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Today’s Business

The Presiding Officer wishes to confirm that a meeting of the Parliament will take place at 10.00 am. Members will be asked to approve Business Motion S3M-14, which if agreed to, will mean that the process for selecting a nominee for First Minister will begin at approximately 10.30 am.

Selection of the Parliament’s Nominee for First Minister

Nominations must be submitted on official nomination forms. These are available from the Parliamentary Business Team in T1.03 and completed forms should be returned by 10.00 am.

Each of the candidates will be invited to address the Chamber for five minutes. After all addresses have been completed, each candidate’s name will be read out in alphabetical order and Members will be given the opportunity to vote "yes" for one candidate, using the electronic voting system. Only "yes" votes will be counted.

Members may vote only once. Members who have not cast a "yes" vote for a candidate will then have an opportunity to vote to abstain. If any Member records a vote more than once, all of that Member’s votes will be treated as spoiled.

A candidate will be elected if a simple majority is obtained. If no majority is obtained the candidate with the smallest number of votes will be eliminated and further rounds of voting will be held until a valid result is achieved.

Members are reminded that the electronic voting system will be used in this process and security passes will therefore be required.

Thursday’s business

Members may wish to note that, subject to approval by the Parliament today of Business Motion S3M-14, the Parliament will consider First Minister’s motions on the appointment of Scottish Ministers and Junior Scottish Ministers at 11.15 am tomorrow, Thursday 17 May 2007.

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