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Section G – Bills

New Bills introduced or reprinted on 27 February 2007

Edinburgh Airport Rail Link Bill—The Bill was reprinted as amended at Consideration Stage. (SP Bill 58A) (Private Bill).

Custodial Sentences and Weapons (Scotland) Bill—The Bill was reprinted as amended at Stage 2. (SP Bill 80A) (Executive Bill).

New amendments to Bills lodged on 27 February 2007

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3

Section 34

Robert Brown

1 In section 34, page 16, line 32, leave out from <or> to end of line 34 and insert—

<(1A) Ministers may, by regulations, prohibit an organisation from permitting an individual to do, or require an organisation to remove an individual from, regulated work from which the individual is barred.

(1B) Regulations may in particular—

(a) impose prohibitions or requirements—

(i) in relation to particular types of organisations only,

(ii) in relation to particular kinds of regulated work only, or

(b) otherwise limit the purpose for which the prohibition or requirement is to apply (or the area in which it is to apply) in such manner as Ministers think appropriate.

(1C) An organisation which fails to comply with regulations made under subsection (1A) commits an offence.>

Robert Brown

2 In section 34, page 17, line 1, after <(1)(a)> insert <or (1C)>

Section 37A

Robert Brown

3 In section 37A, page 18, line 3, leave out <IBB> and insert <the Independent Barring Board ("IBB")>

Section 37B

Robert Brown

4 In section 37B, page 18, line 32, leave out <IBB> and insert <the Independent Barring Board ("IBB")>

Before section 87

Robert Brown

5 Before section 87, insert—


(1) Ministers must issue guidance on such matters relating to the operation of Parts 1 and 2 of this Act as they think appropriate.

(2) Ministers may revoke or vary guidance issued under subsection (1) at any time.>

Section 96

Robert Brown

6 In section 96, page 43, line 40, leave out <"IBB" is an acronym for the Independent Barring Board> and insert <"Independent Barring Board" and "IBB" mean the body>

Section 99

Robert Brown

7 In section 99, page 46, line 5, at end insert—

<Section 34(1A)>

Schedule 2

Robert Brown

8 In schedule 2, page 53, line 7, at end insert—

<An order under paragraph 26 may disapply or otherwise modify the application of sections 33 to 36 in relation to particular kinds of regulated work with children.>

Schedule 3

Robert Brown

9 In schedule 3, page 55, line 32, at end insert—

<An order under paragraph 15 may disapply or otherwise modify the application of sections 33 to 36 in relation to particular kinds of regulated work with adults.>

Schedule 5

Robert Brown

10 In schedule 5, page 64, line 10, at beginning insert <Independent Barring Board,>

Members’ Bills Proposals

A Member who has lodged a proposal has the right to introduce a Member’s Bill to give effect to that proposal under Rule 9.14.12 of the Standing Orders provided:

  • the proposal has attracted 18 supporters which include members of at least half of the political parties or groups represented on the Parliamentary Bureau; and

  • the Scottish Executive has not given an indication under Rule 9.14.13 that it or Her Majesty’s Government will initiate legislation to give effect to the proposal.

The Bills page of the Parliamentary website shows the current status in this regard.

Names marked with an (*) are new names of support.

Final Proposal for Members’ Bills

John Swinburne MSP: Exempting the Sale of Homes to pay for Residential Accommodation (Scotland) Bill - Proposal for a Bill to disregard the value of a person’s home in the financial assessment undertaken by local authorities to establish contributions towards the cost of residential accommodation placements (lodged 8 February 2007)

A summary of responses to consultation on the draft proposal together with copies of each response and a summary of the responses, including the conclusions drawn from the responses, are available in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).

Supported by: Dr Jean Turner, Margo MacDonald, Donald Gorrie, Mike Rumbles, Carolyn Leckie, Mark Ballard, Chris Balance, Shiona Baird, Frances Curran, Dennis Canavan, Campbell Martin, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, John Farquhar Munro, Colin Fox, Patrick Harvie, Ms Sandra White, Mike Pringle, Mr Brian Monteith, Rosie Kane, Robin Harper, Mr Andrew Arbuckle, Mr Jamie Stone

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