of all ages.

*S3M-1291 Gil Paterson: You’ve Had Enough of Our Money, Hands Off Our Notes—That the Parliament supports the campaign by the Scottish Daily Express to give Scottish bank notes equality status and notes with concern what is planned by the UK Government which will effectively mean the end of Scottish notes; calls on the UK Government not to abolish the circulation of Scottish notes; highlights the fact that Scottish banks are the among the most stable financial institutions in the world; considers that the UK Government has taken enough of Scotland’s wealth but that its appetite remains unabated, and therefore calls on the UK Government to keep its hands off Scottish notes as London has had enough of our money.

*S3M-1290 Pauline McNeill: Creative Glasgow: City of Music—That the Parliament notes and supports the launching of Glasgow’s bid to become a UNESCO City of Music which would see Glasgow follow Edinburgh in joining the international Creative Cities Network and recognition of Glasgow’s contribution to world music from classical concerts to dance halls and the vibrant contemporary music scene, in addition to Glasgow’s status as a pre-eminent centre for traditional and Gaelic music and piping, and congratulates all those involved including Glasgow City Council, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Supported by: Bob Doris*, Rhona Brankin*, Alasdair Allan*, Patrick Harvie*, David Whitton*, Bill Kidd*, Elaine Smith*, Robert Brown*, Bill Butler*

*S3M-1289 Kenneth Gibson: I Love My Smoke-Free Childhood—That the Parliament commends the International Union Against Cancer’s campaign, launched on World Cancer Day, 4 February 2008, to highlight the chronic health risks to children of passive smoking; notes that the year-long "I love my smoke-free childhood" campaign will also encourage mothers not to smoke while pregnant and warn their children of the dangers of passive smoking; is aware that passive smoking increases the risk of cot death, low birth weight in babies and childhood illness; is concerned that globally an estimated 700 million children regularly breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke, and therefore supports the efforts of the International Union Against Cancer, the World Health Organisation and all those involved in highlighting this issue, educating parents and ultimately reducing children’s exposure to tobacco smoke.

Supported by: Elaine Smith*, Rob Gibson*, Alasdair Allan*, Robert Brown*, Jim Tolson*, Christina McKelvie*, Bill Butler*, Angela Constance*, Bill Aitken*

*S3M-1288 Kenneth Gibson: Why Do We Feel So Broke?—That the Parliament notes with concern the findings of the report, Why Do We Feel So Broke?, published on 4 February 2008, which shows that average UK disposable family income, after tax and housing costs, having declined from £16,544 in 2003 to £16,305 in 2006, plummeted to £15,231 in 2007; believes that this Gordon Brown-inspired squeeze is likely to worsen in coming months and years, placing ever-increasing burdens on already hard-pressed families; realises that the inability of the UK Government to prevent living standards from falling belies the myth of Labour’s economic competence; considers that such ineptitude at a time of strong growth in the world economy over recent years raises obvious worries about the impact of a global slowdown; acknowledges that both the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research are of the view that substantial tax rises may be necessary for the UK Government to balance the books; regrets the fact that the Scottish Government does not have the fiscal powers to mitigate the impact of Scotland being thirled to the United Kingdom and therefore welcomes the small measures that it can take to ease the burden on taxpayers by, for example, encouraging local authorities to freeze the council tax, and agrees that Scotland could best serve the economic interests of our people if it were an independent nation with all the fiscal powers that would entail.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Bob Doris*, Alasdair Allan*, Christina McKelvie*, Angela Constance*

*S3M-1287 Kenny MacAskill: Draft Home Detention Curfew Licence (Amendment of Specified Days) (Scotland) Order 2008—That the Justice Committee recommends that the draft Home Detention Curfew Licence (Amendment of Specified Days) (Scotland) Order 2008 be approved.

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*

S3M-1227 Cathie Craigie: *British Sign Language - Glossary of Science Terms*—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Sensory Centre on the launch of a pioneering British Sign Language (BSL) glossary of science terms used in the Scottish schools curriculum, encapsulating the essence and meaning of complex scientific concepts; commends the fact that the glossary was devised predominantly by a team of highly qualified scientists and science teachers who are themselves deaf, and welcomes this as the start of the process of ensuring that the Scottish Government invests in accessible education for all BSL users.

Supported by: Nanette Milne*, David Whitton*, Karen Gillon*, Elizabeth Smith*, Elaine Smith*, Patrick Harvie*, Rhona Brankin*, James Kelly*, Elaine Murray*, David Stewart*, Alasdair Allan*, Bill Butler*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-1286 Rising Energy Prices (lodged on 1 February 2008) Jim Hume*, Liam McArthur*, Bill Kidd*, Ross Finnie*, Mike Pringle*, Angela Constance*

S3M-1285 Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (lodged on 1 February 2008) Aileen Campbell*, Keith Brown*, Rob Gibson*, Elizabeth Smith*, Bill Kidd*, Bob Doris*, Patrick Harvie*, Des McNulty*, Christina McKelvie*, Alasdair Allan*, Jackson Carlaw*, Bill Aitken*, Bill Butler*

