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Section F – Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally only printed the day after the day on which they are lodged and then with the complete list of motions and amendments lodged the previous week which is published in this section of the Bulletin every Monday. That list also contains any motions lodged for debate in the forthcoming week.

Where the text of a motion or amendment is altered, the motion or amendment is re-printed with the changes marked by asterisks in the text.

Where a motion or amendment attracts additional support after it is first published, that additional support is shown separately at the end of this section.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).

Motions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an “R”.

An indication is also provided where motions and amendments have been withdrawn.

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New and altered motions and amendments

* S2M-2853 Mark Ballard: Confirmation That Tasers Will Not Be Used at G8—That the Parliament notes recent press reports that police officers at the G8 summit will be equipped with electroshock tasers; notes that tasers are potentially lethal and inherently open to abuse; welcomes the statement from David Strang, President of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland that, “Tasers will not be used by either Scottish officers or by officers from England and Wales during the G8”, and is concerned that negative and unfounded press reports may dissuade people from exercising their right to peaceful protest.

* S2M-2852# Alex Fergusson: A Cure for ME?—That the Parliament notes with pleasure that a scientific team from Glasgow University, headed by Dr John Gow, may have discovered a remedy for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) which could be available in as little as year; further notes that the university has already patented the genes involved as a means of diagnosing the condition quickly and cheaply; recognises that this could represent a major step forward in the treatment and cure of this debilitating disease but notes with alarm Dr Gow’s concern that he is “going nowhere” because his funding has run out, and considers that the Scottish Executive should take every possible step to ensure that this work can be continued in order that the 10,000 to 20,000 ME sufferers in Scotland can play a full part in the economic and social life of their country.

* S2M-2851 Brian Adam: Store Wars—That the Parliament condemns the Somerfield supermarket chain’s decision to close its Aberness service centre and depot in Aberdeen, which will lead to the loss of around 75 jobs; calls on Somerfield to do everything possible to find alternative employment for the Aberness workforce, and believes, furthermore, that the current store wars that are taking place throughout Scotland may be considered by some to be good for customers, but are certainly not beneficial to employees who work in the retail trade.

* S2M-2850 Rhona Brankin: The Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning) (West Coast) (No. 4) (Scotland) Order 2005—That the Health Committee recommends that the Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning) (West Coast) (No. 4) (Scotland) Order 2005 be approved.

Supported by: Mr Andy Kerr*

* S2M-2849 Mr Jamie Stone: Changes to BBC Weather Forecast—That the Parliament notes the changes the BBC has made to weather forecast bulletins; further notes that these changes distort Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England on the map, reducing the information available to many viewers, especially across the north of Scotland, with the Northern Isles barely visible at all; recognises that many people depend on reliable weather forecasting to make their living as fishermen, farmers or crofters or to pursue outdoor leisure activities, and therefore calls on the BBC to revise the maps to provide an adequate weather forecast service for the whole of the United Kingdom.

* S2M-2848 Linda Fabiani: 3rd Anniversary of Timor-Leste’s Independence—That the Parliament congratulates the world’s newest nation, East Timor, on the third anniversary of its independence; notes that the Australian Government has, since East Timor’s independence referendum in 1999, taken in approximately $1.2 billion in revenue from oil fields much closer to East Timor than to Australia, and is claiming the bulk of the revenues from the largest known field, Greater Sunrise, on the basis of prior occupation stemming from illegal agreements with Indonesia, the former occupier of East Timor; notes that the Australian Government pre-emptively withdrew from the maritime boundary jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea two months before East Timor’s independence, and believes that the Australian Government should now work to establish a fair and permanent maritime boundary with East Timor based on the rule of international legal principles, recognising that the poorest nation in Asia deserves more than shabby revenue deals well short of its legal entitlements.

S2M-2847 Richard Baker: Developing Marine Energy Technology—That the Parliament congratulates Ocean Power Delivery on signing an order to deliver three “Pelamis” wave-energy converters to Portugal as part of the world’s first commercial wave farm; believes that this demonstrates the exciting potential of wave, tidal and marine energy; notes the substantial financial support, totalling over £2 million, that the Scottish Executive has provided for the European Marine Energy Centre Ltd in Orkney that has helped make Scotland a world leader in this area, and believes that the incentives for the creation of marine energy schemes which are provided through the Renewables Obligation Certificates system are essential in stimulating the industry.

