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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-686♦ Sandra White: Labour’s Disingenuous Position on Post Office Closures—That the Parliament expresses serious concern over the effect that the announced post office closures across Glasgow, central Scotland and Argyll will have on vulnerable members of society, many of whom rely on the essential services that these offices provide; acknowledges that in the debate in the House of Commons on 15 May 2002 opposition parties voted in favour of the motion calling for the Labour government to "set out a clear policy and timetable for heading off a potentially disastrous collapse of the rural and urban network", while Labour MPs voted against the motion in favour of an amendment that "applauds the Government’s decision to accept all 24 of the PIU recommendations in its June 2000 report Counter Revolution-Modernising the Post Office Network"; strongly condemns Ann McKechin MP and other Labour Party members in Glasgow for their disingenuousness in publicly opposing the closures while having voted in favour of recommendations for closure back in 2002, believing that these actions serve to further erode the confidence ordinary people have in their politicians, and believes that misleading constituents for political gain warrants an apology.

*S3M-685 Sarah Boyack: Removing the Barriers to Microgeneration—That the Parliament notes that most Scottish householders installing microgeneration technologies, including solar panels, heat pumps and mini-wind vanes, are currently required to apply for planning permission; notes research commissioned by the previous administration and published on 30 March 2007 which recommended that the requirement to apply for planning permission should be removed from most microgeneration technologies in specific circumstances; agrees that microgeneration can make a significant contribution to tackling climate change, ensuring reliable energy supplies and helping to tackle fuel poverty, and therefore calls on the Scottish Government to bring forward a public consultation on removing the requirement for planning permission for microgeneration at the earliest practical opportunity and thereafter to act promptly on the findings of that consultation.

Supported by: Ken Macintosh*, Patricia Ferguson*, Iain Gray*, Patrick Harvie*, James Kelly*, Liam McArthur*, Jim Tolson*, Robert Brown*, Marlyn Glen*, Elizabeth Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Jackie Baillie*, Margaret Smith*, Richard Baker*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Karen Whitefield*, Ross Finnie*, Rhoda Grant*, Andy Kerr*, Bill Butler*

*S3M-684 Joe FitzPatrick: Dundee Success at Video Game BAFTAs—That the Parliament congratulates the team of five students from the University of Abertay who were awarded the One to Watch award at the 2007 British Academy Video Games Awards for their game, Ragnarawk; recognises the world-leading role that Abertay university plays in the digital education field, with over 1000 students currently studying at the School of Computing and Creative Technologies; also congratulates Abertay graduate, Dave Jones, and his Dundee-based company, Real Time Video Games, which won Best Use of Audio and Best Action and Adventure awards for one of the biggest-selling Xbox 360 games of the year, Crackdown; notes that the global software market is estimated to be worth over £20 billion by 2010, and welcomes the ground-breaking Abertay initiative, White Space, which will help Dundee and Scotland to gain a larger share of this growing market.

Supported by: Sandra White*, Bashir Ahmad*, Keith Brown*, Rob Gibson*, Nigel Don*, Shirley-Anne Somerville*, John Park*, Robin Harper*, Bob Doris*, Nanette Milne*

*S3M-683 Marlyn Glen: Abortion Act 1967—That the Parliament notes the 40th anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act 1967; recognises that this remains fundamental to women’s equality, autonomy and freedom; welcomes activities taking place around pro-choice action week from 23 to 29 October 2007 in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, and urges MPs at Westminster to reject any proposals to restrict the provisions of that Act.

Supported by: Sandra White*

*S3M-682 Kenny MacAskill: The Draft Licensing (Mandatory Conditions No. 2) (Scotland) Regulations 2007—That the Justice Committee recommends that the draft Licensing (Mandatory Conditions No. 2) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 be approved.

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*

*S3M-681.1 Bill Aitken: Alcohol—As an amendment to motion (S3M-681) in the name of Kenny MacAskill, leave out from "notes the importance" to end and insert "and underlines the fact that those who do so should face losing their licences; notes the importance of close co-operation with, and support of, Scotland’s police forces and licensing boards in this respect, as well as developing a long-term strategy to tackle the negative effects of alcohol misuse, and further notes the need for the NHS to play its part in early identification and intervention for those individuals drinking at harmful or hazardous levels."

