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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions eligible for consideration for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions submitted for members’ business in the Parliament but which have not yet received the requisite cross-party support are marked with a diamond symbol (♦).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an "R".

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site at Current Motions

( A search facility is also available on the Scottish Parliament web site at:

New and altered motions and amendments

*S3M-403♦ Cathie Craigie: End Unequal Scottish Home Loss Payments—That the Parliament notes that as of 1 September 2007 the maximum home loss payment to those displaced from their homes in England by compulsory purchase increased to £44,000, with the minimum amount paid increasing to £4,400; notes that the equivalent maximum home loss payment in Scotland is £15,000; views with concern that the last review of home loss payments in Scotland occurred in 1991; further notes that home loss payments in England have increased year-on-year since 2003; recognises that property values in Scotland have increased largely in line with those in England and Wales since 1991; regards with sympathy many people living in Cumbernauld who face compulsory purchase orders due to proposals such as the upgrade of the A80 and the demolition of the Ainslie/Maclehose scheme; believes that those facing compulsory purchase in Scotland deserve similar compensation to those in comparable situations elsewhere in the United Kingdom; strongly regrets the Scottish Executive’s disregard of a review of home loss payments initiated by the previous administration, and considers that an urgent review of the matter is necessary to end this Scottish inequity.

*S3M-402 Robin Harper: Scotland 2011: Scottish Environment LINK’s Challenge to the New Government—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of Scotland 2011: Scottish Environment LINK’s challenge to the new government which sets out Scottish Environment LINK’s vision for 2011 and the steps that government needs to take in order to realise that vision; recognises our dependence on our environment to guarantee Scotland’s social and economic wellbeing, and, conscious of the dual threats that climate change and biodiversity loss pose to the wellbeing and quality of life of current and future generations of Scots, calls on the Scottish government to take urgent action to tackle these challenges, taking into account the action plan proposed in this document by Scottish Environment LINK.

*S3M-401 Patricia Ferguson: Collapse of a Tenement Property in Maryhill—That the Parliament notes the collapse of a tenement property in the Maryhill constituency and offers its sympathy to those made homeless by this incident; further notes the need to find the cause of such catastrophic structural failure and calls on Glasgow City Council to work with the Health and Safety Executive to establish the cause, and congratulates the emergency services for their response and the staff of Community Central Hall for assisting, once again, those affected by an incident in the area.

*S3M-400 Murdo Fraser: Scottish Monument for Great War Soldiers in Flanders—That the Parliament expresses its gratitude to the people of Flanders for erecting a Celtic cross to commemorate Scotland’s fallen soldiers of the Great War; notes that the unveiling of the monument took place on 25 August 2007 on the Frezenberg Ridge in Zonnebeke which is where Scottish soldiers fought during the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917; thanks everyone who contributed towards the memorial and the commemorations, in particular Burgomaster Dirk Cardoen, First Alderman Franky Bryon and the Town Council of the municipality of Zonnebeke, and Erwin Ureel and all the staff of the Passchendale Memorial Museum 1917, and hopes that Scots will continue to remember yesterday’s fallen and that many will journey to Flanders to the Scottish monument to learn about, and reflect on, the sacrifice that was made by our Scottish soldiers.

*S3M-399 Pauline McNeill: Getting the Balance Right in Glasgow’s West End—That the Parliament notes the vibrancy and diversity of Glasgow’s West End as one of Scotland’s most important cultural and conservation districts and the opportunity it presents to showcase the best of Glasgow’s regeneration as a successful world city, but expresses concern at the proliferation of late licences in the area that are already affecting quality of life for residents; notes with concern the latest proposal from G1 Group for a night club as part of a development at Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens which has attracted widescale opposition from local communities and which, if granted, would have a serious impact on local people, threatening the sustainability of the West End as a place to live, increasing noise and public disorder and putting further pressure on inadequate transport facilities, and calls on Glasgow City Council to review its licensing policy in relation to Glasgow’s West End and reject any application for a late licence or night club at the Botanic Gardens.

Supported by: Bill Butler*, James Kelly*, Karen Gillon*

*S3M-398 Robert Brown: Campaign Against Remploy Closures—That the Parliament is concerned at the proposals by Remploy to close or transfer 43 factories out of a total of 83 that it operates; believes that there is a continuing need for sheltered factories to provide skilled and supportive employment as a choice suitable for many disabled people as well as supporting entry for others into mainstream employment; congratulates the workforce and the trade unions on the campaign being run by them against the closures; urges the Scottish Executive to take full advantage of European Union legislation allowing public procurement from organisations like Remploy, and calls on the UK Government to reconsider its support for the Modernising Remploy agenda and to establish an independent inquiry into the future employment needs of disabled people and the management and procurement arrangements at Remploy.