Supported by: Michael McMahon*, Sarah Boyack*, Mr Jamie Stone*

* S2M-2847.1 Shiona Baird: Developing Marine Energy Technology—As an amendment to motion (S2M-2847) in the name of Richard Baker, leave out from “the substantial” to end and insert “with disappointment that the support offered thus far by the Scottish Executive has been inadequate to allow Ocean Power Delivery (OPD) to install any commercially-operational Pelamis wave energy convertors off the coast of Scotland; acknowledges that the support offered to OPD by the Portugese Government far outstrips anything available in Scotland; echoes concerns expressed by the marine energy industry about the inadequate level of Executive support offered to date, and strongly believes that, unless there is a dramatic improvement in the support, financial and otherwise, offered to the offshore renewable energy sector to develop a domestic market for this vital technology, Scotland runs the risk of losing contracts, jobs and investment opportunities to our European competitors.”

S2M-2846 Margaret Smith: Edinburgh Airport Blueprint Development—That the Parliament welcomes the publication by BAA of a consultation on the long-term development blueprint for Edinburgh Airport; notes the importance of Edinburgh Airport to the local, regional and national economy, worth £287 million for the Scottish economy and supporting 2,300 jobs directly and 5,000 indirectly; welcomes the improvements being made to the access arrangements with tram, heavy rail and improved roads, but calls on BAA, the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society and the Scottish Executive to investigate the opportunities for co-existence of the Royal Highland Showground and airport, given the society’s willingness to give up significant quantities of land, cross-party support for co-existence and the considerable cost of relocation of the showground.

S2M-2845 Nora Radcliffe: Wave Energy—That the Parliament congratulates Ocean Power Delivery for the signing of the order to build the initial phase of the world’s first commercial wave farm; notes that there are 14GW of potential wave energy, as well as 7.5GW of tidal energy, in Scotland’s waters; regrets the UK Government’s historical antipathy towards marine energy, lasting 20 years and more; regrets that in the last two years the UK Government’s energy department has had four energy ministers, Malcolm Wicks, Mike O’Brien, Stephen Timms and Brian Wilson and two name changes, from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to the Orwellian Department of Productivity, Energy and Industry and back again; further regrets the admission of the DTI that it will not achieve its 10% renewable energy target by 2010; notes the disparity between the £50 million commitment of the DTI towards marine energy and the £50 billion price bill for managing current levels of radioactive waste; regrets that the DTI appears to want more nuclear power while admitting that questions of finance, government support, market mechanisms, public support and storage of radioactive waste are still unanswered; supports the Scottish Executive in its efforts to promote renewable energy through the Forum for Renewable Energy Development (FREDS), the Marine Energy Test Centre in Orkney, the Renewables Obligation system and the 40% renewables target, and calls on the UK Government to embrace marine energy as a source of carbon-free electricity generation, worth potentially thousands of Scottish jobs and many millions of pounds of Scottish exports.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead*, Margaret Smith*, Stewart Stevenson*, Mike Pringle*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2844 # Richard Lochhead: Ocean Power Delivery’s Commercial Success and Scotland’s Wave Energy Future—That the Parliament congratulates Ocean Power Delivery on securing the world’s first commercial wave energy installation; believes that this breakthrough illustrates the enormous renewables expertise that exists in Scotland; notes that Ocean Power’s device will be installed in Portuguese waters, rather than Scottish waters, due to the level of support for marine renewables offered by the Portuguese Government in contrast to the Scottish and UK Governments; recognises that Scotland possesses enormous marine renewables potential; regrets that the Scottish and UK Governments have failed to create an environment that would have attracted commercial wave developments in Scottish waters, despite the fact that the technology has been developed in Scotland, and believes that, if the Scottish and UK Governments do not get their act together, then renewables technology developed in Scotland will continue to meet the energy and environmental objectives of other countries before they benefit Scotland’s.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Rob Gibson*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Campbell Martin*, Jim Mather*, Shona Robison*, Mr John Swinney*, Ms Sandra White*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2843 Mr Mark Ruskell: Scottish Biodiversity Week, 21 to 29 May 2005—That the Parliament welcomes the huge range of activities scheduled for Scottish Biodiversity Week 2005; congratulates the numerous individuals and organisations participating, predominantly on a voluntary basis, on their enthusiasm; notes that the Scottish Executive’s 2004 Biodiversity Action Grants scheme was oversubscribed by over seven times and that in the last 50 years over 300,000 species globally have become extinct, while one-in-four mammal species and one-in-eight bird species face a high risk of extinction in the near future, and calls on the Executive to take the strongest possible lead to protect and promote biodiversity, both for its intrinsic merit, and for its inextricable link with quality of life, including economic development.

