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Section I – Petitions

The following petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 4 May 2005

A full list of petitions can be viewed on the Scottish Parliament website at Petitions

PE852 Petition by David McFarlane, on behalf of the New Party, calling for the Scottish Parliament to fund private medical insurance for all Scottish citizens; policies to be valid for treatment provided by the NHS or private sector, whether in the UK or in other countries, and such policies made available to all individuals irrespective of their present health.

PE853 Petition by Ken Venters, on behalf of the Carronhill Action Team, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to introduce legislation requiring all proposals which relate to the closure or alteration of facilities and services for children with special needs to be referred to it and, in the case of such proposals, requiring detailed consultation with parents of affected children and to implement a moratorium preventing the closure of special needs schools until such legislation is in place.

PE854 Petition by Robert Stephen calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to pass equitable public finance legislation in respect of all of Scotland’s harbours, whether trust or council owned.