*S3M-397 Aileen Campbell: Many Happy Returns to Crawforddyke Primary School—That the Parliament sends its warm congratulations to Crawforddyke Primary School in Carluke which is celebrating its 50th birthday; hopes that students and staff both past and present enjoy the celebrations, and wishes the school all the very best in the future.

*S3M-396 Bill Wilson: Playwrights’ Studio and Scottish Theatre—That the Parliament congratulates Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland on the exemplary work that it has done in developing and promoting Scottish playwrights and theatre at every level; also congratulates Scottish playwrights on the breadth and quality of their work; notes that these achievements are evident in the approximately 550 works by contemporary Scottish playwrights in the bookshop of Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland; notes the importance of theatre in encouraging healthy discourse in an era when mainstream media often fail to provide an adequate forum for debating serious issues; notes the international impact of recent Scottish theatre and the significant return on investment that it has yielded, both with respect to Scotland’s international reputation and to direct benefits to the people of Scotland; notes that there is every indication that the secure long-term funding of Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland would have further considerable benefits for the nation, and trusts that these facts will be noted by the Scottish Arts Council/Creative Scotland when it comes to making funding decisions.

*S3M-395 Bruce Crawford on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees the following programme of business—

Wednesday 5 September 2007

2.30 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by First Minister’s Statement: The Scottish Government’s Programme

followed by Executive Debate: The Scottish Government’s Programme

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 6 September 2007

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Ministerial Statement: Foot and Mouth Outbreak

followed by Executive Debate: Tackling Drugs Misuse

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time—

Justice and Law Officers;

Finance and Sustainable Growth

2.55 pm Executive Debate: A Sustainable Future for Crichton University Campus

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Wednesday 12 September 2007

2.30 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Executive Debate: The Government’s Skills Strategy

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 13 September 2007

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Labour Party Business

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time—

Europe, External Affairs and Culture:

Education and Lifelong Learning

2.55 pm Ministerial Statement: Broadcasting

3.55 pm Ministerial Statement: National Developments in Planning

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Wednesday 19 September 2007

2.30 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Executive Business

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 20 September 2007

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Executive Business

11.40 am General Question Time

12 noon First Minister’s Question Time

2.15 pm Themed Question Time—

Health and Wellbeing;

Rural Affairs and the Environment

2.55 pm Executive Business

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

*S3M-394 Jackie Baillie: Delta Queen to Abdicate—That the Parliament regrets the decision to retire the Dumbarton-built riverboat, Delta Queen, from service on the Mississippi river where she has plied her trade for more than sixty years; notes her long and distinguished history of service across the United States ever since she was built in 1924; believes that Delta Queen is a fine example of Dumbarton’s proud tradition of shipbuilding, and hopes that this historic vessel will be preserved as an attraction to be enjoyed by visitors across the world for years to come.

Supported by: John Park*, George Foulkes*, Karen Gillon*, Mary Mulligan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Patricia Ferguson*, David Stewart*, Trish Godman*, Bill Kidd*, Jamie Stone*, Jim Hume*, Sarah Boyack*

*S3M-393 Mike Rumbles: The Cattle Identification (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2007—That the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee recommends that nothing further be done under the Cattle Identification (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2007 (SSI 2003/312).

*S3M-392# Rob Gibson: International Recognition for Scottish Island Writers—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish island writers who attended the ninth international book festival of island writers held on Ouessant island in Brittany from 22 to 26 August 2007; celebrates the 11 writers from Shetland, Fair Isle, Orkney, Lewis, Skye and Raasay whose work in Shetlandic, Gaelic and English provided the focus for this year’s event; in particular welcomes the prize won by the poetry of Christine de Luca whose volume, Parallel Worlds, in Shetlandic dialect, has been translated into French; believes that works of excellence from our Scottish island authors should feature in future Scottish book festivals, and considers that appropriate support and encouragement should be given to nurture this internationally recognised talent and the translation of Scottish literature into other tongues.

Supported by: Sandra White*, Kenneth Gibson*, Keith Brown*, Bill Wilson*, Bill Kidd*, Tavish Scott*, Jamie Stone*, Christine Grahame*, Dave Thompson*

*S3M-391 Bill Wilson: Co-operatives UK—That the Parliament congratulates Co-operatives UK, the union of co-operative enterprises, on the publication of its Co-operative Review 2007; notes the breadth of co-operative enterprises within the British Isles and the value of their contribution to social and economic wellbeing, and calls on the Scottish Executive to do what it can to support the growth of such businesses.