*S3M-681.2 Pauline McNeill: Alcohol—As an amendment to motion (S3M-681) in the name of Kenny MacAskill, after "product for sale" insert "further notes the high incidence of underage drinking and the harm done to those young people and the negative effect that underage drinking can have on Scottish communities; believes that the Scottish Government should call a summit of all relevant stakeholders to develop an effective strategy to tackle underage drinking;".

*S3M-681.3 Ross Finnie: Alcohol—As an amendment to motion (S3M-681) in the name of Kenny MacAskill, leave out from first "notes" to end and insert "welcomes Scotland’s first Alcohol Awareness Week and calls for a co-ordinated approach by all relevant stakeholders to tackle the problems of alcohol misuse that are a key social and public health priority; recognises that tougher action against those who sell and promote alcohol irresponsibly is a necessary step but must form part of a comprehensive strategy that emphasises the importance of education and addresses the social and cultural factors related to alcohol misuse; believes that this policy framework must strike a balance between state and individual responsibility and must not be overly reliant on the criminal justice system to bring about the changes desired, and calls on the Scottish Government to commit additional investment to treatment and rehabilitation."

*S3M-679.1 Nicola Sturgeon: Free Personal Care—As an amendment to motion (S3M-679) in the name of Mary Scanlon, leave out from "has been beset" to end and insert "have raised difficulties, many of which remain unresolved; notes that the decision of Lord Macphail dated 17 October 2007 on the Petition of Argyll and Bute Council reflects the guidance issued in July 2003; wishes to reassure those assessed, either now or in the future, as requiring free personal or nursing care that their entitlement to receive it is not affected by Lord Macphail’s decision; agrees, however, that the current operation of the law, although in line with existing guidance, may in some cases result in an undue delay between assessment and a local authority care contract being concluded; therefore supports the Scottish Government’s ongoing dialogue with COSLA to address issues such as waiting lists, eligibility criteria and food preparation, together with its assurance that it will take action, if necessary, to clarify the law, and considers that Lord Sutherland’s review of the level and distribution of resources for free personal care will make a valuable contribution to ensuring that the policy is put on a secure and sustainable basis for the long term."

Supported by: Shona Robison*

*S3M-679.2 Ross Finnie: Free Personal Care—As an amendment to motion (S3M-679) in the name of Mary Scanlon, leave out from "with concern" to end and insert "the judgment of Lord Macphail on personal care and its consequences; notes with disappointment the SNP Government’s handling of this issue and recognises the need for urgent clarity to allay the concerns of older people and their families as well as to give clear guidance to service providers; calls on the Scottish Government to take the appropriate steps to provide this clarification as soon as possible, including a statement to the Parliament on the issue, and further calls on the Scottish Government to take all steps necessary to ensure that local authorities do not find that in providing free care for self-funders they are acting ultra vires."

Supported by: Dr Richard Simpson*

*S3M-677.1 Kenny MacAskill: Police Numbers—As an amendment to motion (S3M-677) in the name of Bill Aitken, leave out from "with serious concern" to end and insert "that the Scottish Government will set out its plans for a more visible police presence in the context of the Strategic Spending Review 2007 and will deliver an additional 1,000 police officers in our communities through increased recruitment, improved retention and redeployment."

Supported by: Fergus Ewing*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-678 One Workplace Equal Rights (lodged on 23 October 2007) James Kelly*, Bashir Ahmad*, Elaine Murray*, Hugh Henry*, Ken Macintosh*, Patrick Harvie*, Karen Whitefield*, Trish Godman*, Cathie Craigie*, Jackie Baillie*

S3M-675 Cities Growth Fund (lodged on 23 October 2007) Jackie Baillie*, Johann Lamont*, Karen Gillon*, John Park*, Andy Kerr*, Iain Gray*, Robert Brown*

S3M-670 School Councils and Pupil Participation (lodged on 23 October 2007) Ken Macintosh*, Sandra White*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Robin Harper*, Bill Wilson*, Jim Tolson*, Jim Hume*, Robert Brown*, Patrick Harvie*, Jackie Baillie*, Mike Pringle*

