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Section I – Petitions

The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 14 March 2007

A full list of petitions can be viewed on the Scottish Parliament website at Petitions


PE1043 Petition by Noman Tahir, on behalf of the Office of Muslim Affairs, calling for the Scottish Parliament to acknowledge the genocide currently being inflicted on the Palestinian population in the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank and to ensure that Scottish people are free to speak out in condemnation of such acts.

PE1044 Petition by Kate Mackintosh, on behalf of the Student members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in Scotland, calling on the Scottish Parliament to investigate the merits of extending the ‘One Year Job Guarantee’ employment assistance for newly qualified nurses and midwives to include newly qualified physiotherapists in Scotland, with particular reference to the benefits for patient care.

PE1045 Petition by Tom Miller, on behalf of the Indigo Group, calling for the Scottish Parliament to consider and debate the concerns of employers and work-based training providers within the hairdressing industry following a change in policy by Scottish Enterprise which has led to a severe reduction in the number of young people being funded for hairdressing training in Scotland.

The following Petition was lodged with the Parliament on 15 March 2007

PE1046 Petition by Ronnie Smith (General Secretary) on behalf of the Educational Institute of Scotland, calling on the Scottish Parliament to support significant reductions in class sizes in Scottish publicly funded schools during the lifetime of the next Scottish Parliament.

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