Supported by: Brian Adam*

S2M-2842 # Tommy Sheridan: Make 2 July 2005 Free Transport Day—That the Parliament recognises the obscene reality of 30,000 human lives being prematurely snuffed out by poverty across our world each day; further recognises the opportunity presented to Scotland for a huge protest against such unnecessary and unacceptable poverty in a world as rich as ours on 2 July 2005 in Edinburgh at the Make Poverty History march and rally, and, to facilitate the maximum participation in this one-off opportunity for Scots to stand up in the name of the world’s poor, considers that 2 July should be declared “Free Transport Day” to and from Edinburgh and the necessary arrangements made for trains, buses and ferries to be free for those travelling to the Make Poverty History demonstration on that day.

S2M-2841 # John Swinburne: Powers of the Scottish Parliament—That the Parliament welcomes the increased focus afforded specific groups within Scotland following the creation of the Parliament as a result of devolution; also notes the Parliament’s inability to fully address the needs of groups such as senior citizens, and therefore believes that the time is now right to explore options for increasing the powers of the Scottish Parliament to properly address the needs of all Scottish citizens.

S2M-2840 # Dr Jean Turner: Nurse Recruitment and Retention—That the Parliament acknowledges that, while some progress has been made in the recruitment of nursing staff in NHSScotland over recent years, the nursing workforce trend in Scotland is of continuing concern with growth at less than half that achieved in England over the period 1997 to 2004; recognises that there is a global nursing shortage and that in the United States of America, which is seeking to recruit an additional one million nurses over the next few years, nurse-patient ratios are increasingly viewed as the best way to both guarantee high standards of patient care and improve staff morale and retention, with the American Nurses’ Association leading a campaign in Congress for adequate and safe nursing numbers to be guaranteed in law; recognises that in a competitive world market Scotland has to ensure that it is offering the best possible incentives to recruit, retain and reward nurses, and believes that the Scottish Executive should examine options for legally guaranteeing safe nursing numbers in NHSScotland in order to help retain staff and ensure that patients know there will always be enough staff available to give them the standard of care that they require.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Eleanor Scott, Fergus Ewing, Ms Rosemary Byrne, John Swinburne, Rob Gibson, Fiona Hyslop, Patrick Harvie, Mrs Nanette Milne*, Mike Pringle*, Mary Scanlon*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2839 Shiona Baird: Ocean Power Delivery in Portugal—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish company, Ocean Power Delivery, for securing contracts to develop the world’s first commercial wave energy farm; is delighted that Scottish marine energy engineering has the potential to create thousands of jobs; notes the level of co-operation between investors, government and the private sector in taking this bold and exciting step; salutes the forward thinking and enthusiasm for this technology of the people and government of Portugal; is disappointed that the Scottish Executive has failed to take a lead in supporting the commercial development of offshore marine energy; wishes that this first commercial marine power development had happened off the coast of Scotland instead, and calls on the Executive to treble support to the industry so that Scotland catches up and secures a share of the employment and diversification potential for Scotland’s engineering industry.

Supported by: Mr Bruce McFee, Robin Harper, Mr Adam Ingram, Campbell Martin, Eleanor Scott, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Patrick Harvie, Fiona Hyslop, Chris Ballance*

S2M-2838 Ms Rosemary Byrne: Congratulations to RHET Ayrshire and Arran Countryside Initiative—That the Parliament congratulates the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) Ayrshire and Arran Countryside Initiative on the work it undertakes in rural education and on its recent exhibition at the Ayr County Show 2005; recognises the extremely valuable work that organisations such as this play in our rural communities and in the education of our young people, and applauds the hard work and foresight of the RHET and wishes it success in all its future projects.

S2M-2837 Mr Mark Ruskell: Inquiry into Climate Change—That the Parliament congratulates the Environment and Rural Development Committee on the publication of the report of its inquiry into climate change; welcomes the conclusions of the report, including the support for interim traffic reduction targets and improved home energy efficiency; echoes calls for the Scottish Executive to take radical action to tackle climate change, and calls on all MSPs to support cross-party efforts to address both the causes and the effects of climate change in Scotland.

S2M-2836 Shiona Baird: Wind Power in the UK—That the Parliament congratulates the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC), the UK Government’s advisory body, on the publication of Wind Power in the UK, a report on the issues surrounding onshore wind power development; agrees with the SDC that wind power and other renewables are needed to secure a truly sustainable future for Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom; welcomes the findings of the SDC that wind power is both cost-effective and predictable enough to take the place of coal and gas-fired power stations in the medium term and that it is unlikely to need dedicated back-up; considers that a broad range of onshore and offshore renewable technologies, including wind, solar, biomass, wave and tidal wave, have the capacity and predictability to replace both conventional and nuclear power stations; further agrees that an expansion of renewables and improved energy efficiency have far greater capacity to tackle climate change than the inherently unsustainable nuclear industry; fully supports calls for communities to be involved in meaningful public consultation from an early stage in the development process and for them to share in the commercial benefits of wind power, and calls on the Scottish Executive to take a lead in pushing forward the expansion and development of all sustainable renewable technologies to fulfil Scotland’s potential as a world leader in sustainable energy supply.

