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Rota for Themed Question Time

Following a decision of the Parliamentary Bureau a new subject rota for Themed Question Time will commence on Thursday 6 December 2007, subject to decision of the Parliament on the relevant Business Motion. The new rota will be as follows, with the week of 6 December as week 1:

Week Theme
Week 1 Health and Wellbeing
Week 2 Rural Affairs and the Environment; Justice and Law Officers
Week 3 Finance and Sustainable Growth
Week 4 Education and Lifelong Learning; Europe, External Affairs and Culture
Week 5 Health and Wellbeing
Week 6 Justice and Law Officers; Rural Affairs and the Environment
Week 7 Finance and Sustainable Growth
Week 8 Europe, External Affairs and Culture; Education and Lifelong Learning

The rota will be reviewed after the February recess.The Presiding Officer has determined, under Rule 13.6A of the Standing Orders, that 20 questions will be randomly selected for the Health and Wellbeing and Finance and Sustainable Growth themes. 10 questions will continue to be selected for the other themes.

Names for selection for the Health and Wellbeing theme on 6 December should be submitted to the Chamber Desk by 12.00 noon on Wednesday 21 November.

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