Supported by: Brian Adam*

*S3M-390 Christine Grahame: 30th Anniversary of Peebles CAB—That the Parliament commends the work of Peebles CAB; notes that Peebles CAB is this year celebrating 30 years of giving help and guidance to the local community; recognises the support of Scottish Borders Council over the years and the many volunteers, past and present, who have delivered help with, for example, 3,250 enquiries and winning an estimated £537,000 for clients in the most recent year, and wishes its staff well over the coming years.

*S3M-389 Ross Finnie: Congratulations to Greenock Cricket Club and Tony Judd—That the Parliament congratulates Greenock Cricket Club on its triple triumph of winning the SCNL Premier Division Title, the Scottish Cup and the West League Cup and pays tribute to Greenock’s Australian coach, Tony Judd, not just for the two Premier Division titles and five Scottish Cup victories which Greenock achieved under his stewardship but also for his contribution to Scottish cricket including his term as national coach during his seven years in Scotland.

Supported by: David McLetchie*, Jim Hume*, Elizabeth Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jamie Stone*, Patricia Ferguson*, Annabel Goldie*

*S3M-388 Bill Wilson: Iraq: Banning of Oil Unions—That the Parliament notes with alarm the recent directive issued by the Iraqi oil minister, Hussein Shahrastani, banning oil companies in that country from dealing with trade unions and ordering them to exclude trade unionists from work committees; notes that, under a democratic system of government, workers have the inalienable right to organise; further notes that the affected trade unions were objecting to the oil law currently being proposed which would effectively transfer control of Iraq’s oil reserves to multinational companies for the next 30 years, and further notes that the citizens of democratic nations have the right to protest against the usurpation of vital national resources regardless of inconvenience to the plans of governments or multinational companies.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Elaine Smith*, Brian Adam*

S3M-347# Trish Godman: Maintenance of Common Land on Scottish Housing Estates—That the Parliament is concerned about the many complaints voiced by people throughout Scotland over the neglect of common land on their housing estates, such as Gryffe Castle in Bridge of Weir and Inch Meadows/Roseland Brae in Erskine, even although some residents pay upwards of £400 per annum for the maintenance of such areas of land adjacent to their homes; notes that many of these complainers accuse the Greenbelt Group, in particular, of failing to honour its obligations to householders in relation to the company’s maintenance of local common land; is of the view that this company and others engaged in this service should aim for the very best standards of performance, which is a legitimate demand made by householders, and, in addition to the enhancement of these maintenance standards, firmly believes in the examination of alternative management procedures and practices, such as the common hold system, which would enable the community of householders to be given more control of the common land surrounding or adjacent to their homes.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Jackie Baillie, Karen Gillon, George Foulkes, Angela Constance, Rob Gibson, Robin Harper, Cathie Craigie, Pauline McNeill, Gil Paterson, Robert Brown*, Kenneth Gibson*

S3M-345# Sandra White: Asylum Seekers in Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes discussions between the Scottish and UK governments aimed at tackling the situation of asylum seekers in Scotland and to this end supports calls for asylum seekers to be granted the right to work whilst seeking asylum, which has been backed by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Refugee Council which comments that "It just makes absolutely no sense to have people sitting at home in enforced idleness when they could be contributing to the economy", and further believes that an amnesty for asylum seeker families who have been in Scotland since before March 2006 would be one which rightly acknowledges that in Glasgow these families have become a valued part of the local community and the vast difference between the situation in Scotland, where roughly 1,500 families would be granted asylum, compared to over 400,000 in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Supported by: Bob Doris, Bashir Ahmad, Brian Adam, Stuart McMillan, Stefan Tymkewycz, Patrick Harvie, Joe FitzPatrick, Alex Neil, Hugh O’Donnell, Christine Grahame, Angela Constance, Rob Gibson, Robin Harper, Christina McKelvie, Bill Wilson, Ian McKee

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S3M-387 Proposed Closure of Schools in the Western Isles (lodged on 24 August 2007) Keith Brown*, Rob Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Angela Constance*

S3M-386 Scotland to Norway Ferry Service (lodged on 24 August 2007) John Lamont*, Rob Gibson*, Iain Smith*, Keith Brown*, Jim Tolson*, Elaine Smith*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Angela Constance*, Claire Baker*, Jackie Baillie*, Jamie Stone*, Murdo Fraser*, Mary Mulligan*, Trish Godman*, Mr Frank McAveety*, David Whitton*, Tavish Scott*, George Foulkes*

S3M-385 Media Literacy Education in the Curriculum for Excellence (lodged on 24 August 2007) Patrick Harvie*

S3M-383 Public-Social Partnership Pilot in North Lanarkshire (lodged on 23 August 2007) Trish Godman*, Karen Whitefield*, Mary Mulligan*, Mr Frank McAveety*, David Stewart*, Jamie Stone*, Murdo Fraser*