Supported by: Mark Ballard*, Patrick Harvie*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-2835 Rosie Kane: EU Mercury Ban—That the Parliament condemns the attempts of the Westminster Government to seek a delay in the fixing of a date for the EU mercury export ban; recognises that over 12,000 tonnes of mercury from EU mercury cell chlor-alkali plants are expected to be dumped on developing countries over the next 10 to 15 years; acknowledges that mercury can travel long distances through the atmosphere, contaminating both local and global food supplies at levels posing a significant risk to human health; accepts that between 2001 and 2003 the United Kingdom, with Spain, exported over 470 tonnes of mercury to India; acknowledges that between three and 15 million Europeans are near to the international limit for mercury exposure and many are already exposed to unacceptable levels of methylmercury in the Arctic and Mediterranean fishing communities, and therefore calls on the Scottish Executive to put pressure on the UK Government to pledge full British support for an immediate ban on the export of mercury and to further pledge to give financial assistance to developing countries that have borne the brunt of this environmental injustice.

S2M-2834 Frances Curran: Solidarity with the Erskine Bridge Toll Workers—That the Parliament congratulates the Erskine Bridge Toll workers, who are members of the Transport and General Workers Union, on their decision to take official industrial action on Friday 20 May and Saturday 21 May 2005 to prevent the further deterioration of their working conditions and for a £5.50 per hour pay claim; views their pay claim as modest in relation to their employers’, APCOA Parking (UK) Ltd, £601,361 income directly from the Scottish Executive merely for collecting tolls; condemns the Executive for allowing APCOA to bring in a security firm to staff the toll booths in an attempt to break the strike, and demands that the Executive use its influence on APCOA to settle the workers’ claim immediately.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Colin Fox, Campbell Martin, Rosie Kane, Ms Rosemary Byrne

S2M-2833 # Paul Martin: Closure of Clydesdale Bank Branches—That the Parliament condemns the decision by National Australia Bank to close 60 Clydesdale Bank branches within Scotland over the next 18 months; notes that research has demonstrated that the closure of branches triggers an outflow of economic activity and threatens the long-term survival of communities, particularly when a bank is “the last bank in town”; believes that closures will have a devastating impact on local communities, particularly in poorer areas where alternative banking is not accessible, and will affect the most vulnerable and least able to travel, such as older people, the less able and parents with young children, and considers that the National Australia Bank should reconsider this massive programme, particularly where a closure will leave communities without any local bank.

Supported by: Scott Barrie, Margaret Jamieson, Bristow Muldoon, Mr Frank McAveety, Jackie Baillie, Janis Hughes, Cathy Peattie, Dr Elaine Murray, Brian Adam*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Mrs Mary Mulligan*, Mike Pringle*, Mike Watson*, Shiona Baird*, Mark Ballard*

S2M-2832 # Linda Fabiani: Welfare and Education at Dungavel—That the Parliament regrets the fact that asylum seeker families with children are detained; notes, however, the inspection report on Dungavel House immigration removal centre by the Chief Inspector of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons for England and Wales; notes the Chief Inspector’s extreme concern about children at the centre and her disappointment that “no progress had been made in relation to independent assessment of the welfare and developmental needs of the children who were held in Dungavel at the time of this re-inspection”, and considers that the Scottish Executive should enter into discussions with the Home Office’s Immigration and Nationality Department to “ensure that there are independent assessments and reviews of the welfare and educational needs of detained children, and to take note of their findings”, as recommended by the Chief Inspector, and to ensure that South Lanarkshire Council is enabled to meet its obligations under the Children (Scotland) Act 1995.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Richard Lochhead, Patrick Harvie, Eleanor Scott, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr John Swinney, Campbell Martin, Brian Adam, Shona Robison, Christine Grahame, Mr Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Ms Sandra White, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Roseanna Cunningham, Robin Harper, Stewart Stevenson, Fiona Hyslop, Robert Brown, Bruce Crawford, Tricia Marwick, Shiona Baird, Chris Ballance*