S3M-668# Perceived Norms of Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption - Pilot Studies in Scottish Educational Institutions (lodged on 23 October 2007) Keith Brown*, Dave Thompson*, Robin Harper*, Ken Macintosh*

S3M-666 Fruit Trees For Malawi (lodged on 22 October 2007) Cathie Craigie*, Pauline McNeill*, Hugh Henry*, Sandra White*, David Whitton*

S3M-665 Funding of Scottish Universities (lodged on 22 October 2007) Liam McArthur*, Hugh O’Donnell*, Alison McInnes*, Jamie Stone*, Ross Finnie*, Trish Godman*, Jackie Baillie*, Mike Pringle*

S3M-664 Equal Means Equal (lodged on 22 October 2007) Hugh Henry*

S3M-663 Integration of Prison Health Services (lodged on 19 October 2007) David Stewart*, Robin Harper*, Elaine Murray*, Hugh Henry*, Ken Macintosh*, Bill Butler*, Karen Whitefield*, Trish Godman*, Robert Brown*, Jackie Baillie*, Hugh O’Donnell*

S3M-661 Greenock High School FP Football Team (lodged on 19 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-660 NCH and Glasgow Perthshire Juniors Challenge Project (lodged on 19 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-659 Energy Saving Trust (lodged on 18 October 2007) Sandra White*, Alison McInnes*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-658# House of Lords Ruling on Pleural Plaques (lodged on 18 October 2007) Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-657 Surcharges for Cheque Payments (lodged on 18 October 2007) Sandra White*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-656 West Lothian Success at Special Olympics (lodged on 18 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-655# House of Lords Ruling on Pleural Plaques (lodged on 18 October 2007) Robert Brown*, Robin Harper*, Sandra White*

S3M-654 Alcohol Awareness Week (lodged on 17 October 2007) Hugh O’Donnell*, Sandra White*

S3M-652 Sea’s the Future (lodged on 17 October 2007) Sandra White*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-651 Celebration of Hindu Dusshera Festival (lodged on 17 October 2007) Sandra White*, Michael Matheson*

S3M-650 Show Racism the Red Card - A Fortnight of Action (lodged on 16 October 2007) Sandra White*, Alison McInnes*

S3M-649 Protection of Scotch Whisky (lodged on 16 October 2007) Alison McInnes*

S3M-647 Show Racism the Red Card Scotland, Fortnight of Action 16 to 30 October 2007 (lodged on 16 October 2007) Michael Matheson*, Alison McInnes*

S3M-645 Intensive Support and Monitoring Service (lodged on 15 October 2007) Trish Godman*

S3M-640 Scots Translation of Dahl Classic at Number 1 (lodged on 11 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-639# 100 Years of Scouting (lodged on 11 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-635 Changes to the National Concessionary Travel Scheme (lodged on 11 October 2007) Trish Godman*

S3M-633 North West Women’s Centre (lodged on 10 October 2007) Trish Godman*

S3M-629 Young Runaways (lodged on 8 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-619 The Needs of the Scottish Film Industry and BAFTA (lodged on 3 October 2007) Michael Matheson*

S3M-616 Combating Sectarianism (lodged on 3 October 2007) Michael Matheson*, Dr Richard Simpson*

S3M-605 South Nimmo GP Practice - Airdrie (lodged on 2 October 2007) Sandra White*

S3M-588 Wear it Pink (lodged on 1 October 2007) Hugh Henry*

S3M-571 Calls for Restraint in Myanmar Crisis (lodged on 27 September 2007) Robert Brown*

S3M-561.1 Alcohol and Pregnancy: A Dangerous Cocktail (lodged on 10 October 2007) Dr Richard Simpson*, Trish Godman*

S3M-556 Burmese Democracy Movement Must Succeed (lodged on 27 September 2007) Aileen Campbell*, Jim Hume*, Patricia Ferguson*, Cathy Peattie*

S3M-548 Women’s Coalition Statement of Intent 2007 (lodged on 26 September 2007) George Foulkes*, Andrew Welsh*

S3M-524# Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Scotland (lodged on 19 September 2007) Dr Richard Simpson*

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