S3M-382 Greenock Telegraph - 150th Birthday (lodged on 23 August 2007) Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-381 Eurospital (lodged on 23 August 2007) Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-380 Federation of Master Builders (lodged on 23 August 2007) Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-379 Gender Agenda Campaign (lodged on 23 August 2007) Alison McInnes*, Trish Godman*, Claire Baker*, Bill Wilson*, Mary Mulligan*, Bill Kidd*, Angela Constance*, Jamie Hepburn*, Ken Macintosh*

S3M-378 Closure of the Jeannie Deans Unit (lodged on 23 August 2007) Trish Godman*, Mr Frank McAveety*, Annabel Goldie*

S3M-377 Fair Pay for Police (lodged on 21 August 2007) Jim Hume*, Jamie McGrigor*, John Lamont*, Mike Rumbles*, Mary Scanlon*, Margaret Mitchell*, Angela Constance*, Murdo Fraser*, Jackson Carlaw*, Kenneth Gibson*

S3M-375 Congratulations to Inverary and District Pipe Band (lodged on 20 August 2007) Jamie Stone*, Annabel Goldie*

S3M-374# ICL Factory Explosion - Call For Public Inquiry (lodged on 20 August 2007) Claire Baker*, Bill Wilson*, Mary Mulligan*, Robert Brown*, Jamie Hepburn*, Andy Kerr*

S3M-370 HMIE Inspection of Cumbernauld College (lodged on 17 August 2007) Alex Neil*, Mary Mulligan*

S3M-368 Wildlife Crime (lodged on 16 August 2007) Angela Constance*

S3M-367 Poisoning of Raptors (lodged on 16 August 2007) Bill Wilson*

S3M-366 East Dunbartonshire Social Work Service (lodged on 16 August 2007) Stuart McMillan*, Trish Godman*, Angela Constance*, George Foulkes*

S3M-362 World Rowing Under 23 Championships (lodged on 14 August 2007) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-361 Gardening Leave (lodged on 14 August 2007) Mary Mulligan*

S3M-359 Clydesdale Health Facilities (lodged on 14 August 2007) Mary Mulligan*

S3M-356 Proposed Regional Minimum Wage (lodged on 13 August 2007) Alex Neil*, Bill Wilson*

S3M-355 Audio Trail of Largs (lodged on 13 August 2007) Stuart McMillan*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Sandra White*, Bill Kidd*

S3M-354 NACCO Material Handling Group Job Losses, Irvine (lodged on 10 August 2007) Mary Mulligan*, John Park*

S3M-353 Closure of the Hyster Forklift Plant in Irvine (lodged on 10 August 2007) Alex Neil*

S3M-350 Scottish Football Museum (lodged on 9 August 2007) Elizabeth Smith*

S3M-340 Homeless World Cup Squad Victory (lodged on 7 August 2007) Brian Adam*, Jamie Hepburn*

S3M-338# Warm Zones (lodged on 6 August 2007) Christina McKelvie*, Bill Wilson*

S3M-330 Dr Elsie Inglis (1864-1917) Edinburgh Pioneer of Social and War Medicine (lodged on 31 July 2007) Bill Wilson*

S3M-327 The Saltire for Scotland’s Capital (lodged on 27 July 2007) Bill Wilson*

S3M-321 Indian Duty on Whisky Scotched (lodged on 26 July 2007) Bill Wilson*

S3M-320 Chivas Brothers’ Investment in Scotland (lodged on 26 July 2007) Bill Wilson*

S3M-315 Shetland Bike Project (lodged on 25 July 2007) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-308 Airdrie Health Resource Centre (lodged on 20 July 2007) Mary Mulligan*, Andy Kerr*

S3M-294 Scotland are the World Schools Debating Champions (lodged on 12 July 2007) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-285 Scottish Spina Bifida Association Centre, Cumbernauld (lodged on 6 July 2007) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-283 Thomas Telford Celebrations (lodged on 5 July 2007) Annabel Goldie*

S3M-277 Local People Leading (lodged on 4 July 2007) Bill Wilson*

S3M-273# MacMillan Cancer Support’s Recovered but not Covered Campaign (lodged on 3 July 2007) Robert Brown*

S3M-210 Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens (lodged on 20 June 2007) Kenneth Gibson*, Aileen Campbell*

S3M-102# 30th Anniversaries of Maryhill Housing Association and Queens Cross Housing Association (lodged on 30 May 2007) Robert Brown*

S3M-65 Closure of Remploy Factories (lodged on 23 May 2007) Bob Doris*

S3M-47# Threatened Post Office Closures (lodged on 22 May 2007) Bob Doris*, Christina McKelvie*

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