S2M-2823 # Christine Grahame: Dungavel’s Children—That the Parliament notes with concern the report on an unannounced inspection of Dungavel House immigration removal centre on 14 to 16 December 2004, in particular “that there was still no independent assessment or review of the welfare, educational and developmental needs of children and agreed procedures for their detention were not being followed” and two main recommendations that “agreed procedures for the detention of children, at sufficiently senior level, recording full consideration of all factors, should be adhered to” and “the detention of children should be exceptional and for the shortest possible period. Within a matter of days, there should be an independent assessment of the welfare, educational and developmental needs of each child held in detention to inform decisions about the necessity of continued detention. This should be repeated at regular intervals to advise on the compatibility of detention with the welfare of the child and to inform reviews of detention.”; further notes that this is against the background that six children subject to investigation by the reporter to the children’s panel were deported before investigations had been concluded, and believes that the Scottish Executive should address the issues of the welfare of children detained in Dungavel as a matter of priority.

Supported by: Brian Adam, Mr John Swinney, Mr Adam Ingram, Eleanor Scott, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Roseanna Cunningham, Rob Gibson, Stewart Stevenson, Ms Sandra White, Alex Neil, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Michael Matheson, Shiona Baird, Mark Ballard, Patrick Harvie

S2M-2822 Dr Elaine Murray: Moffat Rugby Club’s Promotion—That the Parliament congratulates Moffat Rugby Club on its success in securing the Glasgow and District League Championship and promotion to the National Division 5B West, noting that this success has been achieved despite the club having been in existence for only 10 years.

Supported by: Scott Barrie

S2M-2821 Patrick Harvie: Identity Cards Bill—That the Parliament regrets the inclusion of the Identity Cards Bill in the Queen’s Speech today; notes that a majority of MSPs backed parliamentary motion S2M-2463 which outlined various concerns with the proposals for identity cards and demanded a full statement from the Scottish Executive on the intended use of the identity database by devolved institutions; believes the proposals to be flawed on political, technical and financial grounds; notes that the introduction of this legislation will be costly, impractical and an ineffective response to problems of security and fraud; believes that the legislation poses an unacceptable threat to civil liberties and may contravene the European Convention on Human Rights; notes that, despite the Parliament’s decision on motion S2M-2463, the Executive has not yet delivered the full statement; resolves to use all powers available to it to safeguard the civil liberties of people in Scotland, and repeats its call for the Executive to comply with the terms of the motion by giving a full statement to the Parliament before the summer recess.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Eleanor Scott, Chris Ballance, Alex Neil, Mark Ballard, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Roseanna Cunningham, Christine Grahame, Robin Harper, Rosie Kane, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Mr Mark Ruskell*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2821.1 Jeremy Purvis: Identity Cards Bill—As an amendment to motion (S2M-2821) in the name of Patrick Harvie, leave out from “outlined” to end and insert “only noted and did not oppose the previous Identity Cards Bill and was so vague that Miss Annabel Goldie MSP could say: “Although Conservatives support the principle of ID cards, we have a great deal of sympathy with the Green party motion”; notes the consistent opposition to these proposals by Liberal Democrats in the House of Commons on the grounds that they will be ineffective in their stated aim of reducing terrorism; believes that there is an excessive cost to the individual and the taxpayer in introducing identity cards; believes that they will lead to increased discrimination and harassment; is concerned for the protection of civil liberties with the lack of definition of how the cards will be used; further believes that the UK Government should explore more effective anti identity and benefits fraud, illegal immigration and illegal working measures; is further concerned with the UK Government’s intention that by 2013 it will be compulsory for UK citizens to possess an ID card and to produce it when accessing designated public services, and welcomes the commitment by the Scottish Executive that identity cards will not be necessary for accessing devolved services.”

Supported by: Robert Brown

S2M-2820 Mark Ballard: Inveresk Laboratories—That the Parliament notes the report by Animal Defenders International condemning animal suffering at Inveresk laboratories; believes that no experimental procedure should be used that causes animals unnecessary suffering; further believes that no animal should ever choke to death on paint, as is alleged to have happened at Inveresk; urges all organisations involved in animal testing to make stringent efforts to use existing alternative non-animal techniques; calls for increased commitment and funding for the development of new alternatives to the use of animals in testing and research; calls for an inquiry by the Home Office Inspectorate of Her Majesty’s Government to ascertain whether the suffering at Inveresk was sanctioned by the Home Office and whether there was any breach of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and for the findings to be made public, and, in light of the Home Office failure to prevent suffering, further calls for independent checks on laboratories in Scotland. R

