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Section C – Future Committee Meetings

This section includes the agendas of the forthcoming committee meetings and outlines proposed future business, which may be subject to change. Committees have the right to take items in private and this will be notified as far in advance as possible.

Many committees include details of their future business on their webpages, which can be accessed at:

The Baird Trust Reorganisation Bill Committee

26 April 2005

1st Meeting, 2005

The Committee will meet at 3.15 pm in Committee Room 3

1. Declaration of interests: Members will be invited to declare any relevant interests.

2. Choice of Convener: The Committee will choose a Convener.

3. Choice of Deputy Convener: The Committee will choose a Deputy Convener.

4. Item in private: The Committee will consider whether to take item 5 in private.

5. Baird Trust Reorganisation Bill: The Committee will consider its approach to the Preliminary Stage of the Bill.

Proposed future business

At future meetings, the Committee will continue its consideration of the Bill at Preliminary Stage. For further details, contact the Clerk to the Committee, whose details are provided at the end of the Bulletin.