S3M-1284 An End to the Prospect of Ship-to-Ship Transfers in the Firth of Forth (lodged on 1 February 2008) Cathie Craigie*, Marlyn Glen*, John Park*, Jackie Baillie*, Sarah Boyack*, Mike Pringle*, Des McNulty*

S3M-1283 Congratulations to Buckie Community High School (lodged on 1 February 2008) Ted Brocklebank*, Murdo Fraser*, John Lamont*, Aileen Campbell*

S3M-1282 Morning Star Relaunch (lodged on 1 February 2008) Cathy Peattie*, Elaine Smith*

S3M-1280 Access to Work for Young Deaf People (lodged on 31 January 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Robin Harper*

S3M-1279 Congratulations to Dakota Bar and Grill, Restaurant of the Year (lodged on 31 January 2008) Rob Gibson*, John Lamont*

S3M-1278 Effective Energy Complaint Handling (lodged on 31 January 2008) Ross Finnie*, Mike Pringle*, Jim Hume*, Liam McArthur*, Mike Rumbles*, Jim Tolson*

S3M-1277 Glasgow Magazine Wins Award (lodged on 31 January 2008) Alex Neil*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1276# Borderline Homelessness Charity (lodged on 31 January 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Robin Harper*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1274 Keeping Accident and Emergency Services Local (lodged on 31 January 2008) Michael Matheson*

S3M-1273 VAT for Warm Homes Campaign (lodged on 31 January 2008) Robin Harper*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1271# Hunting of Wild Boar with Dogs (lodged on 31 January 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Helen Eadie*, Mary Mulligan*, John Scott*, Elaine Smith*

S3M-1270 Closure of Telephone Boxes (lodged on 31 January 2008) Robin Harper*

S3M-1269 Scottish Winners of BBC 2 Young Folk Award 2008 (lodged on 31 January 2008) Robin Harper*

S3M-1268 Monklands Accident and Emergency Services (lodged on 31 January 2008) Cathie Craigie*

S3M-1266 Responsible Procurement Strategy (lodged on 30 January 2008) Robin Harper*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-1265 Sub-standard Military Housing (lodged on 30 January 2008) Aileen Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, Alasdair Allan*, Christina McKelvie*, Rob Gibson*, Patrick Harvie*, Bob Doris*, Michael Matheson*, Jim Tolson*, Angela Constance*, Brian Adam*

S3M-1264 Scottish Book Trust (lodged on 30 January 2008) Ken Macintosh*, Robin Harper*

S3M-1262 Voytek the Bear (lodged on 30 January 2008) John Park*

S3M-1251 Strathclyde Partnership for Transport Report on Glasgow Crossrail (lodged on 29 January 2008) Cathie Craigie*, David Whitton*

S3M-1250 Scotland’s Community Councils (lodged on 29 January 2008) Bill Wilson*

S3M-1249 Pupils on Top in Oil Competition (lodged on 29 January 2008) Ted Brocklebank*

S3M-1245 Welcome for UK Government Legislation on Ship-to-Ship Oil Transfers (lodged on 29 January 2008) Cathie Craigie*, David Whitton*, Malcolm Chisholm*

S3M-1244 Civil and Political Unrest in Kenya (lodged on 29 January 2008) Robin Harper*

S3M-1237 Welcome Decision on Aviemore Resort (lodged on 28 January 2008) Michael Matheson*

S3M-1236 Improving Services and Support for People with Dementia (lodged on 28 January 2008) Cathie Craigie*

S3M-1234 Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2008 (lodged on 28 January 2008) Michael Matheson*

S3M-1232# National Association of Youth Orchestras (lodged on 28 January 2008) Michael Matheson*

S3M-1229 Beating Bowel Cancer - 2008 BE LOUD! Campaign (lodged on 28 January 2008) Michael McMahon*

S3M-1228 VAT on Sports and Leisure Trusts’ Membership Packages (lodged on 28 January 2008) Michael Matheson*

S3M-1225# Heart at Risk Screening for Young Sportsmen and Women (lodged on 25 January 2008) Margo MacDonald*

S3M-1215 Commemoration by Royal Mail of the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Robert Burns (lodged on 24 January 2008) Robin Harper*

S3M-1214 Commemoration by the Scottish Clearing Banks of the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Robert Burns (lodged on 24 January 2008) Christina McKelvie*

S3M-1213# Marketing and Communications Sector in Scotland (lodged on 24 January 2008) David Whitton*, Robin Harper*

S3M-1207.1 Loanhead Community Learning Centre (lodged on 24 January 2008) David Whitton*

S3M-1203 Reid Kerr (lodged on 22 January 2008) Des McNulty*, Rhona Brankin*, Iain Gray*, David Whitton*, John Park*, Bob Doris*, Jackson Carlaw*

S3M-1144 Midnight Footie (lodged on 15 January 2008) Alasdair Allan*

S3M-1077 Invisible Heating Systems - Top Flight (lodged on 20 December 2007) Alasdair Allan*, Alex Neil*

S3M-956# Congratulations to the Fifth Annual Scots Trad Music Awards (lodged on 3 December 2007) Malcolm Chisholm*

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