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran

S2M-2819 # Chris Ballance: Make Poverty History—That the Parliament congratulates the First Minister for inviting Sir Bob Geldof to address the Africa Conference; shares Sir Bob’s outrage at the failure of the G8 countries to seriously address the issue of global poverty, and considers that the First Minister should use his position as host of the G8 summit to make clear that the people of Scotland expect the G8 leaders to make real progress towards making poverty history when they meet at Gleneagles in July.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Mike Pringle, Jackie Baillie, Eleanor Scott, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Roseanna Cunningham, Patrick Harvie, Richard Lochhead, Rosie Kane, Trish Godman, Christine Grahame, Tommy Sheridan, Ms Sandra White, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Fiona Hyslop, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Mr Mark Ruskell*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2818 Susan Deacon: YWCA 150th Anniversary—That the Parliament congratulates the YWCA on its 150th anniversary; acknowledges the significant contribution that the YWCA has made in enabling young women in Scotland to reach their full potential and participate at all levels of society; notes that, in working with women of all faiths and none, YWCA Scotland continues to be relevant to young women today; commends the powerful 104 Shoes exhibition on its contribution to raising awareness of domestic violence; also commends the work of the YWCA young women volunteers in the promotion of positive body image and in developing their confidence; recognises the importance of providing women-only opportunities and environments to ensure the full participation of girls and women, and encourages support for YWCA Scotland in its activities.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon, Mike Watson, Brian Adam, Bristow Muldoon, Marlyn Glen, Mike Pringle, Dr Elaine Murray, Mr Jamie Stone, Eleanor Scott, Margaret Jamieson, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Karen Whitefield, Ms Wendy Alexander, Alex Neil, Jackie Baillie, Mr John Swinney, Sarah Boyack, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Roseanna Cunningham, Robin Harper, Margaret Mitchell, Elaine Smith, Stewart Stevenson, Marilyn Livingstone, Mr Frank McAveety, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Trish Godman, Fiona Hyslop, Christine Grahame, Cathie Craigie, Mr David Davidson, Mr Brian Monteith, Tommy Sheridan, Scott Barrie, Rob Gibson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2817 # Bill Butler: Congratulations to Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital Campaigners—That the Parliament welcomes the decision by the board of NHS Greater Glasgow to retain the in-patient unit of the Centre for Integrative Care at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow Anniesland and to reject the ill-advised proposal to close the unit in order to effect minimal cost savings; notes that the facility offers specialised treatment for people with difficult, chronic problems and is based on a multi-disciplinary “whole-person care” model; believes that this unique example of patient-centred care, education and research deserves support, not merely in the short-term, but in the long-term; applauds Brian McAlorum and his fellow campaigners, including patients, relatives and supporters, for their determination, commitment and tenacity in pursuit of this positive resolution; acknowledges the excellent results achieved through the imaginative approach pioneered by Dr David Reilly and his team at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, and wishes the hospital, its staff and patients every good wish for the future.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie, Paul Martin, Sarah Boyack, Marlyn Glen, Michael McMahon, Mr Bruce McFee, Dr Elaine Murray, Des McNulty, Christine May, Alex Neil, Margaret Jamieson, Ms Wendy Alexander, Scott Barrie, Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Bill Aitken, Brian Adam, Helen Eadie, Eleanor Scott, Mr David Davidson, Phil Gallie, John Swinburne, Trish Godman, Patrick Harvie, Stewart Stevenson, Christine Grahame, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Cathie Craigie, John Scott, Campbell Martin, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Mr Mark Ruskell, Roseanna Cunningham, Tommy Sheridan, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Chris Ballance*, Mr Jamie Stone*

S2M-2816 Christine Grahame: Borders Railway Commitment—That the Parliament, which voted unanimously for the reinstatement of the Waverley Line from Edinburgh to Carlisle, expresses its concern at yet further damaging leaks from the Scottish Executive regarding the Borders railway project and associated costs; believes that the highly conditional commitment made by ministers earlier this year set the bar too high for the people of the Borders and placed all of the risk onto the promoters; notes that this situation has been compounded by the poor presentation of the business case by Scottish Borders Council which has, through its own actions, given ammunition to those opposed to reinstating the line; emphasises the extremely damaging impact to the future economic prospects of the Scottish Borders should the project collapse, and therefore calls on the Executive to make a clear commitment to funding the line, as far as Tweedbank, now.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Jim Mather

S2M-2816.1 Jeremy Purvis: Borders Railway Commitment—As an amendment to motion (S2M-2816) in the name of Christine Grahame, leave out from first “which” to end and insert “welcomes the commitment of the Scottish Executive, made by the Minister for Transport on 14 March 2005, to support the construction of the Borders railway with a financial commitment of £115 million at 2002 prices, with current uprated inflation commitment of £131 million, 85% of the costs of the project; welcomes the agreed policies of the three local authorities to fund the remaining 15%, predominantly through developer contributions; further welcomes the announcement by the Executive of funding to redevelop Waverley Station; notes the concern of those supporting a Borders railway that any MSP would wish to be vainglorious by constantly attacking those preparing and funding the project and those that will be delivering the project; observes that such attacks are now as regular as the Tweedbank to Waverley services that will operate on the Borders Railway, and therefore understands why the independent leader of Scottish Borders Council believes that the current convener of the Cross-Party Group on Borders Rail is harming the project and that she should stand down.”

