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Section I – Petitions

The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 21 June 2005

A full list of petitions can be viewed on the Scottish Parliament website at Petitions


PE871 Petition by Rosemarie McIlwhan, on behalf of the Scottish Human Rights Centre and G8 Alternatives Group, calling on the Scottish Parliament to express its support for peaceful protest during the forthcoming G8 Summit, including at Gleneagles itself.

PE872 Petition by Alexander Longmuir, on behalf of the Arbirlot Parents’ Group, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to introduce a legislative presumption against closure of rural schools, unless there is an undeniable educational and social benefit to the children and communities affected.

PE873 Petition by Helene MacLean, on behalf of the Scottish Post Polio Network, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to join the international community in recognising post-polio syndrome (PPS) and to conduct a much needed national review of neurological services to take account of the needs of PPS and all other long-term neurological conditions, with a view to establishing multi-disciplinary centres of excellence to assess, treat and research such conditions that affect the lives of many thousands of individuals in Scotland.