S2M-2815 Richard Baker: Adult Learners’ Week—That the Parliament notes that Adult Learners’ Week takes place from 21 to 27 May 2005; further notes that this week forms a vital part of attracting adult learners who are under-represented in this field into education and training; welcomes publicity of the national freephone helpline, 0800 100 900, which offers impartial advice and guidance to adults on education, training and employment opportunities; congratulates the hundreds of organisations which open their doors and provide opportunities for new and existing adult learners to develop their skills, and praises the United Kingdom’s biggest festival of learning for celebrating the positive role that learning can play in changing people’s lives and for stimulating participation amongst those who do not think that learning is for them.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Dr Elaine Murray, Ms Sandra White, Eleanor Scott, John Swinburne, Margaret Jamieson, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Rob Gibson, Alex Neil, Karen Whitefield, Ms Wendy Alexander, Brian Adam, Bill Butler, Jackie Baillie, Marlyn Glen, Scott Barrie, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Frances Curran, Christine Grahame, Robin Harper, Michael McMahon, Susan Deacon, Marilyn Livingstone, Mr Frank McAveety, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Trish Godman, Fiona Hyslop, Cathie Craigie, Mr David Davidson, Christine May, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Mr Brian Monteith*, Chris Ballance*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2814 Brian Adam: Congratulations to Dyce Boys Club Under-17 Team on Winning the Scottish Youth FA Cup—That the Parliament congratulates Dyce Boys Club’s under-17 team on winning the Scottish Youth FA Cup on Sunday 15 May 2005; notes that this was the club’s third Scottish Cup success since its formation in 1980; further notes the recent prominence of Aberdeen-based teams in the competition, and hopes that youth football will continue to thrive in the north east and throughout Scotland as a whole.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Richard Lochhead, Mr David Davidson, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Stewart Stevenson, Mrs Nanette Milne, Shiona Baird, Robin Harper, Tommy Sheridan

S2M-2813 Maureen Macmillan: Christian Aid Week - 15 to 21 May 2005—That the Parliament commends the work undertaken by Christian Aid which works in partnership with local organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide helping people to improve their own lives and tackle the causes of poverty and injustice; notes that Christian Aid Week takes place from 15 to 21 May 2005 when fundraising events will be taking place across the United Kingdom and Ireland to raise awareness and help those in the world’s poorest countries; further notes that Christian Aid will be participating in the forthcoming G8 gathering in Edinburgh on 2 July 2005 to call on Her Majesty’s Government and other G8 countries to take urgent action to make poverty history, and urges people to support the Make Poverty History campaign to improve the lives of millions of poor people around the world who live on less than 60 pence a day.

Supported by: Irene Oldfather, Bruce Crawford, Elaine Smith, Christine May, Mike Pringle, Bristow Muldoon, Eleanor Scott, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Mr John Swinney, Tricia Marwick, Nora Radcliffe, Jackie Baillie, Sarah Boyack, Pauline McNeill, Alex Neil, Marilyn Livingstone, Michael McMahon, Stewart Stevenson, Roseanna Cunningham, Brian Adam, Marlyn Glen, John Home Robertson, Mr Alasdair Morrison, Ms Sandra White, Richard Lochhead, Mark Ballard, Robin Harper, Mr Frank McAveety, Dr Elaine Murray, Des McNulty, Mr Jamie Stone, Margaret Jamieson, Karen Whitefield, Murray Tosh, Bill Butler, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Phil Gallie, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Cathie Craigie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Scott Barrie, Trish Godman, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Helen Eadie*, Mr Bruce McFee*, Chris Ballance*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2813.1 Donald Gorrie: Christian Aid Week - 15 to 21 May 2005—As an amendment to motion (S2M-2813) in the name of Maureen Macmillan, insert at end “and also encourages members and the public to visit the Christian Aid book sale at St. Andrew’s and St. George’s Church in George Street, Edinburgh, the largest Christian Aid fundraising event, which continues until Friday 28 May 2005.”

S2M-2812 Michael McMahon: Keir Hardie Memorial Primary School Eco School Award—That the Parliament congratulates Keir Hardie Memorial Primary School, Newarthill, Lanarkshire as it celebrates obtaining permanent Eco School status; notes that it is the only school in Scotland to have both permanent Eco School status and the Charter Mark; notes that it is the only school south of Perth so far to receive permanent Eco School status; recognises the efforts of staff, pupils and parents over a number of years in securing this achievement, and hopes that the school’s success will encourage others to reach the same level of success in making both schools and the wider community aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Alex Neil, Ms Sandra White, Scott Barrie

S2M-2772 Cathy Jamieson: Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Hugh Henry

S2M-2770 # Richard Lochhead: Proposed Closure of Rural and Special Needs Schools in Aberdeenshire—That the Parliament notes with concern the proposals by Aberdeenshire Council to close or amalgamate a number of local schools; recognises the strength of feeling amongst parents and the wider community over the implications of closing those schools, as illustrated by the formation of the Garioch Schools Action Group and other local campaigns; notes in particular the proposal to close St Andrew’s school in Inverurie, a school that is widely recognised as providing an excellent educational environment for children with special needs; recognises the opposition to the current proposals by local parents at St Andrew’s who are genuinely concerned by the impact some of the options proposed by Aberdeenshire Council will have on their children; notes the ongoing confusion over the exact nature of the local authority’s proposals which is causing considerable distress amongst parents; believes that Aberdeenshire Council must make available to parents all the necessary information in relation to all those schools proposed for closure as part of the current consultation process; considers that Aberdeenshire Council should recognise the strength of the arguments put forward by parents and the wider community for the retention of their local schools, and further considers that the Scottish Executive should play what role it can to ensure that Aberdeenshire Council’s proposals do not damage the educational welfare of the children and wider interests of the community.

Supported by: Mrs Nanette Milne, Jim Mather, Rob Gibson, Stewart Stevenson, Alex Johnstone, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mr Adam Ingram, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Michael Matheson, Fiona Hyslop, Mr Brian Monteith, Robin Harper, Richard Baker, Mr David Davidson, Shiona Baird, Ms Sandra White

S2M-2553 # Mr Kenneth Macintosh: Action on Skin Disease—That the Parliament recognises the stigma, frustration and desperation felt by many people with skin disease, including residents in East Renfrewshire; points out that conditions such as psoriasis are lifelong and incurable but are eminently treatable; highlights the benefit of having skin disease classified as a chronic condition; raises concern that skin disease is not a priority under the new GP contract; welcomes the new provision of specialist retraining in skin disease for nurses but points to the need for similar training for other health professionals such as pharmacists and GPs, given that 20% of GP consultations include skin disease, including an emphasis on skin conditions in the undergraduate education and training of health professionals; approves the Skin Action Scotland service redesign programme as an opportunity for clinicians to test new ways of accessing and delivering dermatology out-patient services and to better demonstrate and define the current relationship between demand and capacity, and looks to see greater availability to patients of new treatments with strong evidence of effectiveness such as the new biological treatments for psoriasis and the complications of arthritis.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Murray Tosh, Dr Elaine Murray, Sarah Boyack, Stewart Stevenson, Fiona Hyslop, Michael McMahon, Frances Curran, Trish Godman, Carolyn Leckie, Cathy Peattie, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Bill Butler, Ms Sandra White, Tricia Marwick, Rob Gibson, Mr John Swinney, Tommy Sheridan, Jackie Baillie, Mr David Davidson, Mrs Mary Mulligan, Colin Fox, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Eleanor Scott, Margaret Jamieson, Christine May, Robin Harper, Shiona Baird, Cathie Craigie, Dr Jean Turner, Mrs Nanette Milne, Margaret Mitchell, Elaine Smith, Mr Brian Monteith, Maureen Macmillan, Nora Radcliffe, Helen Eadie, Mr Jamie Stone

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S2M-2811 #Restriction of Primary School Intakes in Edinburgh (lodged on 13 May 2005) Mr Brian Monteith*, Margaret Mitchell*

S2M-2810 Solidarity with the NUJ and BECTU (lodged on 13 May 2005) Chris Ballance*

S2M-2807 Buy Your Own White Stick! (lodged on 12 May 2005) Mr Bruce McFee*, Chris Ballance*, Shiona Baird*

S2M-2805 Manor Avenue Pedestrian Crossing (lodged on 12 May 2005) Mrs Margaret Ewing*

S2M-2758 #A 21st Century Bridge for 21st Century Fife (lodged on 3 May 2005) Tricia Marwick*

S2M-2745 Careers Scotland Dispute (lodged on 29 April 2005) Mike Pringle*, Mr Duncan McNeil*